Swamped by Sandy, Tasing 10-Year-Olds, Irrelevant Newspapers: P.M. Links


  • The Lost City of Atlantic

    Eight million homes stretching from North Carolina to the Canadian border are without power thanks to Sandy. New Jersey, where Sandy made landfall, is heavily damaged.

  • A woman was convicted of disorderly conduct for berating TSA agents patting down her teenage daughter and refusing to endure the humiliating procedure herself.
  • France wants to tax Google for linking to its newspapers unless it comes to an agreement with French media companies. Google responded that they'll stop indexing French news stories.
  • Speaking of not caring about what media companies want, fewer Americans are reading newspapers these days, making their endorsements not particularly effective.
  • The $250 million stimulus grant given to bankrupt electric car battery manufacturer A123 Systems created all of 400 jobs.
  • Sanctions have proven effective in Iran in killing off their orchestra. Take that, Ahmadinejad!
  • A guardian is suing New Mexico after a state police officer allegedly Tased a 10-year-old boy for refusing to help clean his patrol car during a career day event at a school. Well, if nothing else, the officer has probably scared a bunch of children away from becoming police officers. Oh, who am I kidding? The other kids probably thought it was cool.
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  1. Google responded that they’ll stop indexing French news stories.

    Hollande really should do a search on unintended consequences.

    1. Why would he have to? He has the unqualified support of the French People.

      Stay classy, Europe.

  2. A seventh Star Wars movie? What could possibly go wrong!

    1. Damn you, Pantsfan!

      1. He stole the hit from me!

        1. Screw you, I was going to break the news.

          Jonah Goldberg: “But then I thought, ‘Who cares?’ it’s not like Disney could do more to sully the franchise than Lucas already has.”


          1. Just wait till you hear Anakin singing.

    2. Uh, this would be the 4th. There were no Episodes 1-3.

      1. You lie!

        1. What, you like the prequels?

          1. I merely acknowledge they exist.

            1. Technically. However, they will soon be declared to be non-canon, and Disney will become popular in a biblical way.

              1. If Disney would just open their themed brothel, they could be popular in a biblical way, too.

                1. If Disney would just open their themed brothel, they could be popular known in a biblical way, too.

                  Because words matter.

              2. However, they will soon be declared to be non-canon…

                Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, but with even more CGI characters.

      2. Combined with the purchase of Marvel earlier in the year, Disney now owns my entire childhood. (Except for the old arcade games, which they’re at least licensing for “Wreck Em Ralph.”)

        1. Do they own the movie rights to “Ready Player One”, yet?

          1. A book that could make an excellent movie, if the right people are involved.

      3. 7th chronologically, though. I hear that the three we have so far are the middle part of a triple-trilogy! Can’t wait to see the totally-awesome origins of Vader and the Empire.

        1. At least Disney is capable of making a decent film, unlike someone who used to be able to do that who isn’t named Francis Ford Coppola.

          1. Yeah but they’ll probably cast Taylor Kitsch or some no-talent beefcake actor to play the lead and completely fuck up the chemistry between the leads that Hamil, Ford, and Fisher had that made the original trilogy work.

            1. Lindsay Lohan as Princess Leia.

              1. Ashton Kutcher as Han Solo?

                1. Ashton Kutcher as Han Solo?

                  I just puked all over my keyboard.

              2. Lindsay Lohan as Princess Leia

                As Carrier Fisher was stoned out of her gourd during the making of the original trilogy…that might work.

            2. Whedon to direct!

          2. This is not Disney’s forte.

            1. Disney is very big. They can do whatever you want. . .for a price.

            2. “The last Star Wars movie release was 2005’s Revenge of the Sith – and we believe there’s substantial pent-up demand,” Iger said.

              So, “Revenge of ‘Revenge of the Sith'”?

              1. we believe there’s substantial pent-up demand

                Uh, no. That’s rage.

                1. They’re planning to reboot the first three movies, with younger, hipper actors.

                  1. They’re planning to reboot the first three movies, with younger, hipper actors.

                    Star Wars Babies!

                    Totes KAWAII!

                    1. Episode VII – Return of the Ewoks.

                    2. Followed by

                      Episode VIII – JarJar Strikes Back

                    3. Awsome! Krugman can star with minimal makeup!


      4. NOne of it matters. Lord of the Rings long surpassed Lucas in the Canon of nerd culture. And I say that as someone who saw the original Star Wars… in the theater, in original release back in 197xxx something as an impressionable young boy who wanted to be Han Solo. That’s how much fuck Lucas.

    3. Disney Co. bought LucasFilm. Didn’t Pixar used to be a division of LucasFilm?

      1. The circle is now complete.

      2. No. Disney bought Pixar from Steve Jobs who started it after his exile from Apple.

        1. Pixar began in 1979 as the Graphics Group, part of the computer division of Lucasfilm before its spinout as a corporation in 1986 with funding by Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, who became its majority shareholder.[1] The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar in 2006 at a valuation of $7.4 billion, a transaction which made Jobs Disney’s largest shareholder.


    4. Interesting. Didn’t know Disney was planning to buy Lucasfilm. George is even insanely richer.

      1. But now George can’t constantly revise his own work. If Disney really wanted to make some money and tweak George, they’d release an “original remastered” edition with all of Lucas’ bullshit revisions removed.


        1. YES YES YES

        2. Brilliant. Special, unremastered edition, with un-Lucas commentary.

          1. NO. NO. NO! You fools.

            What we want are the remastered, non-special edition versions. Sheesh.

            1. Okay, so cleaned up, but no added footage or elements? Or altered footage?

              1. Well, actually I didn’t mind what they did with the 2004 DVD editions.

                They replaced the English text on the Death Star tractor beam generator and the Arabic numerals on Luke’s binoculars with the in-universe text and numerals.

                People don’t notice these changes, but they’re probably the one improvement LucasFilm actually made.

                1. They replaced the English text on the Death Star tractor beam generator and the Arabic numerals on Luke’s binoculars with the in-universe text and numerals.

                  Aurebesh numerals are Arabic numerals.

                  Jus’ sayin’

                  1. I stand corrected, but the English text on the tractor beam generator is corrected into Aurebesh on the 2004 DVDs.

                    I’m not overly praising the 2004 DVDs by the way. They’re still guilty of inserting Hayden Christensen into Return of the Jedi.

                    1. Hey, i think that when you die, you should get to decide what your ghost looks like. Who wouldn’t want there ghost to be a visage of their 20yrdold self?

                    2. Then why is Obi-Wan’s ghost still Alec Guiness?

                    3. Because Alec Guinness was awesome.

          2. Perhaps “Fuck Lucas” could be appended to the opening crawl. Of all 3.

          3. I can provide this to you…for a price.

    5. Lots but odds of avoiding something going wrong decrease dramatically if they don’t let George anywhere near the production lot.

      Generally speaking Disney makes pretty good movies and I doubt they would mess up the Star Wars universe any worse than the Prequels did.

