C-Span Must Be Showing Reruns Again


History doesn't repeat, but clichés do.

He had a history as a moderate before he became the Republicans' standard-bearer, and I can't say I blame you if you got a little disgusted watching him try to prove to conservatives that he's one of them. He started spouting conservative clichés, and when they didn't sound convincing coming from his mouth he just made them meaner and uglier. He picked an untested right-wing ideologue as his running mate. He hit his opponent with cheap shots that weren't worthy of a serious candidate. He's walking proof that even a seemingly decent man with centrist instincts has to pander to Cro-Magnons to get Republicans behind him these days -- and he hasn't relented now that the primary season is over, a sure sign that he's their captive. Mark my words: If George Herbert Walker Bush is elected, this country is going way, way, way to the right.