J.D. Tuccille, on RT, Discusses FBI Surveillance of the Occupy Movement


Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union squeezed 13 pages of documents out of the FBI, using the tried and true information-extraction technique known as a lawsuit, about federal surveillance of the Occupy movement. More documents were withheld on national security and foreign policy grounds, leaving us to gaze on tantalizing tidbits about Occupy-sponsored barbecues in Anchorage and friendly relations with union workers in Oakland. Please, Mr. Holder, can we have some more?

The overall impression left by the information in this data-extraction is that the federal government conducts surveillance operations just because it can, as a matter of reflex, and I went on RT to discuss just that.

I apologize for the deteriorating video quality as the segment progresses. Internet connections in my part of Arizona are mule-powered, and they were a bit tuckered out.

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  1. Russia Today cant hold a candle to BBC. RT is such a leftist outlet..

    1. Why would one want to “hold a candle to BBC”?

      Is that something people do?

      I usually save my candles for bath time so that I can relax with their warm flicker illuminating the walls.

      1. How did I know a huge sissy like you would take baths? What flavor of bath salt do you ingest before your bath?

        1. Just what we need – GBN on ANOTHER face-eating rampage.

          *rolls eyes*

          1. This is Amerka and I will go on a goddamn face-eating rampage if I goddamn feel like it. If you don’t like it, then move to France Almanian’s Evil Twin Mr. Benedict Arnold.

            Episiarch, I wouldn’t expect that someone of Grease-American heritage to understand that a bath is the most manly of the human hygiene rituals, so you’re excused for now. Hell, your people didn’t get over their superstitious fear of water and start bathing themselves until what, like 10-12 years ago. You greaseballs have a lot to learn about cleanliness before you start lecturing the purer peoples on hygiene.

            1. Just because you’ve never once seen me wash my testicles doesn’t mean I don’t do it every Friday!

              1. Yeah, but do you use soap?

                C’mon, fess up. Everyone knows that you wash yer balls with prosciutto.

        2. I have to object to this anti-bath bigotry. Sure most days I shower, but when my ass has been through the ringer with a case of the dysentery or some fucked up shit my wife wants to try out in the bedroom there is nothing like a warm bath to sooth Cinchy back to his old self again.

          1. taking notes.

            1. Sounds like you’re wasting your time.

              Why aren’t you out helping the poor if you fucking care so much, asshole?

              Oh that’s right, you define charity as holding a gun to someone’s head, taking their cash, and giving it to someone else. You’re a real HOO_MAN_EYE_TARR_EON. You’re a regular Mother Theresa. Seriously, she was conniving cunt that was happy to have people to step upon to get what she wanted.

              1. I work at a non-profit homeless shelter. Not everyone works 24/7 you slave driver.

          2. Never mind the bedroom, use my bubble mixture (see link) in the bathroom.

            1. That’s okay. I’ve got really tough skin. I actually hate overly soft toilet paper.

      2. You hold a candle to the BBC to cleanse it wirh flame.

        Although a sunspot would probably do a better job. And faster.

    2. Russia Today cant hold a candle to BBC. RT is such a leftist outlet..

      The Kremlin does not even have to invent propaganda to criticize the US anymore.

      Hell just cover the news without the Obama spin and it looks bad as it is.

  2. We all know that anyone who questions the government’s motives is a crazy nutjob. Sure, you’re being spied on; don’t forget your tinfoil hat.

    Also, are you at home, J.D.? You’re not wearing any pants, are you?

    1. I ain’t telling.

  3. Two things J.D., first you tell the hot Russian girl that you are broadcasting from Coolville, AZ not Cornville. Second, you need a better backdrop, maybe a party, a pool and cantina or some strippers or something. Also, if they didn’t keep it a secret it wouldn’t be spying would it? To answer the hot chicks question about whether they wull eventially be spying on everyone? Yes, yes they will.

    1. I always maintain a professional demeanor during media appearances. But I hear ya about the pool party.

  4. But it’s what Occupy wants – more government.

    1. Yeah, but their all-encompassing behemoth of a state will be totally benevolent and shit man. And free stuff, too!

  5. The 1% are greedy bastards. There will be a plunder and purge.

    1. Whatever do you mean, good man? Are you saying that rather than working for a living people would resort to violence? What animals.