      1. Recently, Disney made really crappy movies with their in-house animation team. You know, “Brother Bear”? Then they bought Pixar to fix that problem.

        1. “Disney” is multiple studios, including, for instance, DreamWorks.

    6. George Lucas will replace blasty guns with walkie talkies. And Indiana Jones will get raped in space.

    7. Selling to Disney is a smart move. They know how to nurture a franchise and keep it alive forever, which is obviously what Lucas wants.

      1. …and isn’t able to do.

    8. From the article
      ” Star Wars will certainly live on and flourish for many generations to come”

      Tru dat, Disney copyrights never die.

    9. The only good parts about any product of the franchise, including the original trilogy, are the audio/visual effects.

      The dialog and story structure are lame and only there because they have to be. And don’t get me started on the retarded, contradictory and/or completely mixed up politics.

      None of that stops me from enjoying cloud city or R2D2’s bweeeoooops.


  3. Disney buys LucasArts, fans rejoice as movie to come in 2015 will not be directed by Georgie Boy.

    1. Are they going to be doing Zahn’s expanded universe as Episode 7 and/or KOTR? Because either would work

      1. I think KOTOR is a great idea. It avoids the current set of films and leaves a fairly developed universe to play with.

      2. Its gotta be Zahn (or some really brief interregnum) if they’re doing them sequentially. KOTOR should be an animated series like Clone Wars.

        1. KOTOR should be an animated series like Clone Wars.

          Only if Genndy T. doesn’t do it. I hate the aesthetic of the Clone Wars animation.

          1. Which Clone Wars cartoon? The short series Genndy did or the multi-season one that came out of the animated movie?

            Oh, and only a Sith could hate Genndy’s work.

            1. Cuz the show on cartoon network right now sucks on ice.

              1. CN sucks ice period. I pity today’s children we had such better shows.

                1. Adult Swim is bad for kids but good for me; the adventures of a talking happy meal in NJ are ‘number one in the hood, G’!

              2. I enjoy the current Clone Wars series, but too many of the episodes hinge on everyone acting like a complete moron.

                1. I enjoy the current Clone Wars series, but too many of the episodes hinge on everyone acting like a complete moron.


            2. Which Clone Wars cartoon? The short series Genndy did or the multi-season one that came out of the animated movie?


              Oh, and only a Sith could hate Genndy’s work.

              Of course.

              1. You are of course entitled to your opinion, Sith.

          2. GTFO. The Genndy Clone Wars cartoon (same aesthetic as Samurai Jack) was the only good thing to come of the prequels. And people complain about my tastes in pop culture.

            1. Samurai Jack was fucking awesome, as was Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars microseries. If only he’d been allowed to direct the prequels.

            2. Are you high?

              Can you imagine the Clone Wars if it were drawn like this?

              But no, let’s depict the fall of a civilization with ginormous-eyed freaks and a garish color pallet.

      3. I’d love to see the Heir to the Empire Trilogy as the next 3 Star Wars flicks. Zahn is the only good Expanded Universe author I’ve found.

        1. Kevin Anderson destroyed that series. Just like he would’ve destroyed the Dune prequels and sequels if any had been written without Frank Herbert.

          1. To be clear, any Dune books not written by Frank Herbert are an abomination.

            1. +spice

              Also, I gave you a perfectly good Dune reference, Pro’L Dib, and you dropped it. I am so disappoint.

              1. Was I paying any attention?

                1. Sigh. I guess not.

                  1. I’m busy making plans within plans within plans.

        2. Chill the hell out, Alack. I posted the same thing 6 minutes earlier 🙂

          Not sure if you’ve read, but both the Han Solo trilogy (prequel to episode 4) and the Boba Fett triology (sequel to episode 6, but also has flashbacks) are pretty good.

          1. What, the worst bad guy ever?

            1. Boba Fett is the only character in Star Wars to talk back to Vader and not get force choked, that makes him cool by default.

              1. First of all, that’s wrong. That dude in the black suit told Vader that holding his daughter was wrong. No choke.

                Second, Fett was such a loser that Vader wouldn’t waste his Force powers choking him. You may notice that he only choked powerful people, not losers. Like Fett.

    2. If Disney bought LucasArts, do they have proprietary rights to the whole Star Wars universe now? It’s become kind of a mess with the sheer number of contributors, but they are all based off of George’s original characters and universe.

      Basically what I’m wondering is whether I should hold out hopes for the Thrawn Trilogy, the Han Solo origin story, or I, Jedi (that last one is a real shot in the dark… very few people even know who Corran Horn is, let alone Rogue Squadron).

    1. First!


      1. I find my lack of timely link-posting…disturbing.

        1. You have failed me for the last time.

          1. Enough of this! FoE, release him!

            1. As you wish.

              Only when he embraces the power of the Dark Side will he unleash a first comment.

              1. No. I’ll never join you. You have failed, your Fistness. Today I am a Jedi-commentator, like my father before me.

                1. Oh you are so getting zapped.

                2. Serious, I am your father. You’re like 20, right? Which makes there a 57.7% chance that I’m your father. Same goes for the rest of you (literal) bastards!

                  1. No, no, that’s not true, that’s IMPOSSIBLE!

  4. Hey, did you guys hear something about a Disney/LucasArts thing?

    1. No. But I don’t care and wouldn’t notice. Find a good trilogy to cry about. Dark Man or The Prophecy.

      1. Evil Dead?

        1. Wild dead is more worthy than star Warsaw.

          1. Wow autocorrect got me good. I concede.

            1. Awesome, excellent autocorrect. I would rather see Wild Dead AND Star Warsaw than another Star Wars prequel, postquel or anyquel.

              1. A bunch of pissed off Jews with lightsabers fighting Nazis in space? Awesome.

                1. Wait, did you mean Jews In Space?

                  1. I did not mean Jews I space. My soul might have.

        2. Being remade. Bruce as the producer, Raimi as advisor or something.

          1. Sweet mother of Jesus, that is awesome. I’m still waiting for the musical to come back around so I can drag my girlfriend to it.

            1. The trailer is already on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..ebook.com/

              1. Fag commies want me to sign in to view. I will assume it is awesome. Or at least not vomit inducing.

                1. Commies?

                  You have to sign in so they can accurately quantify what is getting watched and how much, in order to properly price their advertising. Entirely capitalist.

                  Also, you aren’t forced to participate.

                  Exactly what part of that is communist? Or even fascist?

                  1. Anything I don’t like is com ie. sometimes I don’t even give them the second m. Fuck.

                  2. Otoh exactly why are you not going after my use of fag? Anyway commie fags are commie fags especially if I say so.

      2. Find a good trilogy to cry about. Dark Man or The Prophecy.

        Remo Williams? Buckaroo Banzai?

