Reason TV Replay: Barack Obama Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize


Many have taken issue with the Norwegian Nobel Committee's decision to award the European Union this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Reason TV was on hand to report on a similarly questionable recipient back in 2009.

The original text from the Oct 9, 2009 video is below:

If the world was stunned to learn that President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, it will be even more amazed by all the awards that are still coming his way.

A Rapid Response video. Approximately two minutes.

Written and produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie.

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  1. I can’t wait until he wins the NEXT Peace Prize for the war on Iran.

    1. The next prize will go to Boeing for all of its work towads peace.

  2. Do these folks have the decency to be embarrassed?

    1. Sure, if they get a prize for it.

  3. Obama team promises more aggressive president in second debate

    I don’t see him being able to pull it off any better than Biden did. It takes a seriously smooth operator to be aggressive without just looking like a jerk to the audience. It was a surprise that Romney managed to pull it off so well.

    1. i agree. romney showed some pretty unique and well honed skills in the debate. it’s not going to be as simple for obama as “be more aggressive”. he is going to risk sounding like a lecturing putz, with a pointy finger and a “let me make this clear” etc. and it could backfire. from what i have seen of obama’s ability to act on his feet? unlikely to be successful.

      1. Obama will just be fed a few attack lines (i.e. “I refuse to write off half of the country”) and do the class warfare thing, and be told to interrupt Romney a few times. He won’t go off his script. Since it’s a townhall setting, I’m setting the over/under on “Make no mistakes/let me be clears” at 6.5.

        As for thinking on his feet, Ryan did a poor job responding to Biden’s lies. How Ryan let Biden get away with saying that he (Biden) voted against the wars is unforgivable.

        1. That’s the thing about a debate…you can’t just “stay on script”. It’s not a staged rally. You have to be able to respond to the other guy and the questioners or you look like a moron.

          1. Ryan seemed like he memorized a couple speeches and just went with that.

            I watched most of that debate because I thought he was going to rip Uncle Joe to shreds.

            Oh well.

        2. Ryan just isn’t a confrontational person. And he didn’t want to take any risks, because it’s Romney’s job to do that.

          1. I actually think that the VP debate hurt Biden far more than it hurt Ryan. People have been reminded what an ass Biden is.

    2. I do not understand why Romney and other Republicans have not brought up the medical devices tax as an example of what’s so screwed up about Obamacare. Ask Obama to explain how taxing pacemakers, prosthetic limbs, and wheelchairs is going to “make health care more affordable.” Obama will struggle to answer, and most of America will think: “Is that for real? That can’t be true… is it?” Alas, it is.

      For bonus points, Romney should quote Orwell; “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals will believe them.”

  4. So is the State Department v. Obama Administration thing the real deal, or does it fizzle? Predictions?

    1. Hillary has to do it under the radar if she’s going to do it. Sabotaging the First Black President would be a stinking albatross around her neck in 2016 if it’s done clumsily.

      1. Who do you think released the transcript late on a Sunday? Like I said in the other thread, that’s the perfect way to ensure that it’s all over the Monday morning drive in.

        1. Yes, it looks very suspicious. But it’s complicated enough that low-info AA voters aren’t going to blame her for it in 4 years.

        2. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the outrage industry/”civil rights” leaders are irritated with BO for being such a disappointment. So Hilldog may not be worried about them.

          1. I would think that if she has any 2016 aspirations, she better get on the stick. I sincerely doubt that any Democrat is going to be electable after four more years of the current Administration.

          2. Everyone knows that as Obama gets his nuts squeezed more and more on this he will work his way up the natural progression of scapegoating – from the intel folks to Rice to Hillary. If Hillary simply defends herself when it gets to her it will be tough for anyone to call it “sabotaging” the prez…though we are, admittedly, talking about the True Believers cult here, I know.

            That said, the State Dept chain of command dictates that Hillary is at least as responsible for the mess as his His Oneness. She’s in a tough spot, regardless.

            1. Speaking as someone who considers himself tied into Homeland America, Homelandians aren’t all that vengeful about intelligence failures, because hey you can’t have the panopticon. However, Homelandians hate hate hate being lied to.

              1. Do you mean Heartland America?

            2. That said, the State Dept chain of command dictates that Hillary is at least as responsible for the mess as his His Oneness. She’s in a tough spot, regardless.

              It won’t be about the assassination. It will be about the attempted cover up. While the lack of security falls squarely in Hillary’s lap, the cover up will be all Obama.

              1. It wouldn’t be the first time Hillary tried to get off the hook because the president lied to her.

      2. They both kind of have each other by the balls, don’t they? Obama can’t lose Bill Clinton, and Hillary can’t do what you said she can’t do.
        So I guess it just gets punted til next year, like everything else.

