Swamped by Sandy, Tasing 10-Year-Olds, Irrelevant Newspapers: P.M. Links


  • The Lost City of Atlantic

    Eight million homes stretching from North Carolina to the Canadian border are without power thanks to Sandy. New Jersey, where Sandy made landfall, is heavily damaged.

  • A woman was convicted of disorderly conduct for berating TSA agents patting down her teenage daughter and refusing to endure the humiliating procedure herself.
  • France wants to tax Google for linking to its newspapers unless it comes to an agreement with French media companies. Google responded that they'll stop indexing French news stories.
  • Speaking of not caring about what media companies want, fewer Americans are reading newspapers these days, making their endorsements not particularly effective.
  • The $250 million stimulus grant given to bankrupt electric car battery manufacturer A123 Systems created all of 400 jobs.
  • Sanctions have proven effective in Iran in killing off their orchestra. Take that, Ahmadinejad!
  • A guardian is suing New Mexico after a state police officer allegedly Tased a 10-year-old boy for refusing to help clean his patrol car during a career day event at a school. Well, if nothing else, the officer has probably scared a bunch of children away from becoming police officers. Oh, who am I kidding? The other kids probably thought it was cool.
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