        1. Fine films.

    2. Nephew (lives with us now) is talking to some friend on Facebook who is afraid Disney will make Star Wars VII too family friendly and Lucas input will be minimized. Holy fuck. This friend of his is not some loon lefty but a guy with the sweetest gun collection you will ever see. Russian and German arms from WWII out the yang yang.

      1. some friend on Facebook who is afraid Disney will make Star Wars VII too family friendly and Lucas input will be minimized

        Does not compute. He does realize that it was Lucas who gave the Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks, right? And he’s worried about Disney making it too family friendly? And Lucas’ input being minimized could only be a good thing.

        1. It blows everybody’s minds.

  5. …making their endorsements not particularly effective.

    Endorsing third parties is the next step to obscurity.

  6. A question from a reader:

    I’m 31 and my boyfriend of 18 years prefers having sex a certain way: me playing with myself while watching porn as he sleeps; then I do him while he sleeps and wake him up after. At first this was fun but then he wanted it this way all the time. If I want normal sex he shouts and says he’ll go with someone else.

    1. Go get someone else. Seriously, life has come a long way since you were 13.

    2. You’re 31 and have had the same boyfriend for 18 years. I sense … other issues here.

      1. I read that as meaning that her boyfriend is 18 years old.


        1. He quoted the article exactly, and no pix.

        2. For once, a HyR comment link was safe.

          For once…

    3. Dude knows what he wants- a good night of sleep.

    4. Good heavens, that whole article is full of stupid.

    5. The question is, how does she define “normal sex”?

    6. Her question answers itself. If he’s that not into you, dump him and find someone else.

      1. I usually fall asleep after, but that’s just me.

        1. Seems like a lot more work that way.

          1. It is, I give it my all for 10 minutes.

            1. It takes you 9 minutes to get undressed?

  7. 75% of the non-threaded comments so far are links to the Disney/Lucasfilm story. This is why no one takes Libertarianism seriously.

    1. No. It might be why no one should take comments at hr seriously.

    2. Fuck off, cunt.

      1. It’s amazing to me that at this point in time Kendall Schultz still doesn’t realize he/she is nothing more than a punchline to a joke on these fora.

  8. Why H&R got our ampersands back: The server squirrels finally hit their big score.

    Authorities are investigating two thefts of more than 80,000 pounds of walnuts from Northern California valued at about $300,000.

    1. It’s just like when Vic and the Strike Team robbed the Armenian money train.

  9. Here’s a heartwarming story for you.

    Nearly two years after a neo-Nazi leader was gunned down at point-blank while sleeping on his sofa, his son — who was 10 at the time of the killing — is going on trial for murder.

    1. That kid is fucked up. I doubt prison is going to fix him, but I’m not sure he should be turned loose upon society either.

      1. Some murders deserve to be overlooked.

        “Your parents screwed you up so bad you killed them? Attaboy.”

        1. Robert Gibbs is probably proud that this kid decided to get a better dad.

          1. Well if President Obama had a son I’m sure that he would look just like him too!

  10. New Jersey, where Sandy made landfall, is heavily damaged.

    Someone please tell me the Situation is okay.

    1. I was oddly honestly concerned about the well being of yo la tengo when I heard Hoboken got hit or flooded or something.

      1. Who has watched the video of the Con Ed plant blowing?

        1. Lunk? Plaeas?

            1. Looks like something in the substation flashing to ground. Why was it energized when the water was so high?

    2. Uh, everything’s under control. Situation normal

      1. Who is this? What’s your operating number?

    3. Someone please tell me that any seawater that came ashore in Jersey will be cleaned and sterilized before it returns to the ocean.

    4. With the death toll only being up to 45 so far I am hoping that the rats will come up from the flooded subways and sewers and start spreading the black plague to the whole eastern coast.

  11. Let’s not forget those who’s deaths go unmourned.

    About 1,600 pounds of saltwater bass died on Oct. 11 when a container truck hauling them to market got into a three-way crash.

    Dina Kourda, a local volunteer with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, wrote the head of street maintenance requesting a sign at the intersection to honor the fish.

    1. I’m thinking it might say, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

      1. I can’t read that without singing it, and for that I hate that damn movie!

      2. You fucking monster!

    2. Were they ill tempered sea bass?

  12. Angry passengers have held a Jetstar crew hostage after a flight delay in China.

    A Jetstar pilot and crew were held hostage for more than six hours by a mob of angry passengers after their flight was diverted from Beijing to Shanghai because of bad weather.

    1. That’s just screwed up. Do Chinese airlines really operate so badly that they felt the need to do that. (And yes, it was an Australian flight.)

      1. What amazes me is that people in China haven’t been beat into submission by the airlines.

        Six hour delay and a diversion…Hey welcome to O’Hare!

  13. Robert Reich doesn’t understand economics, complains about ‘price-gouging’ airline during Tropical Storm Sandy exodus.

    Why is supply and demand such a difficult concept for left-wing morons to grasp?

    1. They missed those lectures when they were skipping class, protesting stuff.

    2. Because what you should do is LIVE FOR THE OTHER.

    3. Because it’s not fair that:

      A) Everybody didn’t get to leave at the same time for exactly the same price.

      B) Everyone did not get upped to business class.

    4. Did you rtfa? Reich describes the transactions as: “Rational and efficient in terms of supply and demand, guaranteed to maximize profits, but fundamentally unfair.”

      Or does the phenomenon of price gouging not exist?

      1. I’ve got a dollar for you to shut up.

        Oh, not enough? Price gouger.

      2. How is it fundamentally unfair for the airline to set the price according to market forces but not unfair for the Senator Fuckface and the government to step in and do the same, only in a way taht inefficiently misallocates space on the airplane and discriminates against those who have the means to pay?

        1. How is it even logical for a person to be discriminated against because he has more money than others?

          1. So you will be giving up that swanky high rise apartment for some schlub with whom you would never be seen in public?

          2. If the purpose is to prevent “exploitation” you’d have to prevent people from freely spending their money to obtain a service. So while in a free market me saving my money for an emergency would allow me to buy the $4000 ticket and leave, a government solution in the name of ‘fairness’ would eliminate my advantage by limiting the price the airline can charge to a certain number and maybe having a lottery. How is that fair?

            1. Of course, the whole concept of “exploitation” ignores the mutually beneficial results of free market exchanges.

            2. A lottery sits better with me than a plutocracy.

              1. Yes, yes, property is theft, all money is obtained via exploitation. What a good Marxist you are Tony.

              2. A lottery sits better with me than a plutocracy.

                Check in on your average Lottery winner after 2 years.

                check in on some rich kid whose parents have died after 2 years.

                Which one would have preserved the limited resources?


        2. They should simply have held an auction.

      3. A short guy crying about unfairness?

        Yeah, we don’t give a fuck.

        1. He may still be short (or not), but I think you’re confusing The Derider with Tony here.

          1. I was referring to Reich, I thought he was only like 5 ft?

      4. but fundamentally unfair

        Unfair to whom?

      5. Or does the phenomenon of price gouging not exist?

        Not if there are people willing to pay the price.


