Election 2012

Obama and Romney Tied in Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Three more days to make a dent


(Reuters)—President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney remain essentially tied in the race for the White House three days before the November 6 election, according to a Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll released on Saturday.

Of likely voters polled nationally, 47 percent said they would back Obama, the Democratic incumbent, while 46 percent said they would back Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.

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  1. Why is this garbage even printed?
    What is the purpose of a poll (almost all of these polls) which measures on a macro level, completely inapplicable to the manner in which a president is elected?
    No value whatsoever, other than to remark on the coincidence of Romney’s controversial fundraising statement, and the number he predicted Obama would have, no matter what.

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