    2. Plunder and purge. Sounds a lot like ‘greed’ to me.

  6. Oh good, OWS news. dork opportunity to practice stand up.

    I have been offended! I will do something violent! I demand an apology! Occupy Wall Street has insulted the Profit!

    (yeah, yeah. stupid muslim related joke – or rather a stupid joke related to muslims. not that muslims aren’t stupid.)

  7. “federal government conducts surveillance operations just because it can”

    Jackoff synopsis compiler needs to justify itself.

    Budgets need to be nurtured.


  8. Honestly, I feel *really bad* for the agents whose job it was to “surveil” OWS.

    I mean, they had to actually pay attention to that shit *all day*. Not even the OWN people do that??!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if after 6 months, the agents were reduced to a nervous breakdown and begged for retirement….. being asked to file their report, they go, “YOU DON”T UNDERSTAND!!! THERE’S NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! ITS HORRIBLE!! THEY ARGUE ABOUT VEGGIE VERSUS VEGAN BURRITOS!! THEY SAY THINGS THAT DONT MAKE ANY SENSE AND THEN REPEAT IT AS A CROWD!!! MAKE IT STOP PLEASE!!!”

    “Will being surveilled by Obama’s administration affect your vote?” = “BUSH DID IT FIRST!!!”

    1. Hey man, you’re talking about federal agents here. Their ability to milk the taxpayers for inane and unproductive work knows no bounds.

      Also, you mention feeling “really bad” for federal employees. Joking or not, I think you need to spend a week at General Butt Naked’s Libertarian (RE)Education Camp. Fun for the whole family.

      1. If the camp is located in Barbados, and the drinks are comped, I may need a refresher…

        1. Yes, drinks are comped for the sufficiently brainwashed.

          1. Ayn Rand is teh awesome… taxes, bad…. uhm… Hayek…. Milton Friedman… Hail, HAIL the Koch brothers….

            … I’ll have an Old Fashioned with Bulleit Rye, thanks…. I’ll be by the pool….

    2. Who would you spy on, smarty pants?

      A friend of mine was under cover for the NYPD at OWS. He was the opposite of a provoker agent: His job was to de-escalate things that looked like impending violence.

      I see a title, “OWS Investigation”, I think it’s about examination of injuries.

      1. If given control of my own Special Investigations Unit, I’d have a crack team of agents working on determining whether Al Qaeda has infiltrated Spring Break, Freaknik, Mardi Gras, Beer-Day in Iceland, Carnival in Rio, Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca, or other such large public gatherings involving massive degrees of Western-style decadence, imbibing of regulated beverages, or displays of human flesh potentially offensive to Muslims. Also, we would surveil some decent art-house movie theatres and Barbecue joints while recovering from our labors. Potential targets.

        The investigation you refer to I believe was known as the “OWWIES” program. Federal agents determining if abrasions or contusions influence suspects to engage in acts of anti-government violence. Results were inconclusive.

        1. Boob inspector reporting for duty.

          1. We need men with your skills on the team. Welcome aboard.

              1. We need men with military contacts to ensure our budget requirements are absurdly overblown. Your code name will be Hannibal. Call me Face-man.

      2. He was the opposite of a provoker agent:

        Yeah, I kind of served in that role (“Provoker”) unknowingly the few times i walked past those kids last october. (im a NY’r)

        My favorite exchange was after asking a few questions, telling someone, “you’re not fit to carry Abby Hoffman’s jockstrap”

        The retort? “Who’s Abby Hoffman, one of your CORPORATE OVERLORDS??!”

        Too funny. Had to be there.

    3. I bet OWS was high comedy.

      1. If you mean, “crappy stoner humor that gets old really quick”… you’re probably 100% spot-on

  9. RMoney’s “irredeemably lazy” 47% in pie form.
    mmm, pie

    1. Uhh, dude, this is a libertarian website. We think the more people who don’t pay taxes the better.

      You on the other hand, would sic Lon Horiuchi on anyone you thought violated the ‘social contract,’ but that’s because, at heart, you’re nothing more than a violent thug.