      6. Look, dumbfuck, the airline didn’t force anyone to give up their seat. They offered compensation to people who were willing to give up their seats and take a later flight, and they increased the offer when not enough people were willing to sell their seats. Price gouging may exist, but this was not it. Not even close. It’s just Reich, a dedicated Democratic operative, using any possible opportunity to take a specious shot at Obama’s opponent.

        If Reich actually thinks it’s unfair, he needs to get a list of the people who accepted the airline’s offer to take a later flight, track them down, and tell each of them to their faces that he thinks that they are less than human and not capable of making decisions for themselves, and that they need to be herded into camps where they can be protected from further exploitation by qualified people like him.

      7. Prices don’t increase when demand increases to make more profit. They do it because keeping up with increasing demand becomes increasingly difficult and increasing the price is a way of somewhat lowering demand so that they aren’t killing themselves trying to keep up with it. Have you ever worked at a job before?

      8. Or does the phenomenon of price gouging not exist?

        Sure it exists as a bullshit meme for whiny pussies.

    5. I take no issue with airline companies jacking up prices based on demand. But to oversell 47 seats that then had to be refunded at a tenth of face-value is pretty shitty of them. Especially when we have relatively instant transactions via the internet, there is really no reason to oversell by a few seats.

      1. The people who sold their tickets for $400 back to the airline did so voluntarily, and turned a profit. If they had valued the tickets more, the airline would have had to keep offering more and more, up to $4,000.

        How is any of that shitty?

        1. Okay. I put in an assumption there that wasn’t warranted, I guess. I thought it was basically refunding some of the $4,000 tickets for only $400.

          I still think it’s a mistake to oversell the tickets though.

          1. It’s probably bad PR, if only because this close to an election people like Reich will exploit any semblance of an opportunity to politicize anything and everything to further the cause of Obama,

    6. Reich is complaining about a completely voluntary set of transactions that leaves everyone better off?

      The fuck?

      1. I live in FL. IIRC “we” passed a law several years ago that made it illegal to price gouge during/after a crisis. Again, IIRC, it’s based on the “normal” price of an item. I’ve always fantasized that if I were a shop owner, I’d pick a brand of water to sell at $5 a pint, and sell all the others at regular prices. Then, after a hurricane passes through, I’d keep charging the $5/pint for ACME water. Come and get me!

        1. Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of commerce. . . .

    7. Notice that the Reich column doesn’t allow comments. Several of his recent HuffPo articles have had comments closed, too. Reich doesn’t like to have his “ideas” critiqued by the hoi polloi.

    8. You expect liberals to understand economics?

  14. A guardian is suing New Mexico after a state police officer allegedly Tased a 10-year-old boy for refusing to help clean his patrol car during a career day event at a school.

    From the article it sounds like the copper meant to point the taser as a joke and it accidentally went off. That’s my take. How he still has a badge much less his freedom is beyond me.

    1. Do not point at that which you don’t mean to shoot.

      1. The 4 rules work because you have to violate 2 of them to fuck something up.

        1. Being a cop means the rules of firearm safety do not apply.
          A cop always has the authority to destroy anything so why should he not point his gun at it?
          There is no penalty for negligent discharge so why should his finger ne off the trigger ever?
          All guns are always loaded because OFFICER SAFETY.
          And everything, including crowds of innocents, is an appropriate backstop.

      2. Yeah seriously if my dad could teach me that with a real gun when i was 9 years old then this sad sack of shit can figure it out when hes an adult. And yeah, maybe a taser isn’t quite as dangerous as a .22, but if that kid had a congenital heart defect he could be dead right now. You don’t point a deadly fucking weapon at a child “as a joke.” I seriously hope his ass ends up in prison, but I know the best I can hope for is a firing.

        1. *Snort of derisive laughter*

          I know the best I can hope for is a firing month-long paid vacation and sharply-worded reprimand

  15. Judge Joe P. Binkley Jr. best be certain he stops being a fucking dipshit prick of a spineless county judge. Douchebag.

  16. Does this mean Disney will be rebooting Howard the Duck?

    1. They certainly could, now that they own everything.

      1. could or should?

    2. Indiana Jones 4 can finally be made, too.

      1. Don’t forget Willow

        1. Calm down, Hitler. Do you think Ron Howard just wished Willow was great? No, and yet it was.

        2. Nah. Who could possibly replace Val Kilmer?

          1. Shia LeBeouf?

            (narrows eyes)

            1. Nah. When I put him through the Real Genius Test with Jessie Eisenberg, he failed. No one could see him being the cool rebel to Jessie’s straight-laced nerd.

              1. I wasn’t serious. It was a test to see if you thought I was being serious, and you failed. But you saved yourself by properly executing the Real Genius test, but then failed again by not reaching the only possible conclusion, which is no one can replace Val Kilmer.

                So you passed…but you failed. So I’m happy and sad for you.

                1. I’m not sure why you think Kilmer needs to be replaced.

                  1. Have you seen him? It looks like he stole the fat suit he was wearing at the end of The Doors and wears it under his clothes to public appearances.

                    1. Suddenly Hollywood doesn’t have personal trainers? Or liposuction? Or CGI?

                    2. I love it. Val plays a character as CGI-Val.

                    3. Suddenly Hollywood doesn’t have personal trainers? Or liposuction? Or CGI?

                      I believe Kilmer spends most of his time on his ranch near Taos, NM, so he probably doesn’t have to care about that anymore.

                    4. Val, could you lose some weight in about six months for $10 million? You could? Thanks.

                    5. Simpler, ProL: Val, could you be awesome again in about six months for $10 million? You could? Great.

                    6. I think he’d be on board. Better make it $20 million, though.

                    7. He’ll still look like and elderly lesbian, even if he drops that fattie weight.

                    8. Yeah, it’s not like he’s as old as ProL or anything.

  17. Sanctions have proven effective in Iran in killing off their orchestra.

    Well maybe music lovers should vote in a new government.

  18. Had to do a lot of driving today and wingnut radio is still desperately trying to gin up a controversy from Beghazi.

    All it does is stir up the mouth-breathers.

    1. I’m sorry to hear the knob on your radio is broken. I hear they’re fairly inexpensive to replace though.

    2. In the danker corners of the wingnutiverse, Obama conjured Sandy to secure his reelection.

    3. Seriously, though, PB,if George Bush, while running for re-election, had continually claimed that an al-Qaeda linked, planned terrorist act was really only a spontaneous response to an obscure video, would the New York Times have just dismissed it as unworthy of comment?

      I think instead you and all your pals would be chanting “Bush lied, ambassador died.”

      1. 9/11 was attributed to all sorts of things until the confusion went away and the culprits were found out.

        That was one thousand times the magnitude of Benghazi in terms of American lives lost. And Bush was called a hero for presiding over it.

        This is political opportunism by the FOX News set, an attempt to discredit Obama’s foreign policy in one fell swoop. This is obvious to anyone who doesn’t watch FOX News all day.

