Gary Johnson Zombie Ad Debuts


While Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson was campaigning in New Hampshire, he took time to make an ad with some Granite State supporters that features Republican and Democratic zombies.

In the ad, Johnson walks down the steps of the New Hampshire State House in his signature blazer and peace sign shirt proclaiming that "We are not a mindless society! We care about things!" 

Johnson, who is the in the midst of a nationwide college tour and told Patch that he thought the ads could go viral.

"This is fun, this is fun," Johnson said at one point during the recording.

At another point during the filming, when Johnson realized that the concept was pretty brilliant and would probably go viral on YouTube, he said, "We're going to have a zombie party … we can't fix all this, we can make the world a better place …"

Johnson's campaign did not pay for or produce the spot. At an event in Durham local LP activists told me that the state party was involved in producing the spot.