Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Wins Support in all Four States Voting on the Matter

Marry all the dudes! (or ladies, if that's your thing)


Minnesota has voted down Amendment 1, a constitutional amendment that would have defined marriage as being a union solely between a man and a woman. The state became the first in the country to vote against such an amendment on the ballot when results were announced early Wednesday.

In Washington, the state is all but certain to legalize same-sex marriage with the passing of Referendum 74, though due to the state's mail-in voting system, a final tally may not come for another day or two. On Election Day Tuesday, voters in Maine and Maryland chose to legalize gay marriage, according to exit polls and early returns Tuesday night.

For the first time in history, voters have chosen to legalize same-sex marriage on the ballot. Gay rights advocates are already celebrating this development as a critical victory and a turning point in the fight for marriage equality.