        1. You’re right T o n y, exactly no one tried to excoriate the Bush administration because it allegedly had credible information about the attack and took no action on it. So Benghazi is like totally different.

      2. Bush claimed something equally fallacious – that they hate us for our freedom.

        I care what presidents do in response more than I do what rhetoric they use. Obama will not overreact like Bush would.

        Obama is cautious and calm in everything he does (some call him aloof). I like that. Bush, McCain, Cheney are all hotheads.

        I often cite Reagan’s response for the Beirut attacks (or lack of one rather).

        1. Obama will not overreact like Bush would.

          No, he’ll overreact in new and exciting ways! Vote Obama – for teh lulz!

        2. Obama will not overreact like Bush would.

          Maybe he’ll send them weapons. Through Mexican cartels.

        3. I care what presidents do in response more than I do what rhetoric they use. Obama will not overreact like Bush would.

          Yeah, going to sleep off a night at the Vegas casinos while your Libyan ambassador is being killed is the epitome of caution.

        4. Yep, he’ll stand idly by while the consulate is besieged for 7 hours, and then proceed to falsely attribute the attack to a video for 9 days.

          1. You are surprisingly literate for a stirred-up mouth breather.

        5. Bush claimed something equally fallacious – that they hate us for our freedom.

          And Obama claimed that they killed people because of a video made by an America ho was exercising his freedom of speech.

          Connect the dots you retard.

          Oh and Obama’s solution (unlike Bush) to that claim is limiting our freedom.

        6. Bush claimed something equally fallacious – that they hate us for our freedom.

          So you agree Obama should be criticized like Bush was.

          Glad that is all cleared up.

  19. However, district attorney King said … “You can speak your mind, but you can’t do it in an illegal manner.”

    How about spray-painting “Fuck the TSA” on a pro-Israeli poster?

    1. Define illegal. Expression illegal? Interesting free speech.

  20. http://www.examiner.com/articl…..ous-report

    Issa, Grassley staffers issue second joint Fast and Furious report

    “To suggest the AG was still blissfully oblivious about the activities of his command at that time and under those circumstances, and remained that way until happening across mainstream news accounts some months later, strains all semblances of credibility, particularly when considered against the since-corroborated reports that had been compiled by free agents, with no official information resources at their disposal, compared to the unlimited network at his.”


    Department of “Justice”, my nuts.

    1. Orwell has already won.

      1. Orwell is spinning violently in his grave.

  21. http://thinkprogress.org/justi…..?mobile=nc

    Severely Conservative Court Upholds Ban On Gun Sales To Young People

    On Thursday, the conservative United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in an opinion joined by two George W. Bush appointees, upheld a law banning federally licensed firearms dealers from selling guns to people under the age of 21. The plaintiffs in this case included the National Rifle Association.

    It is possible that the NRA will attempt to appeal this decision to the full Fifth Circuit, which includes many of the most severely conservative judges in the country.


    What the fuck is this shit? How is this restriction justifiable?

    1. Silly prole, only young people who serve the State by joining the police or military can obtain a firearm.

    2. Uh, because fuck you, that’s why?

      Seriously, its right there in the Second Amendment:

      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people, not counting those under age 21 or otherwise banned by federal, state or local law or officials, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    3. I could see 18 as being pull-off-able, but 21 is a bit much, don’t you think?

      Serious question: at what age can “properly trained” individuals reasonably be sold firearms without risk to “the public?”

      1. They can own a car but not a gun?


    4. Not that it is much better but this only applied to handguns. An 18 year old can still by a 30.06 with a scope or a 12 gauge, both of which can do much more damage than a puny 9mm.

      1. I know, but rights are rights. Courts are getting more retarded with each passing week.

    5. What the fuck is this shit? How is this restriction justifiable?

      It doesn’t excuse (or even explain it really), but parallels do exist. Look at the drinking age in most states. Old enough to die for your country, not old enough to drink some booze or own a handgun outside of military conscription.

      1. If you can’t own a gun as an adult private citizen, I’d say that the age of military enlistment (or sworn LEO) must be raised to the age at which you can.

        1. I’d second that.

        2. This is something that’s bothered me for a while. We need ONE age of majority. One age, that once you turn X, you’re an adult. Congrats, junior, you can now drink, vote, smoke, own whatever gun, join the military, enter into a contract, and rent a car unrestricted. This bullshit of “well you can do A, B, and C when you turn 18, but you have to wait until you’re 21 to do D, E, and F” is nonsense.

      2. I know. I just hoped the Court would strike it off. I guess that was too much to hope for. Lower everything to 18, and be done with it.

    6. Modern restrictions on the ability of persons under 21 to purchase handguns?and the ability of persons under 18 to possess handguns?seem, to us, to be firmly historically rooted.

      Interesting. New Hampshire’s gun laws have no age restriction, for starters. I doubt this was a modern innovation.

      1. Well that’s a load of BS. Minimum enlistment age for the American Revolution was 16. An 11 year old received a Medal of Honor for service during the War between the States.

        Why don’t we just stop infantilizing young adults?

  22. http://consumerist.com/2012/10…..ked-bread/

    Subway Worker Hurls Hot Soup At Robber Because It Hurts More Than Freshly-Baked Bread

    Sometimes it’s not about being particularly strong or skilled with self-defense techniques, it’s just about using the materials at hand to protect yourself. If you’ve got some hot soup around to fight off a would-be robber, well, that works a lot better than plenty of other foodstuffs. A Subway sandwich worker had to improvise when facing a masked man and managed to pull off a successful defense.

    1. I’m not so sure about this, RPA. Seems like a heat crime.

      1. Jesus. 10 Internets for you. And now I need a new, dry keyboard.

        1. Did the article need a “Do Not Try This At Home” stamp?

      2. The robber was probably a bit sauced to begin with.

      3. This happened in Chicago…

        I hate Illinois Soup Nazis.

    2. What Subways sell soup? Is that even an actual thing?

    3. They have freshly baked bread at Subway?

    4. Not sure why they didn’t just use the wheat bread. It’s most likely hard as a rock anyways.

  23. Weird new liberal trend on the intertubes: Admitting to having dreams about a Romney win, and then waking up distraught, crying, etc. The one I just read had the person go to Nate Silver’s site as soon as they woke up to calm themselves down, thus sadly proving John right. Hate when that happens.

    Seriously, it is starting to scare me how much Obama people are willing to make over the Republicans basically standing up Nelson Rockefeller 2.0. I mean, to be fair, the 2016 Obama’s America also believe crazy shit about him… so, I gotta say, the political climate is just becoming scary when two candidates who are both statists, although one more openly hostile to business (Obama, though Romney would shit his pants if the government ended its mercantalist policies), create accusations like we see during this election. I mean, we are going to see an assassination in the next 20 years, right?

