Bruce Springsteen Endorses Obama's Runaway American Dream of High Unemployment, Rendition, Wiretaps


Over at Mediaite, Andrew Kirell takes note of Bruce Springsteen's recent endorsement of Barack Obama for a second term and is moved to write an open letter to the Boss. Snippets:

Your recent re-endorsement of President Barack Obama doesn't offend me on its own — everyone saw it coming. But what offends me is what you are abandoning by diving headfirst into the endorsement game.

Let me explain:

Do you remember the speech you gave on nearly all 100 tour dates of the 2008 Magic tour? Lord knows I remember it, having seen you three times that year. Before each performance of "Livin' in the Future," you gave a little political rant. It went something like this:

"Over the past six years we have, unfortunately, had to add to the American picture: rendition, illegal wiretapping, rolling back of civil liberties, no habeas corpus if you'd like to defend yourself against charges brought against you. These are things that not only attack our Constitution but attack who we are and our very selves."

Remember that? The song itself, you explained, was about sleeping through all those awful Bush-era changes: "We're livin' in the future and none of this has happened yet," said the catchy chorus.

Except now we are livin' in the future… and all of this is happening still.

A true mega-fan, Kirell is disappointed to see cut loose like a deuce, another roller in the night (whatever the hell that might mean):

But now, after spending six years being the most outspoken musical advocate against Bush-era civil liberties encroachments, you openly endorse a man who has willingly continued these exact "un-American" policies?

Either you are a political fraud or just blinded by the light of partisanship.

Whole thing here.