DEA Lets Informants Break the Law, Clothes for Really Lonely Facebook Denizens, Debate Polling: P.M. Links


  • What happens when somebody clicks "poke"?

    Want permission from the government to commit crimes? Become a DEA or ATF informant.

  • Parents are looking for answers as to why police shot and killed their son, a University of Alabama freshman who as naked and unarmed at the time.
  • Designers have developed a jacket that gives you a hug when somebody "likes" you on Facebook, lending a new air of desperation to those folks who beg you for a thumbs-up.
  • An Ohio teacher who reportedly burned an image of the cross on students' arms is suing to get his job back.
  • Based on viewer reaction of Wednesday's debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Romney scored the largest win in Gallup history.
  • A British teen has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for posting nasty comments on Facebook about an abducted girl. Apparently 12 weeks is the maximum sentence, and the judge complained that he couldn't give even more.
  • Hot cows are not happy cows. If you're worried about which food costs will be going up next year thanks in part to the impact of this year's drought, add milk to the list.

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