    1. What’s scary is the cult behavior. It’s getting to the point where each TEAM believes any kind of victory by the other TEAM is illegitimate because of fraud, force, or…something. When will this become violent?

      1. I mean, I could see if Obama loses, especially by a slim or congressional based vote, there being race riots. I mean, at least in Detroit, although it being a Wednesday it would be on schedule.

        1. It’s getting really fucked up, as more people on each side for some reason seem to have come to believe, based on nothing but polls or emotion, that their guy is going to win, that he has to win, and if he doesn’t, there was foul play.

          We’ll see what happens, I guess. I have plenty of guns.

          1. We’ll see what happens, I guess. I have plenty of guns.

            I’m still convinced libertarians are the most heavily armed political demographic in the country.

            1. Well, that’s probably because libertarians assume that “they’d” come for them first. And they’re probably right. Especially the gay libertarians and the Jewish libertarians.

              1. My neighborhood would last a while. Every mother is armed and ready. Except the occasional Democrat.

              2. “If a revolution comes, no matter who wins, people like us will end up on the wrong side of the barricades.”

            2. Am I the only one here who doesn’t have any guns? I mean, I had a few growing up, but I never felt the need to bring them from my parents’ house.

              1. Apparently so. Get with the program, or be the pogrom. Or something like that.

              2. I don’t either…

                But the gun nuts here have nearly convinced me to get a Ruger 10/22

                That shit looks fun as all hell.

                Plus you can get it at Wallmart so it would be no hassle.

        2. I would bet the more likely riots would come from Southern rednecks with militia related attacks if Obama wins reelection.

          1. It didn’t happen 4 years ago; why would it happen now? Republicans hate Obama, but they haven’t really been spewing vitriol like the left. Look at the attacks on black people who support Romney (Stacy Dash for example)

            1. True. There was little actual violence.

              There were lots of plans – the Hutaree, the Georgia Four, The Pittsburgh killer, the nut who flew the plane into the IRS building in Texas. But few deaths.

              1. The Hutaree at least were a set up job by the Feebs. The pilot in Texas had more in common with Occupy than he did the right.

                1. There was more violence in the 90s for sure. But it could have stemmed from gun regulation back then.

                  Obama is very gun friendly. Maybe that is why violence is down.

                  1. Obama is very gun friendly.

                    He’ll even ship them south of the border.

              2. the nut who flew the plane into the IRS building in Texas

                You mean the guy who posted the Communist Manifesto before his little flying adventure? Because if it’s one thing Southern rednecks espouse, it’s Marxist economics.

          2. PB… please link to a story about the last (nonsports related) riot of Southern rednecks, or any (white) militia.

            Thanks in advance.


            1. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-20…..-ga-court/

              The Georgia Four planned to attack govt facilities and civilians in a ricin plot.

              1. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

                The Georgia Four planned to attack govt facilities and civilians in a ricin plot.

                Better known as “Grumpy Ol’ Men” who ran a book club.

                Yeah, we certainly dodged that bullet!


          3. Really, dumbass, because the trend on social media is the Obamazombies threatening riots. There’s even an Obama ad right now threatening to “burn this mother fucker down.”

            The projection from the left is epic.

            1. An old woman threatens to burn this mother fucker down, for crying out loud.

              It is called irony, you dipshit.

    2. Progressives tend to be the panicky type while conservatives are oblivious to reality.

      Just look at how they react to polls – “Oh no! Obama is only ahead by one! We will lose!”

      cut to conservative (same poll) – “We are only behind by one in the lamestream media polls! We have this in the bag!”

      1. It’s not necessarily oblivious to reality if you think the MSM polls are wrong about voter turnout, or are missing a lot of voters who refuse to respond to polling, or other stuff.

        Either the polls are wrong, or the people doubting the polls are wrong. You are assuming the polls are infallible — which is oblivious to reality.

        1. Polls are always inaccurate – the best are off by less.

          I don’t know who will win but I know Obama is the favorite. Think of Alabama in college football vs LSU this week.

          My money is on Alabama until the odds kick in.

          Obama is a 3-2 favorite anywhere you go.

      2. Progressives tend to be the panicky type while conservatives are oblivious to reality.

        And you manage both! Well done Shreek!

    3. To me, Romney himself is one of the least scary prospects among possible Republican presidents. It’s just that he’ll bring an (unwanted?) army of right-wing ideologues who will pull his strings on judicial nominations and domestic and foreign policy for at least his first term.

      1. Tony, thanks for coming by and reminding us how much more annoying than shriek you are.

        Currently, all of the Republican budget plans call for decreasing the rate of spending. Not, you know, actually spending less in 2014 than they did in 2013, and THAT’s what scares you? Tony, you must have better drugs than me.

        1. Dude, don’t respond to it. Just walk away, and it will spare your dignity. It’s a fucking sockpuppet.

        2. Which will probably cause a recession. Republicans always cause recessions. We can’t really handle one right now.

          1. What do you think we’re in?

            Don’t answer that, I don’t care to hear what nonsense you’re about to hit us with.

            1. We are not in a recession. GDP is positive and has been since mid 2009.

              We are in a weak recovery.

              1. “I’m getting better!”

              2. We are not in a recession. GDP is positive and has been since mid 2009.

                We are in a weak recovery.

                GDP propped up by 8-12% deficit spending for a 2% return.

                Keep spouting this lie about growth, shreek, and I’ll keep shoving it up your ass.

              3. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

                We are not in a recession.

                Yes, yes, and a smile is an upside frown. Teenage girls keep saying that.

                GDP is positive and has been since mid 2009.

                It’s actually negative in real money terms and has been since 1996.

                We are in a weak recovery.

                More like a strong decline.

                1. Make that “since 2001”.

              4. We are in a weak recovery.

                So the recovery lacks the puckyness of every other recovery since the depression?

                Almost as if the recovery is similar to the depression…which also had massive stimulus and massive regulation and massive deficits…

          2. Insofar as recessions are measured by the level of GDP and insofar as the current level of GDP is propped up by the level of government spending, decreasing the rate of growth in government spending would likely lead to a recession. However, if the only thing keeping the economic numbers even slightly-good is the level of government expenditures, there is a more fundamental underlying problem- especially when so much of those expenditures are funded by debt.

          3. Re: Tony,

            Which will probably cause a recession. Republicans always cause recessions.

            No, what causes recessions is the Federal Reserve, which was caused by Wilson, who was caused by the Southern Presbyterian Church.

            And even if one accepted your proposition that Republicans create recessions, it can be argued that Democrats are there to make them worse – FDR, Carter, and now Obama.

        3. Not true. Romney is calling for increased Pentagon spending and canceling the $700 billion in Obama’s Medicare provider cuts.

          Romney is Big Gov in this election.

          1. And Obama is Bigger Gov in this election, right?

              1. Yes he is dipshit. The medicare ‘cuts’ are double-counted, dipshit.

              2. sure he is…what could say “bigger gov” more loudly than a third massive entitlement on top of two that already eating up the whole budget AND paying for the new one, in part, by stealing from one of the existing entitlements?

