Presidential Debates 2012

Join Us Tomorrow as Reason Staff Tweets the Second 2012 Presidential Debate!


It's coming. The second Obama/Romney face-off is almost here. Join the Reason staff here at Hit&Run tomorrow as we live tweet the foreign policy debate, starting at 9 p.m. There will, of course, be a drinking game.

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  1. Join Us Tomorrow as Reason Staff Tweets the Second 2012 Presidential Debate!


    1. Alright.

      1. LUCY!? I thought you perished in a tragic dirigible accident!

  2. My drinking game: drink enough to pass out before it starts.

    1. I was thinking, if we could just convince every American to join a drinking game where they take a shot each time Obama or Romney tell a lie or make a vague, unbelievable promise over the course of one debate, we’d probably generate enough sales to fuel a full economic recovery AND balance next year’s budget.

      1. You’d have to play the game on Jupiter to generate enough gravitational pull to be able to drink that quickly.

        1. Since this game would surely be fatal if done in one sitting, we could space out the actual drinking part of the game over the course of, say, a year. But they still have to buy the alcohol tomorrow.

          1. STIMULUS!

      2. if we could just convince mandate via penaltax every American to join a drinking game ….


  3. While temping seeing as the last debate was a lulz factory, I still cannot stand watching politicians talk for more than a few seconds. I’ll catch the highlights and play Borderlands instead.

    1. I bet Obama totally destroys his election chances by overdoing it and going total asshole.

      1. That would be tremendously entertaining.

        1. We can only hope. I wish I had an inside connection so I could egg him on. “Attack Mormonism! Call him a polygamist! Bring up the dog!”

        2. And when he does that, the liberal excuse making about how American just can’t handle an assertive black man because it is so racist will be even more entertaining.

          1. “Obama Uppity In Polls”

          2. Exactly. Appeals to the base, and emasculates Romney by playing the ultimate race card!

      2. Nope, he will go Full Metal Santa Obama and force Shit Flopney to expose his inner statist. They will simply try to out bid each other, going over be damned. You watch.

        1. We’ll see, doc. Anything can happen. Obama’s staff have shown themselves to be tone-deaf retards, so their attempts to recover could be hilariously inept. Let’s hope so.

          1. I’m pretty sure that the campaign staff wasn’t expecting a full-blown foreign policy disaster that turned in to cover-up a mere month before the debate that focuses on……foreign policy.

            How in the world Obama expects to spin the Benghazi debacle should be entertaining, at the very least.

            1. Like a record baby, right round…

          2. tone-deaf retards

            Excellent band name.

        2. That usually works in debates, which are wonderfully situated to say things like, “Let’s invest in empowering the children for the future” without anyone calling you out on it.

          The problem for Obama is that if he steers too much into bland platitudes, he’ll lose votes right there. The big elephant in the room for him is explaining why his policies that aren’t working magically will work if he gets reelected. Of course, it’ll be extraordinarily difficult to effectively tell that lie with Romney waiting to call him out on it, so the chances are he’ll try some other angle, like the angry president one.

          1. Actually, he has that whole “Republicans voting to cut spending for embassy security” gambit ready to go, no doubt. Nevermind that the Executive branch can bolster security at a given embassy at any time by rearranging deployments and assignments as needed.

            I don’t think he will go Angy Prez without a teleprompter, and Flopney has the nice Mormon shtick going for him. As much as I despise The Flopster, I will give him credit that his feathers are hard to ruffle.

            1. That is the biggest bunch of horseshit. They lowered overall spending. It is not like they told the DOS to cut security in Libya.

              1. If I’m not mistaken they were proposed cuts, that maybe passed the house, but didn’t make it through the Senate, so the spending wasn’t actually cut. And the proposed cuts wouldn’t have come into effect until next year, anyway.

              2. It’s even bigger bullshit than that John.

                The voted to cut future increases in spending and Hairy Reed kept it from even coming to a vote in the Senate so it was never enacted anyway.

        3. That’s why we need Bob Barker as a moderator.

          1. “Bob, I can run the government on $1 trillion/year.”

