Police Shoot 83-Year-Old Woman, Robocallers Fight Illegal Signs, Another GOP Sex Scandal: P.M. Links


  • If only they had left a number to call to tell them so.

    An 83-year-old woman was shot and killed by police who had entered her home in Virginia, following up on an apparent 911 hang-up. She thought they were intruders and fired on them, relatives said, before leaving out the back door to seek refuge with her sister two doors down. The police's account of the incident is remarkably, radically different.

  • To try to combat those pesky illegal signs on telephone poles and lamp posts, Miami-Dade County officials in Florida are flooding offenders with robocalls to phone numbers posted on the fliers.
  • According to Barclays, Spain will likely request a bailout by mid-October. The government will be revealing its 2013 budget on Friday.
  • Although Paul Ryan voted against eliminating the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy so that gays could openly serve in the military, he, like Mitt Romney, has no interest in bringing it back.
  • Florida State Rep. Mike Horner, R-Kissimmee, resigned today after his name showed up as an alleged client during the investigation of a prostitution ring.
  • National Health Service rationing is leading to British patients looking for medical help in the private market for services like cataract removals and joint replacements.
  • If Indiana increases Medicaid coverage as part of ObamaCare, it will cost the state an additional $516 million a year.

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