                1. The only new entitlement since LBJ was Bushy-boys Medicare Part D.

                  Obamacare forces me to buy private insurance. That is not a Govt entitlement.

                  1. It’s an entitlement for the insurance companies.

                  2. Obamacare forces me to buy private insurance. That is not a Govt entitlement.

                    Unless one cannot afford it; then I’m forced to buy it for them.

          2. How about we trade half those provider cuts for some malpractice reform? Oh, no, can’t offend the trial lawyers. Let’s just fuck over the docs, who will have to see more patients, order less tests, be penalized for hospitalizing people, all for less money — but still be fully liable for all care comparable to pre-ACA standards!!

            We’d never want to insult the trial lawyers, who are second only to gov’t unions in supporting Team Blue.

    4. Rockefeller was an uber-progressive, hence the term “Rockefeller Republicans”.

    5. I mean, we are going to see an assassination in the next 20 years, right?

      Probably more like the next four, I’m afraid. And that’s regardless of which asshole wins.

    6. I mean, to be fair, the 2016 Obama’s America also believe crazy shit about him…

      You mean crazy shit like he claims the right to detain and kill US citizens with any judicial oversight?

      Or that he’s running weapons to narco-terrorists?

      Or that he’ll start wars without even a fuck you to Congress?

      Or that the media is too busy sucking his dick to notice any of his lies or usurpation of American’s freedom?

  24. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warrent attempt to out-do each other in not politicizing Tropical Storm Sandy, proceed to politicize Tropical Storm Sandy.

    Polls show them in a virtual tie, 47-47.

    1. Fuckin’ a do I hope Warren loses.

      1. Come on man, where is your sense of adventure?

        1. The Doctor stole it. That ass.

          1. So THAT’S how he stays so excited all the time…

      2. If you live in Mass, you have a moral obligation to vote for Brown.

        1. And you have a moral obligation to blow me.

        2. If you live in Mass, you have a moral obligation to leave that fucking shithole, or stop complaining.

    2. Rasmussen has Warren considerably ahead.

  25. http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/s…..erman-case

    Judge delays ruling on gag order in Zimmerman case

    The prosecutor in the case of a former neighborhood watch leader accused of shooting an unarmed black teenager in central Florida called the conduct of the defense lawyer “a slippery slope” in pleading with the judge Friday to impose a gag order on all attorneys.

    Assistant state attorney Bernie de la Rionda wants the order imposed because he believes George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, has been using a website and both social and news media to influence potential jurors in the racially charged case.

  26. Gun seizures at border crossings on the rise


    Jason McMichael, first national vice-president of the Customs and Immigration Union, said while guards uncover caches of weapons destined for organized crime from time to time, the vast majority of firearms seized at the border are legally owned by Americans who refuse to accept that their 2nd amendment right to bear arms doesn’t apply in Canada.

    Ed.: The fundamental human RKBA applies everywhere–Canada just doesn’t protect all rights equally.



    1. Ha!

      Back when I was a Navy Lt, I took a day trip into Canada and had a very rough time with Canadian customs.

      They wanted me to turn in my side-arm, and wouldn’t believe me when I explained I didn’t have one.

      After a few minutes of back and forth – and the realization I was about to get my car disassembled, I “admitted” that I had left it at home and all was well and they waved me along.

      I think I am on some list with those guys… the last two times I’ve gone into Canada, I’ve been interrogated and held while they do some check, after which a pissed of bureaucrat sends me on my way. The check seems to be triggered by my being a U.S. citizen from birth who was born in the mid-east.

      1. I once told a Customs officer to go fuck himself when he started questioning me about whether I owned guns or not, because he had no business doing so. Got me into deep shit for about an hour before I was allowed to continue with my journey.

  27. You stay classy, Michael Moore

    Michael Moore has produced a campaign video for MoveOn.org so vile that he has to be considered guilty of elderly abuse for having the senior citizens say the words that Moore & Co. wrote in the script. The video supposedly takes place at Rosebud Nursing Home and the script calls for some of the residents there to use the foulest of language to express their anger at what is described is “Republican voter suppression.” What this video really represents is an incredible anger on the part of the Left and how they won’t be able to accept the election result if Romney wins.

    possibly NSFW language

    1. whoops this was up earlier I see

    2. Lobotomies must not hurt, I guess.

    3. I dislike Michael Moore as much as I do Fat Rush.

      I would pay $100 to see them sumo-wrestle on hot coals. Best 8 out of 15.

  28. “Defendant Webb pulled the barbs out [of] the boy’s chest, causing scarring where the barbs had entered the boy’s skin that look like cigarette burns on the boy’s chest.

    “The [ten year-old] boy, who weighed less than 100 lbs., blacked out.

    “Instead of calling emergency medical personnel, Officer Webb pulled out the barbs and took the boy to the school principal’s office,” the complaint states.”


    Dunphy, you can field that one, right?

    1. Charge him with assault with a deadly weapon. What should be a conviction for a time-heavy felony is going to turn out as administrative leave with pay, if we’re lucky.

      Equality under the law.

      1. You mean charge the ten year old, right?

  29. ATF whistleblower Cefalu calls on Romney to address Fast and Furious gunwalking

    “‘As one of the ATF whistleblowers involved in the Fast and Furious case, we EXPECT President Romney to follow through, support oversight and most importantly consequences and accountability for those responsible for the death of two of our brothers Agents Terry and Zapata AND the 300 innocent Mexican citizens,’ Cefalu wrote to the campaign.”



    Will he, or will he not?

    1. Thus far, all appeals have been ignored.

      Ima say “not”.

  30. http://www.sfgate.com/news/cri…..988109.php

    A string of shootings at convenience stores and other businesses across Indiana has left suspects dead and sparked a debate over whether clerks should be allowed to carry weapons ? and use them.

    At least four attempted robberies in the state have ended in fatal shootings in the past month. In all of those cases, the clerks fired back.


    No, let’s bend over and let the robbers fuck us in the ass, shall we?

    1. It’s the SFgate – what did you expect? Rationality?

    2. There are times I really love living in Indiana.

    3. Notice the passive voice and lack of specifics. It’s the robbers who were killed. Not that I wish death on anyone, but I can’t get all worked up about armed robbers getting killed.

  31. “Those who fire a gun in self-defense are subject to the same shooting review as police officers, Brown said.”

    So a group of store clerks who are friends with the clerk who shot in self defense will give him a pat on the back and a paid vacation?

    1. He’ll also be branded a hero and a model citizen.

  32. http://blogs.desmoinesregister…..it/article

    IA: Man with gun in Walmart arrested for refusing to show permit

    A man carrying a semi-automatic handgun in a Des Moines Walmart was arrested tonight by an off-duty officer for refusing to show a permit for the weapon.
    Turner Alivonta, 22, had the fully-loaded 40-caliber pistol holstered on his hip on plain sight, alarming a number of customers in the store on SE 14th Street, said Des Moines Police Sgt. James Butler.


