Gun Control

Wife of Wisconsin Shooter Begged For Restraining Order Hours Before Her Death

Gun possession ban was also handed down to Radcliffe Haughton


Murder-suicides, by their very nature, leave a mountain of unanswered questions. When the killer pulls the trigger first on his victim and then himself, he takes with him to the grave the reasons that compelled the angry, desperate act.

Not so in the case of Radcliffe Haughton.

What prompted the 45-year-old former Marine to open fire at a suburban Milwaukee salon Sunday—killing not just his wife and two other women, but also wounding four others—was foreshadowed in no uncertain terms by his estranged wife just three days earlier.

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  1. What good is our legal system when it fails to be proactive when it has a reason to be so? Other than Mrs. Haughton ontaining a gun for self defense (without addressing the mental state needed to use it or the skill sets needed), was for the court to incarcerate the husband. Was there probable cause? What about his mental well-being?
    So many failures. The solution rested on each participant’s hands, and only was armed.

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