      1. Oh wow man, I was about to make the same freakin’ point but decided that a smart ass one word answer would be more fun. Thx fer typin’ that shit out, man.

      2. Late 40s male steelworker: I did not pay any federal income taxes because Bain Capital outsourced my job that I had for 20 years, and closed my factory, even though we were doing well before they got involved. I am in MItt Romney’s 47%

        1. Wow. The trolls are out in force today.

          1. You ain’t shittin’ about the trolls.

          2. full moon?

              1. That’s what Mom used to call it anytime i was in the toilet too long. I was READING!

        2. park, park, little buddy, you are making me chuckle

        3. Perhaps you and your union buddies should have been more productive.

          1. sorry, that isn’t me saying that, its’ supposed to be a generic rep of a “47%er”

            1. No,it goes more like this, “WAAAHHHH! SOB! DON’T TAKE MY GUBERMANT CHEX!”, asshole.

              1. DON’T TAKE MY GUBERMANT CHEX!

                That’s what everyone will say in FAIRTAX GayJay’s PREBATE AMERIKKKA

                1. You do a pretty good impersonation of a typical tax and spend reactionary republican. Good job, dood.

        4. You’re in your 40s and doing a machine’s work? Maybe throw a wooden shoe in the loom.

          Okay, won’t feed the troll any further.

        5. Capital outsourced my job that I had for 20 years, and closed my factory

          Damn, they stole a whole factory from you? You should sue.

      3. Exactly. As Ron Paul said when asked about half of Americans not paying income tax, ‘that’s a good start.’

        1. It would be if that half demanded the same sized government Paul demands. Since they demand something a bit bigger, it is not such a good thing.

          1. They’ll either run out of other people’s money eventually, or the other people will be pissed off enough to go to war over it.

            1. If they had to pay for it, they wouldn’t want so much of it. RC made a good suggestion on here once. Fund all of the entitlements with a flat tax that varied from year to year to cover the entire thing and was earmarked just for those. If it took a 35% tax to pay for last year’s medicare expenses, that is the tax. That would make people deal with entitlements real fast.

              1. People who are getting “entitlements” are actually entitled to them. Most of us have paid into them, including the elderly who aren’t currently paying but did through their whole lives. That’s the biggest bullshiat to me about Romney’s statements. An entitlement is something you actually deserve, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of a program you paid into. And he didn’t misspeak either, this is the belief with many Republicans, “How dare you get what you paid for!?”

                1. Sorry, buddy, but those of us with tangible wealth are divesting from this system, and will not support it as it is currently structured. You may feel entitled to it, but that’s too bad. I and those like me have found better uses and investments of our monies than the American people. You think we will just stupidly let you do what you want with it? Nah, that’s not how the world operates. You can beg Obama to do something all you want, but he’s in our pocket just like the rest of the politicians.

                2. So if you only get out what you pay in, why is SS/MC unsustainable?

                  The reality is, it’s a Ponzi scheme. You will get your entitlement and your kids will pay for it with destitution.

                3. “there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of a program you paid into. ”

                  Tell that to all the Lefties who hoot like Howler Monkeys whenever it’s pointed out that Ayn Rand was on SS atthe end of her life.

              2. How about self limiting government?

                Every man woman and child paying an equal dollar amount for government services. Take the yearly government budget and divide it by 310M. Send everyone a bill. What the poor can afford to pay becomes the limiting factor for the size of government. Not to mention, it is the only truly “fair” system of taxation.

          2. John, there’s no evidence that people would support smaller government in a tangible way if they payed income tax. Plenty of rich people vote Democrat, and it’s not like Republicans actually fight to limit government.

    2. “RMoney’s “irredeemably lazy” 47% in pie form.”

      Yeah, I’m still not understanding why we’re all supposed to lynch Romney for calling 47% of the population lazy and self-entitled when OWS has spent the last year calling 99% of the population lazy, entitled, violent, stupid and criminally insane.

  10. Non-payers by state…..xfound.jpg


    South Dakota school of mine’s graduates have better average starting salaries than Harvard. Huh.

