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Obama Asks Government Contractors To Stop Engaging in Virtual Slavery

Well ... It's about time


Today, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that will give better protections to vulnerable workers employed by government contractors. The order, announced on the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, lays out new requirements for U.S. government contractors and their subcontractors operating overseas to prevent human trafficking and forced labor. In a powerful speech this morning announcing the order, President Obama recognized that U.S. tax payer dollars should never be used to support human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery.

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  1. OK, let’s assume there is a ‘problem’ here:
    “Today’s executive order will help ensure that workers who provide valuable services to our troops and embassies are not trafficked or forced into indentured servitude on the taxpayer’s dime. It prohibits contractors and subcontractors from charging recruitment fees and requires prime contractors to take responsibility for ensuring that their subcontractors are not engaging in trafficking or forced labor. It also mandates the creation of new guidance and training for contract officers responsible for enforcing the new anti-trafficking provisions.”

    What is the problem, how pervasive is it and is this monstrosity presumed to be a net gain?
    Somehow, I’m betting that the government involvement isn’t going to provide any real help to those who need it, but will certainly benefit those who have figured out how to ‘fix’ things.

  2. So is it like the original Emancipation Proclamation and only apply to the South, or the whole US?

  3. No, the original Emancipation Proclamation did something useful. This is almost certainly more of a PR move.

    Look at President Obama, he’s come out against Slavery. Are there any issues too tough for him to tackle? Hmm, perhaps he’ll take a firm stance against Nazism next week. An Executive Order banning US governmental employment of Nazi’s and Nazi affiliated companies would fit the bill nicely. You can never be too anti-Nazi can you?

  4. Interesting that tax dollars are mentioned in a speech against virtual slavery, considering people don’t choose to do the extra work required to pay taxes…

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