Barack Obama Uses Spectre of George W. Bush to Attack Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy, Apparently Unconcerned With Own Connection to Bush Doctrine

Despite the fearmongering on both sides, the differences between Obama and Romney's foreign policies are largely cosmetic


skin deep differences?

Mitt Romney is set to make a foreign policy address later today, where he's expected to call for an even larger military budget as well as intervention in Syria, and the Obama campaign has launched some pre-emptive strikes of its own on Romney's foreign policy, using everyone's favorite bogeyman, George W. Bush. The Obama campaign insists Romney's foreign policy positions are to the right of Bush's.  A memo released by the campaign slams "some of the worst foreign policy failures in American history" attributable to Bush, including a war in Iraq President Obama actually tried to extend before failing and taking credit for ending it instead. While the Obama campaign rightfully points out that Romney has not spelled out exactly how his foreign policy would differ from the president's, the point begs the question: if Mitt Romney's foreign policy is like Bush's, and doesn't differ much from Obama's, doesn't that mean they're all kind of the same? "The worst foreign policy failures in American history" are far from over.

Reason.TV on how Barack Obama went about furthering George W. Bush's foreign policy: