Election 2012

Jet Blue Says Live Free or Fly, If You Support One of the Two Major Parties, That Is

If your candidate of choice loses, Jet Blue will enter you into a drawing for a tropical vacation


would you even recognize the symbols for the third parties?
Jet Blue

Jet Blue's newest promotion enters you into a drawing to win a trip to the tropics, if your candidate of choice loses. Right now the website's polling 57 percent for the Democratic candidate and 43 percent for the Republican (Jet Blue doesn't  name them). At first glance the results don't appear to show people voting for who they think is more likely to lose; Intrade has Obama's chances of winning at 70 percent and Nate Silver has them at 84 percent. And if people aren't really gaming the system to win, it's a shame some of the third party candidates that'll be appearing on most ballots across the country aren't included, like Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson (on the ballot in 47 states plus litigating access for the other three ) and Green Party candidate Jill Stein (on the ballot in 37 states, litigating for access in six more and an official write-in candidate in five). Tonight's debate, as usual, won't include any third party candidate, even though Johnson and Stein are both getting federal matching funds.

Via Michelle Fields