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Bruce Springsteen Endorses Obama's Runaway American Dream of High Unemployment, Rendition, Wiretaps


Over at Mediaite, Andrew Kirell takes note of Bruce Springsteen's recent endorsement of Barack Obama for a second term and is moved to write an open letter to the Boss. Snippets:

Your recent re-endorsement of President Barack Obama doesn't offend me on its own — everyone saw it coming. But what offends me is what you are abandoning by diving headfirst into the endorsement game.

Let me explain:

Do you remember the speech you gave on nearly all 100 tour dates of the 2008 Magic tour? Lord knows I remember it, having seen you three times that year. Before each performance of "Livin' in the Future," you gave a little political rant. It went something like this:

"Over the past six years we have, unfortunately, had to add to the American picture: rendition, illegal wiretapping, rolling back of civil liberties, no habeas corpus if you'd like to defend yourself against charges brought against you. These are things that not only attack our Constitution but attack who we are and our very selves."

Remember that? The song itself, you explained, was about sleeping through all those awful Bush-era changes: "We're livin' in the future and none of this has happened yet," said the catchy chorus.

Except now we are livin' in the future… and all of this is happening still.

A true mega-fan, Kirell is disappointed to see cut loose like a deuce, another roller in the night (whatever the hell that might mean):

But now, after spending six years being the most outspoken musical advocate against Bush-era civil liberties encroachments, you openly endorse a man who has willingly continued these exact "un-American" policies?

Either you are a political fraud or just blinded by the light of partisanship.

Whole thing here.

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  1. Bruce Springsteen’s music sucks anyway.

    1. He’s also reportedly a flaming asshole to the actual working man. I worked at a major utility that owns the local electric utility at Springsteen’s New Jersey home. He had special meters and wires installed at great expense at the edge of the property to prevent any access by meter readers near his house. That in itself is not a problem, but according to the line supervisor in charge of the installation, Springsteen himself came out to tell him none of his guys were allowed on the property and basically acted like an enormous dick.

      The same supervisor had done a service installation at Jon Bon Jovi’s house and he said Bon Jovi came out and BSed with the crew the whole time, signing autographs and generally being a cool guy.

        1. Bruce Springsteen performs Wed., March 28 and Thurs., March 29, 7:30pm. $68-$98. Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St.

        2. Springsteen isn’t terrible enough to demonize, but he isn’t great enough to canonize, either. He’s the Tim Tebow of music: not very good, but different enough from the rest to stand out. He’s a piece of toilet paper clinging to the bottom of American culture’s shoe. And because he’s remained stuck there so long, we’ve attached undeserved meaning to him.

          Not bad.

          1. Did I say “market”? I did. Make no mistake, Springsteen’s image, from top down?what he wears, what he sings about?is a marketing choice. Every breath is calculated, every move researched and deployed with precision. He’s no different than Lady Gaga marketing herself to the fashion industry or Coldplay to feminine hygiene product

            s. The purity you’ve placed upon him is a myth.

        3. Like the bearded, skinny jackasses I run into at parties I wasn’t invited to who lovvvvve Bruce because he’s “the realest” artist they or any one of their other freelance web designer friends have ever heard.

          In short, loving Springsteen allows soft-palmed SWPLs to pretend they sympathize with the working-class, while simultaneously condescending to them as “bitter clingers” at every turn.

        4. Thanks for this, Mike.
          Good stuff from John Sharkey III except for this:
          “Look, we all need heroes and people to idolize. I’m no different. I need figures to cling to in these tough times too?to find some solace in grand, larger-than-life escapism.”

          That’s where he veers onto the slippery slope psychology of the slave.
          He doesn’t need any hero except the one in the mirror.
          Somewhat hyperbolic and turgid? Maybe a bit, but this celebrity culture and this nutty government that fosters lapdogs and teaches that some folks are more equal than others will never change until empowerment is recognized from within — by every human being that can think rationally.
          When you hear, “I saw Lady Gaga at the W Times Square lounge,” just respond with,
          “Big deal; I saw my plumber at Duane Reade.”

          1. It’s kind of like how people will say someone they know looks like a particular celebrity. Who do they know better? The celebrity or their friend? So why not reverse the order. Harrison Ford looks a little like my Dad.

  2. Random liberal answer, “Romney would be worse.”

  3. Either you are a political fraud or just blinded by the light of partisanship.


  4. The Mork-era Robin Williams suspenders are a great touch.

    Sadly, those suspenders are the Kennedy Center’s Honors medal, the ugliest and dorkiest wearable award in the known universe.

  5. A true mega-fan, Kirell is disappointed to see cut loose like a deuce, another roller in the night (whatever the hell that might mean):

    He’s disappointed because Bruce really is wrapped up like a douche.

  6. When you’re a circus performer, it makes sense to endorse the Bread-and-Circuses Party.

    1. Which one?

  7. He’s the Michael Moore of rock and roll, only less rotund.

  8. In the first photo above, it looks like Al Gore’s head has been ‘Shopped onto Springsteen’s tiny body. Coincidence?

  9. Hey, Bruce! Shut (the fuck) up and sing!

    Speaking of which, any sign the Dixie Chicks might endorse Romney now?

  10. Springsteen always wanted to be Arlo Guthrie and write songs about “the man”. As long as he’s holding on to that nonsense it kind of limits his politics. (Despite being rich as hell and taking advantage of every tax loophole in existence including making his house in NJ into a fake farm to avoid tens of thousands in property taxes.)

    1. Springsteen always wanted to be Arlo Woody Guthrie and write songs about “the man”.

      1. No, he wanted to be Pete Seeger, but he really wanted to be black so he could be Mississippi John Hurt.

        The fact that he missed Hank Williams makes him a phony of the highest order. Totally explains the fancy estate and tax shams. He passed up honest for pretense.

    2. This is the celebrity stars’ standard profile.
      Why do they get away with it? Because their audience would rather listen to them scream about urban and suburban decay, rather than think, walk away and tune them out.
      Such a pity — so many magnificent artists out there, so much good music, and ubiquitous talent, in cafes, jazz clubs, rock houses, indie streams on the web, churches, camps, neighborhoods, even street corners for god’s sake. But I guess it means you’re hip or you’re somebody or you know what’s valuable if you fork over $150 to scream in a 50,000-person stadium, undulate to the noise, and adulate to the hypocritical, lucky punk who made billions. And don’t forget, these megastars are the same ones that wouldn’t want you within a mile of their backyard barbecue.
      I gotta hand it to them — they ironically use the so-called dreaded free market to thrive, while expecting the paycheck-to-paycheck schmucks to keep kissing their asses.

  11. Springsteen is a partisan hack.


  12. Thought it was “revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night”. I mean, jesus, there is google, you fuckers. And the calliope DID crash to the ground….

    1. Use your google to find the Bruce lyrics, not the the Manfred Mann lyrics.

    2. And a note to Nick – the way I heard it was that the deuce was a “1932 Ford Model B Coupe” Like the little deuce coupe from the Beach Boys.

      1. Who cares? The fact that Manfred Mann owns the definitive version of your song pretty much defines you as a song writer. Now if Doc Watson or Aretha do your song, any song, they can own it. But Manfred Mann? Really, really?

  13. Bruce is capable of writing a fun song every now and then and that’s about it. How the cult got started and then maintained is beyond me.

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