30 years ago in reason


"The secrets of fission and fusion bombs are several decades old. They are known to at least a million individuals. To imagine that they are secret is folly. If these secrets were generally known, it would be much easier to make it clear to the public that while nuclear war would be terrible, it would not lead to the extinction of mankind." 

'"Edward Teller, "The Secrecy Charade"

"One of the major obstacles standing in the way of privatizing police operations or even substituting civilians for uniformed employees in nonpatrol positions is opposition from police unions. Although many police organizations rally behind the cry that only a police officer can do a police officer's job, the fact is that often they are simply trying to protect 'uniformed' slots and create as many openings as possible for fully trained police officers." 

'"Theodore Gage, "Cops, Inc."

'"November 1982