    Hoplophobic pussies here, there, EVERYWHERE.

    1. Some jackass walks up to me and tells me he’s an off-duty cop and demands to see my CHL, I’d laugh in his face. Not knowing Iowa law, I can’t comment further than that.

      1. He’s under no obligation to oblige if it’s plainly worn.

    2. Turner Alivonta, 22, had the fully-loaded 40-caliber pistol holstered on his hip on plain sight, alarming a number of customers

      So was it the caliber of the firearm that alarmed them? The fact that it was a pistol? That it was carried openly? Do these same people shit themselves when cops walk by?

      1. They probably should.

  33. Wow, we’re lucky. A PM Links of Tony and Shriek doing a 1-2 punch of tiresome cuntitude.

    1. If no one responded to the sockpuppets, this bullshit would end.

      1. Reading opinions that differ from your own? That bullshit?

    2. Tony and Shriek commenting on the same thread at the same time? Good God, let’s just hope The Derprider doesn’t show up to add his mental diarrhea to the mix, or the thread might literally reach critical mass of stupidity and blow up. I’m not even going to speculate on the implications of Rick Santorum showing up to spread its frothy mixture around.

      1. Why no comment on the many wingnuts who slather their lipstick on the GOP pole?

        1. Because John’s not here, man.

        2. Slathering lipstick on a pole…..I think you want to direct that one to sockpuppet T o n y.

        3. Because the original comment I was responding to was about you and Tony, not John and Cytotoxic. But if it helps just replace you and Tony’s name with their’s and The Derprider and Rick Santorum with Tulpa and a fourth GOP fellater (it’s been a long day and I can’t think of a fourth example, but I’m sure there’s at least one more around here). Also, John hasn’t posted on this particular thread as of this writing, and Tulpa only once, and most of Cyto’s have been upthread in the Lucas bashing subthread or futily responding to you.

          But as I said, the original comment was about team blue fluffers (you and Tony specifically), so that’s why I chose to comment about another pair of team blue fluffers. It’s difficult to follow, I know.

          1. You overlook the other GOP faithful – wareagle, Mike M, Red Rocks Rockin, and other forgettable names.

            1. Right–because not blowing Obama means that the GOP is being supported.

              Projection isn’t just for movie theaters, shreek.

          2. If you think I’m a GOP fellator then you’re almost as cunty as PB.

          3. HAHA!!!

            You forgot me!! I am a secret Republican!!!!

            I even voted for Dole bitches!!!



            Ok i am not a republican…still the temptation to be one if only for the lolz is often tempting.

            The repubs we have here are not nearly as freakish and fun to kick around as our dems we have. They must all hang at redstate or something.

    3. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind their presence? At least they occasionally bring up good points. Hell, the fact that Tony is still around despite how much most people shit on him is kind of impressive.

      1. I always argue for smaller government. I just don’t believe the GOP cares about it.

        Clinton was the best Small Gov president in the last 30 years. But since he was pro-choice conservatives hate him.

        (+ the BJ)

        1. ^Cuntitude^

          1. You no doubt still love the Bushpigs and think they were for small government.

            I laugh at your ignorance.

            1. just stop. You are voting for The Obama, the walking antithesis of small govt. BO has half the Repub Congress that Clinton had but rather than work with them, he continues his perpetual campaign.

          2. you need to give Shriek some credit.

            He has improved since the jesusfag days.

            At the rate he is gong he will be a libertarian in 2032.

        2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

          I always argue for smaller government. I just don’t believe the GOP cares about it.

          Who said it did?

          Clinton was the best Small Gov president in the last 30 years.

          So much for always arguing for smaller government. Clinton was then as now a big time socialist and warmonger. The only difference between Bush and Clinton is that Bush doesn’t like cigars with cum in them.

          1. Bush raised spending by $1.7 trillion per annum over Clinton.

            That is the difference that matters.

            1. Bush raised spending by $1.7 trillion per annum over Clinton.

              Bush raised spending to $13.6 trillion a year by the end of his term?

            2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

              Bush raised spending by $1.7 trillion per annum over Clinton.

              That is the difference that matters.

              Not to me. They BOTH raised spending. Just because his lapdog Gore raided the so-called “trust fund” to pad the numbers does not mean he really did “balance” the budget.

              There’s a reason why Clinton lost the Democratic majority in the House and Senate that the Dems had enjoyed for decades, and it was the same reason Bush lost the Republican majority in both Houses that the Repubs had enjoyed since 1996 – because they were BOTH big spenders.

        3. I always argue for smaller government

          Since when? Every post you’ve made on this board is a defense of Obama’s policies, which are the antithesis of smaller government.

      2. The only reason he’s still around is because he’s a fucking troll. He feeds on the attention that he gets, even if most of it is in the form of abuse. My guess he’s probably sitting in front of his computer in a leather S&M body suit with a ball gag in his mouth posting in between stints of bondage and humiliation in Zed and Maynard’s basement.

        1. Zed’s dead, baby.

          1. Glad to see someone got the Pulp Fiction reference. I had to look up Maynard’s name because the only one I could remember off the top of my head was Zed.

        2. Zed’s dead Loki. Zed’s dead.

      3. “Am I the only one who doesn’t mind their presence?”

        No. I don’t usually end up arguing with Shrike, and Tony is fun. I get to practice arguing with the irrational, and neither of them are White Indian level bad.

        1. Don’t say that name…he’ll hear youuu?. Then it’s threadshitting “myth of the noble savage/agrarian city state” 4evar, 4evar, 4evvaaarrr.

    4. “cuntitude” = not GOP.

      Got it.

      1. ^Cuntitude^

        1. Why do you defend the GOP?

          Are you an aborto-freak? A fundie like little Ricky Santorum? A war monger? An immigrant hater?

          Rank them please.

          1. ^Cuntitude^

  34. Sanctions have proven effective in Iran in killing off their orchestra.

    Knowing Iran, quite possibly literally.

    a state police officer allegedly Tased a 10-year-old boy for refusing to help clean his patrol car during a career day event at a school. … The other kids probably thought it was cool.

    If Youtube has taught us anything it’s that there are few things funnier than seeing someone subjected to 50,000 Volts. Especially small children.

    1. Wasn’t the tasing scene from The Hangover a middle school career fair? These are just perfect venues for recreational use of the Taser.

    2. Probably at least one 10 year old child got his first woody while witnessing the tasing. He’ll grow up and join the force.

  35. The $250 million stimulus grant given to bankrupt electric car battery manufacturer A123 Systems created all of 400 jobs.

    How wouldn’t have been more efficient to have cut them each a check for $125,000?

    1. Yeah but remember that this does nothing to reward Shreeks small government loving democratic party donor base.

  36. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that no one has yet used

    “Sandi shits all over the Northeast”

    … Hobbit

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