  12. ad#2:

    Elderly white veteran male (preferably disabled): I fought in Vietnam while Mitt Romney was in Paris. I am dependent on the government for the VA healthcare. I am in MItt Romney’s 47%

      1. He’s just making me hate veterans and steel workers, the piece of shit.

    1. One should point out it was the government that put you in Vietnam in the first place and made you dependent on VA healthcare.

      But that is how it works. The governmetn takes from you when you are young and healthy and then threatens to withhold benefits unless you support its continued control.

      That is how dependance to government works.

    2. : I fought in Vietnam

      Which is exactly the sort of thing that should make someone say, “Government DEFINITELY needs more resources to make beneficial decisions on everyone’s behalf!”

    3. Yeah, except it’d be an actor–because very few people who are in that 47% actually see themselves as part of that 47%.

      That is, if you’re talking about the 47% who collect some kind of government benefit.

      Or are you talking about the 47% who would vote Obama even if the caught him in bed with their kids?

  13. Soon the NFL replacement refs will be part of the 47%

    1. The blind bastards should be eligible for disability. So there’s that.

      1. NFL fans are a cheap date. Ratings and revenue are completely inelastic to the quality of the football provided. So the NFL unsurprisingly doesn’t give a shit about the quality anymore. Why should they?

        I don’t think there are many actual football fans left. Most just watch it as a social activity or because they are fantasy or gambling degenerates. You can run a fantasy league or gamble on bad football just as easily as you can on good football. So most don’t care how badly the NFL sucks these days.

        1. Man I live in Pittsburgh so you don’t have to tell me.

          I actually was into football when I was younger, but as I got older and tried to watch it in a non-social environment I felt like I was being played for a fool. The product just wasn’t worth the price, i.e. most of my Sundays.

          With the lockout (again!) I’ll be the saddest excuse for a sports fan this winter. Maybe I’ll take a bus out to Wilkes-Barre and catch a couple baby Pens’ games.

          1. I can only hope the WHL schedules WheatKings games in the city.

          2. What about Teemu?

            1. They also mention Jagr, who I would feel bad for if he weren’t such a raging douchebag.

              For the stupidity of all involved in this bullshit, I woudl have a hearty chuckle if the KHL became the world’s premier hockey league when all is said and done.

        2. The games are so screwy now you can’t even bet on it anymore. The lines are based on teams, not the refs.

          1. The games are so screwy now they make for more interesting bets, as it should be.

      2. I don’t think they have been any worse than the refs in previous years. In fact, I’ve noticed a more hands off approach to interference calls as it should be a dirty game down the field, less protective calls against the precious quarterbacks, and fewer late flags (the bane of my existence) than in years past. Thuggish teams like Detroit and the Steelers should fair well whereas more fancy laddie teams that tend to dominate under the union refs like New England and the Colts will have to toughen up. I like this style.

        1. The biggest problem is it takes too long to confer. It kills the speed of the game, which is bad, because the fast teams are exciting to watch. In the NFL there’s rarely speed between plays.

          1. That’s a good point. They are too obsessed with getting the calls right on the side lines for one. Now, every touch down is under review, and so in every turnover, that slows it down immensely.

            I take it you mean on the field. They are allowed too much time to set up plays. Ten seconds to scramble your decisions and substitutions should be enough. I’d like to see what the game would look like at that pace.

        2. If hear one more media clown talk about how wonderful the regular refs are I am going to barf. The media spends all of its time killing the regular refs. Now they are gone and all we hear is how they are the best in the world and irreplaceable.

          1. They aren’t the best, but they are better.
            Maybe in 4 weeks the new refs will get up to speed.

          2. The most bothersome comments from the sports pundits for me have been their putting forth the idea that the two New Orleans losses have been victories for Sean Peyton that shows how much they need him. Fuck that’s nuts. Both Carolina and the Bucs had a strong rebuilding year last year, they were bound to be better this year and everyone knew that to be the expectation. The fact Brees put up high numbers in both games shows that both teams on those Sundays just happened to be better now and would have still likely have won if he was coaching, not that Sean Peyton is some kind of genius.

            1. Bucs had a strong rebuilding year last year

              By that I mean Josh getting to a level of competence that matches his talent. The coach they just signed on this year is pretty damn impressive. That neck, its a coach’s neck for sure.

