OSCE Expresses "Grave Concern" Over Threat by Texas AG to Arrest Election Monitors

George W. Bush first invited OSCE election monitors to the U.S. back in 2002


The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Wednesday expressed "grave concern" over the Texas attorney general's threat to arrest and criminally prosecute OSCE election observers if they come within 100 feet of polling places on Election Day.

The OSCE said Texas's threat "is at odds with the established good co-operation between OSCE/ODIHR [Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights] observers and state authorities across the United States, including Texas."

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  1. SECEDE.

    1. We have not yet begun to fight….

  2. Ya know… on election day, Talk Radio OUGHT to issue a call up for duty, of the “Coast Watchers” network. When you observe enemy formations, like the OSCE, transiting the slot or your local sound, CALL INTO YOUR LOCAL TALK SHOW and report the sighting. Location, bearing, speed, and force strength. Local shows, report up the chain to National shows until the tally is equal to the full strength of the known enemy force, and all its dispositions and locations are know.

    … and then, wait for the reinforcements to arrive.

    ALL OF THE “50 Commands” should participate in a Maximum Effort run on the targets! If your local “Authorities” are collaborating with the enemy, for whatever reason THEY think appropriate, YOU (like it’s always been for Americans) will have to be the few who stand in harm’s way, that Liberty should prevail.

    Now, are you Patriot, or Sunshine Patriot?

    THESE ARE? the times which try Men’s souls.

    Choose….. and, pass the word.

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