        1. A cold war within the professional Left would be delicious to watch.

          Won’t happen within the rank and file, who will unite against RETHUGLICAN OPPRESSION or whatnot. But the folks at the top know where the bear sits.

          1. Maybe the PUMA thing isn’t over after all.

        2. But there is also the bureaucrats at State and the CIA. They are not going to let themselves go under the bus for the Unicorn rider or Hillary.

          State bureaucrats leak like a sieve. The WashPost is probably getting dirt by the shitload. Even the Blue Team Fellatio Squad can’t resist publishing all the stuff they are getting.

          1. Maybe not but they can sit on it for 3 weeks.

            1. Exactly. Do recall this is something that was said TO AN AP REPORTER. If the AP were interested in running it they would have run it. Instead, it had to be leaked to the right wing blogosphere.

  5. Obama’s Peace Prize was a manifestation of the rational response to his election and presidency. That is a recognition of the traumatic, horrific, backsliding, unnecessary, painful era that was the Bush presidency. Compared to that reckless, absurd era, the US coming to terms and changing course was indicative of a hope that eluded the world before. The Peace Prize, the committee says, is about more than recognizing work in the service of peace, but also motivating it. Obama didn’t deserve it as a person who had achieved much in the service of peace, but as someone who had the capacity to promote it. The EU definitely deserves it for both. Europe is among the most war-torn places in the history of the planet, and its postwar cooperation is one of the greatest stories of peace in that history.

    This story doesn’t speak well for the disjointed false utopia libertarians envision–peace is only achieved by combining free trade (you got that right) with strong political bonds (you get that wrong). Let it not go unnoticed how much the strong welfare states of Europe have contributed to peace. I know you guys prefer to order society according to harsh moral judgments of individuals. I prefer governments not stick their noses into people’s personal lives, and whether people are lazy or productive, do the job of improving the general welfare. Social safety nets achieve the goal of intra-society peace. Fluid trade and democratic government achieve it among nations.

    1. So if Hillary Clinton had gotten the nom and won the 2008 election, she should have gotten the Peace Prize?

      1. Let’s not forget the alternate universe in which McCain won the Nobel.

        All future U.S. presidents will win the NPP as a manifestation of the rational response to their respective elections.

      2. It’s quite subjective.

    2. 3/10. You’ve done better work.

      1. Yeah, that was kind of weak.

        1. A lame attempt at making it look like the EU award is some sort of wierd fluke, and not a continuing trend of stupidity, of which Obama’s award was a part.

          I wouldn’t be surprized if next year, the Nobel Peace Prize goes to funny cat videos.

          After all they gave “Man of the Year” to the Spotted Owl, and “You”.

          1. And don’t forget Rigoberta Mench?.

    3. How much time did you spend on this steaming pile, jim?

      I’m guessing this is jim’s work.

    4. God T o n y, what utter bullshit.

    5. Your post proves that modern liberalism really is anti-individualism. Even something that purports to be a celebration of an individual, aka Nobel Peace Prize, is actually a celebration of defeating an individual. Obama is just a pawn with a cushy job.

    6. You had a hard time writing that, didn’t you?

      Sometimes I wonder how you manage to stomach disgoraging dull propaganda day after day. Doesn’t it ever get tiresome repeating bland, boiler plate rhetoric ?

      Especially on a topic as silly as this one. What on earth makes you feel any kind of team obligation to defend the awarding of the Peace Prize to the EU?

    7. So you’re saying Obama deserved the prize simply for not being Bush?

    8. Tony: Adolf Hitler is more deserving of the Peace Prize than the EU. After all, he is the one who killed off most of the Europeans willing to fight.

  6. Europe is among the most war-torn places in the history of the planet, and its postwar cooperation is one of the greatest stories of peace in that history.

    Its postwar cooperation would have been impossible without America playing mother hen over western Europe for damn near 50 years. Where the fuck is Ronald Reagan’s peace prize?

      1. Keep Obama in prescident, ya no.

      2. Here’s a woman with 30 Obamaphones.

        1. Great link!

          I loved this:

          “Cell phones are now a civil right. The Federal government is giving out free cell phones to people on welfare at taxpayer expense. Recipients of the free phone commonly call them “Obama phones.”

          231,000 Obama phones have been issued in Baltimore alone, at a cost of $24 million.”

          So what “isn’t” a civil right now? Only the actual civil rights are now not considered civil rights. Is that how it works?

    1. It’s still big government, though I’m not sure where Reagan comes in.

  7. I can’t believe I swapped Luck for Brady today. If anyone needs me I’m going to hang myself.

    1. Tell me about it. I put in A Smith over Stafford. It looked like a smart move after Detroit’s first half. Also, fuck you, Chris Johnson. I benched the dick after 2 bad performances – twice – and he’s gone wild in both of those games.