    2. I was just trying to recall that last debate I watched. I think it was Reagan in 1984. I decided back then that I didn’t think little debate “wins” and short policy statements were any basis for determining whether I was going to vote one way or the other, and I haven’t looked back since.

      However, if Obama slugs Romney, I’ll watch the tape.

  4. In the interest of all this hubbub about the West eschewing speech these days, in light of that awful Cage/Revolta movie, I hear-by move that the terms “face-off” should now be deemed offensive speech, never to be seen again and forever more stricken from the lexicon of daily discourse.

    1. “F*c*-Off” was a great episode of Breaking Bad, however.

  5. Prediction: At least one of them will have a very obvious erection.

    1. Do warboners count?

      1. Of course they count. It’s the only non-chemically induced boners either ever have.

        1. Then your prediction is amazing in its timidity, isn’t it?

          1. What’s the point of making a prediction that won’t come true?

            1. What’s the point of making an erection that won’t turn blue?

              Wait, what?

      2. Only your doctor can tell you if Warboner is right for you.

        1. Yes. Either of them can take Warboner, since it massively increases your chance for a stroke.

        2. See a doctor immediately if your warboner lasts more than eleven years, as this may be an indication of a seriously flawed government.

          1. Do not take Warboner if you have trouble with killing foreigners indiscriminately or you have heart problems.

          2. Does the government have a DNR and a DPOA in place, by chance?

            1. No, but I damn well bet they have a deadman’s switch.

      1. You know you want to cockstab that neck wattle.

        1. That’s a terrible thing to say about Monica… Oh, you meant Candy. Nevermind.

  6. Can Obama man up? Will he man up too much? He’s under a lot of pressure compared to Romney.

    1. (As aides roll in portable backboard.)

      “HORSE right now, Biotch! Just you and me!”

  7. English Bob: [discussing the assassination of President Garfield] Well there’s a dignity to royalty. A majesty that precludes the likelihood of assassination. If you were to point a pistol at a king or a queen your hands would shakes as though palsied.
    Barber: Oh, I wouldn’t point no pistol at nobody, sir.
    English Bob: Well that’s a wise policy, a wise policy. But if you did, I can assure you, if you did, that the sight of royalty would cause you to dismiss all thoughts of bloodshed and you would stand…how shall I put it? In awe. Now, a president…well, I mean, [chuckles]…why not shoot a president?

    Fuck all these fake little TV “debates”.

    1. They put them on TV now?

  8. Don’t let their identical DNA fool you. They differ on some key issues.

    1. “The sheer drama of this election has driven voter turnout to its highest level in centuries: six percent.”

      1. “It’s time for someone who has the courage to stand up and say, ‘I’m against those things that everybody hates!'”

  9. In all seriousness what is Obama going to do? He can’t defend his record. He can’t claim Romney is some kind of scary libertarian out to kill grandma. I don’t see how he performs any differently than he did the first time.

    1. He can come out dressed as Big Bird.

      1. You do realize, Mr. President, that “Big Bird” isn’t real?

    2. This one won’t be about undecided voters, but rather shoring up the base. Expect him to be aggressive and derisive.

      1. Then he is done. He might as well concede the election. The undecideds and independents all want politicians to appear reasonable and to get along. If he just appeals to his base, he will lose.

      2. Oh, I really, really hope so. If we’re really lucky we get some trash talk.

        1. Maybe he can break out the accent he used in the 2007 video the Daily Caller broke.

          1. Ah, yes. The patois. His secret folksy, local colour rhetorical weapon. Just the thing for a Town Hall “debate”.

          2. If we’re really lucky, he’ll try to imitate Cleveland’s favorite bus driver. “I bring my granddaughter and she whup yo ass!”

            1. We’re not that lucky. Nobody is. Not even a leprechaun.

            2. “Romney you white motherfucker”

          3. Yes! It’d be even better if he custom-mimicked each questioner’s accent individually.

            “Gracias, Rosita. Si, jou are right to bring up Meheeco.”

  10. Watch some slimy politicians when I can watch Justin Verlander utterly humiliate the Yankees and bring them to the brink of elimination? Not just no, but HELL no!

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