Video Prank: iPhone 5s Dropped In Front of iPhone 5 Fanatics


iPhone 5s protected by gorilla glass

What happens when an Apple employee drops boxes of the new iPhone 5, apparently damaging them, in front of hundreds of customers who have been waiting for days to buy one?

Do thy get irate at the bigmouthed handtruck-tipping klutz? 

Do they offer to help out? 

Do they look up from their earlier-gen iPhones?

Do they try to get an irregular discount?

None of the above. As Alex Goyette finds out in this prank, Apple users do what they do best: sit passively and wait to be told what to do. 

The clip might have been better elaborated. A prank like this should probably include another actor playing the box dropper's supervisor. But it's pretty funny all the same: 

Courtesy of Mark J. Perry