      1. I just need to go with my homer gut next time and ignore the chatter about opposing defenses.

  8. The “Domestic Terrorist” Threat In The United States Is A Big Hoax

    In the new totalitarian police state, the “terrorism” label is being used to delegitimize dissent against the
    corrupt U.S. government and justify the growing military presence in collapsing American cities.
    For example, veterans who speak up for the rights of Americans and demand government accountability are demonized as terrorists in the press, while real anti-American terrorists like Al-Qaeda and Salafist fighters in Syria are provided with an endless amount of weapons and money by the U.S. government and its client states in the Middle East. There is something wrong with this picture.

  9. I just hope Detroit beats the EU so they can take on Obama in the World Series.

    1. I don’t follow basketball.

  10. OK, Harbaugh, just leave Kaepernick in the rest of the game. I don’t need to lose any more points from Smith throwing INTs.

  11. How bout them TIGERS!

  12. Did anyone else see Tom Brady’s face when Wilson hit Sidney Rice?


    1. Yeah sorry, you’re the only one who watches tennis, twinkle-toes.

      1. Some of us were glad to see Andy Murray lose today.

  13. Obama’s Peace Prize was a manifestation of the rational response to his election and presidency.

    I see Julie Andrews in an alpine meadow, singing.

    1. I always thought The Sound of Music would have been more interesting if the Nazis caught the Von Trapps.

      1. yeah nobody likes that ginger


  15. I wonder if the Man-of-Peace-in-Chief knows the E U has Teh Nookz.

    I think we all know what must be done.

    For the sake of peace.

  16. Unsurprisingly, Stephen Colbert (the actual guy, not the character) on MTP this morning does not understand the issue of “money in politics”.

    The super PAC was an act of discovery, because I didn’t intend to have a super PAC. I intended to make a joke about Tim Pawlenty’s unbelievable over-the-top ad, which was, like, a Michael Bay, you know, voice of god. You know–preaching to America from the surface of the moon, Tim Pawlenty saves our country. And I couldn’t figure out how to end it. And at the end it just said, And I said, “What is the on the end of ours?” And one thing led to another, including, you know, a lot of lawyers. And what I found out was, is that there’s an entire industry in politics. But I didn’t know. I suspected. There’s an entire industry. There’s a politico industrial complex that is not only raising money but that is built around making money off of the fact that there is so much money in politics, and that there are almost no rules.

    Actually it is built around the fact that there ARE so many rules. You wouldn’t need a bagillion consultants and lawyers if it weren’t for the rules.

    1. Stephen Colbert (the actual guy, not the character)
      How can you tell?

      DAVID GREGORY, HOST: Who has the edge in this race right now?

      STEPHEN COLBERT: Romney, obviously. Did you see him the other night? That guy is on fire. He is on a rocket ride to plausible at this point. Did you watch?

      GREGORY: I did. It was a strong debate.

      COLBERT: What was it like? I didn’t see it. I don’t really watch the news so much.

      GREGORY: You don’t.

      COLBERT: I come in around 6:30 and I just say the opposite of whatever Rachel Maddow says the night before, and I’m usually good.

      Read more:…..z29K70crsM

      1. The thing I quoted would have been very much out of character for the character.

        1. App is in the mail.

          My first reference was myself, because really who know you better. My second reference was “Tulpa from the reasom comments”, so expect a call.

          1. Not a good idea, dude. I’m totally telling them about your butthash addiction.

            1. That’s slander I’ll sue!

              Besides after they call my first reference they’ll issue on the spot. I’m assured his recommendation will be absolutely glowing.

              1. Vandelay Industries?

  17. I caught a little bit of Hipster Douchebag Focus Group this morning. The topic was “OMG Evil Republican Businessmen Want Their Employees to Contribute to Evil Republican Politicians!” Apparently, lawbreaking abounds.

    If they ever actually bothered to mention how impenetrably Byzantine the campaign financing rules are to normal human beings, I missed it.

    1. If I were there I would have been like, if all it took to politically speak was to call up a TV station and ask how much 30 seconds costs, pay it, and make a 30 second video, then there would be no such industry. But that’s why they don’t let me on TV. Well, that and the goiter.

  18. Also no mention of union dues directed toward political advocacy while I was watching.

  19. Drudge is giving me nightmares right now.

  20. From teh Wiki:

    Crowley is a vegetarian and practices transcendental meditation.

    Ms. Crowley, if that ain’t workin’ for her, might want to try eating raw fish and practicing Hapkido.

    1. I suggest a low-carb diet.

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