Chutzpah Denied! Fired Bell, Calif., Police Chief Will Not Get $510,000 Pension

Instead, he will get $240,000 a year, so hold the applause


"My spike got spiked!"

Randy Adams served the city of Bell, Calif., as police chief for a year before getting fired in the midst of a scandal that revealed city officials draining the coffers for exorbitant salaries.

Adams was drawing a $457,000 annual salary for leading the police in this Los Angeles County town of 35,000, more than the police chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. After the corruption was uncovered and eight officials charged (Adams is not one of them), one might think Adams would have thanked his lucky stars he got what he got and quietly slinked away.

Don't be silly. This is California! He sued to try to keep the pension spike he would get from that one year of employment at Bell. Fortunately, a judge denied him. Via the Los Angeles Times:

A judge has rejected an effort by Bell's former police chief to more than double his pension to $510,000 a year, saying that the City Council never approved his extravagant contract and that city officials tried to keep his salary secret.

Randy Adams, who was fired as the city was engulfed in scandal, would have become one of the highest paid public pensioners in California had his request been approved.

The cost of doubling Adams' pension would have fallen primarily on Ventura, Simi Valley and Glendale, where he spent most of his career. Ventura alone would have been on the hook for nearly $2 million of Adams' future pension, according to state pension officials.

The ruling leaves Adams with a $240,000-a-year pension, the eighth highest paycheck in California's largest public employee retirement system

So even after denying Adams the pension spike, he's still in the top ten.

According to the judge, Adams was also conspiring to be granted a disability retirement so that his pension would be tax-free.  That little trick is very common in California. San Jose's pension reform initiative passed in June attempts to curb some of this behavior.

Adams is also suing the city for severance pay, remarkably enough. The city is suing right back trying to recover his salary. As the judge noted, Bell's City Council never even approved his contract.

Reason has written plenty about the Bell scandal. Click here if you don't feel like typing "Bell, California" in our search engine.

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  1. “Sgt. Joe Friday: We could’ve piled up a hundred years of great policemen and great detectives: men with honor and brains and guts. You tore down every best part of them. The people who read it in the papers, they’re gonna overlook the fact that WE got you; that we washed our own laundry and we cleared this thing up. They’re gonna overlook all the good. They’ll overlook every last good cop in the country. But they’ll remember YOU. Because you’re a bad cop. “

    1. Jack Webb for President!

      Wait – isn’t he dead?? EVEN BETTER!


      1. Does a vote for Jack Webb count as a vote against Almanian?

  2. I wonder if Felix Baumgartner could see this guy’s balls from space.

    1. See them? They had to account for the gravitational field from them.

  3. The collection of thieves and parasites that were running Bell could give the Gracchi Brothers a run for their money.

  4. “Randy Adams served the city …”

    No, he did not “serve” the city. He was an employee, just like many others were. This notion that these people “serve” is such bullshit.

    That this little punk ever had powers of arrest over other folks is simply disgusting.

  5. Well Randy, two thoughts come to mind:

    Fuck you, that’s why.


    /Nelson Muntz

  6. Fuck Jack Webb. He was a drug war addict.

  7. Why does Reason hate our four-star general heroes?

  8. According to the judge, Adams was also conspiring to be granted a disability retirement so that his pension would be tax-free. That little trick is very common in California.

    Isn’t tax fraud a crime? A federal crime?

    1. Who is going to go after them, the IRS Agent or the Federal Prosecutor who are also trying to get their off hour backyard basketball injury classified as a disability?

      1. Why isn’t Harry Reid denouncing this evil tax evader on the floor of the Senate?

  9. A SWAT raid should be in this man’s future.

  10. ok, there are cop-o-crats and there are COP-O-CRATS!!!!!


    remember also, he’s still getting roughly 1/2 the desired 510k per year for his pension

    he won’t be starving, that’s fer shure

  11. Adams was also conspiring to be granted a disability retirement so that his pension would be tax-free. That little trick is very common in California.


    Phew! I’m so glad nothing as horrible as that is like, just as popular in EVERY OTHER STATE IN THE COUNTRY?~!


    “A Newark cop, claiming he was blind, filed for a disability pension. But just days before he was going to be awarded a lifetime of cash, likely totaling more than a million dollars, Newark’s internal affairs division caught him on videotape.

    Driving. On the Garden State Parkway


    WORCESTER ? More than a third of the city’s retired firefighters and police officers are drawing disability pensions that cost the retirement system and city taxpayers much more than regular retirement benefits…

    Since I can only post 2 links, I suppose you’ll have to google “[Insert State Here] public disability pension corruption” yourself.

    I do recommend the Springfield Journal-Register’s longish piece on their own issues… :”Mismanagement has turned state pension systems into morass”

    I complain every time one of these pieces comes out whenever they put on the “suprised and shocked” routine… as though this isn’t and hasn’t been one of the most well known and obvious problems which everyone has conveniently chosen to ignore.

  12. This man truly has Chutzpah!!!

    Short of pulling his dick out and smacking it in people’s face…

    This guy has more than Chutzpah….he has balls man.

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