  14. “If you are not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about”

    Well the OWS is a political group. Should we not be concerned that the political party in power is spying on potentially political opposition and using government resources and powers to do it?

    Last I checked Nixon got into a little trouble for doing just that.

  15. Hey guys look: More playing of the race card!! And it’s extra special coming from Ms. Marcotte since she’s incapable of reading anyting without adding 3 paragraphs of what the person really thinks.

  16. I got plenty of cold Keith’s, and I’m gonna report on his Obamaness visit on the Letterman show. Should be a goodie.

    1. joke#1:
      “Tickes to the show is usually free, but tonight $1000/seat. we gotta do what we can”

      Yeah, off to a rousing start we are.

    2. and heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Barry!

    3. question 1: how much do you weigh
      question 2: would you like to say something to the empty chair
      question 3: how did the convention go

      my liver’s going to hate me

    4. now some banter about the fam

    5. Dave: the girls are getting older
      Barry: It’s ok, they’re surrounded by men with guns

      What a hypocrite.

    6. A deficit question!
      Answer: We had a surplus. But We launched 2 wars, cut taxes without cutting spending, and a recession.
      So I had a deficit and had to bail out the car makers.
      We have to balance spending cuts with tax increases.

    7. I got plenty of cold Keith’s…

      I got Kool Keith. This time he’s teamed up with Dan The Automator and has assumed the personae of Dr. Octagon. Shit will blow your mind.

      1. Oh hell yes EDG, that shit takes me back.

        “Oh Shit, there’s a horse in the hospital”

        “The patient has just died: cyrrhosis of the eye”

      2. I got plenty of cold Keith’s…
        I got Kool Keith. This time he’s teamed up with Dan The Automator and has assumed the personae of Dr. Octagon. Shit will blow your mind.

        1996 just called and says you wandered out of the house unattended and need to come back

        1. I’ m old. But not that old. I am however, drunk.

          1. Dear God man – not old enough to remember the original release of Dr Octagon?

            Not old enough to remember Critical Beatdown (1988) I would tolerate, but I’m wondering now if you’re actually *of legal age*? Someone call the H+R bouncer! we have juveniles! JUVENILES debauching themselves here! Send in the Child Protection teams. We can’t have people drinking while posting (DWP) You would never imagine the self-damage caused by such deranged behavior. Jobs have been lost, reputations destroyed…

      3. Also, you’re not cool unless you have Sex Style on vinyl

        1. Although I* will say without reservation =

          Kool Keith – A Great American

          *(besotted since Critical Beatdown)

          1. TS Eliot? fuck that guy.

            if i go to war, I’m taking KK with me.


            1. i’m taking my longfellow, big guy

              1. That comment is so gay-sounding i am filing for sexual harassment.

                1. well, hey … IF you sue you can use the magic of discovery to find out that i am actually

                  a 60 yr old former assistant editor of mother jones magazine, and currently employed by shambhala sun, who lives in bennington vermont and posts as a cop on as some sort of weird psychological social experiment

                  my lover bell hooks, and our close circle of literary friends help compose the responses while drinking organic wine during our daily ovulars.

                  do you REALLY want to know if that’s true?

                  if so, go ahead sue

                  1. I DONT WANT TO KNOW!!! please be a seattle area cop please be a seattle area cop please be a seattle area cop please be a seattle area cop please be a seattle area cop please be a seattle area cop please be a seattle area cop….

    8. “We want some cuts, but the rich need to give a bit more”

    9. question about jobs!
      “We’ve had 30 months of growth! faster than the previous 8 years!
      We lost a lot before I took office. we have a big hole to fill.
      Don’t give tax breaks to company who give jobs to foreigners, give tax breaks to clean energy companies”

    10. Dave: Who do I blame?
      Barry: Everyone’s responsible. Everyone has to do their fair share.

      Error: Fair share undefined.

    11. Dave: Can I blame Biden?
      Barry: I love Biden
      Dave: me too…

      and commercial. I’m about to pass out.

      1. Paging barfman, paging dr. barfman.

        1. I think Barfman would make a better orderly. Because of all the barf.

          1. Barfman (held by Bart)

    12. And we’re talking about Whitehouse Brewpub.
      Started with the wookie’s garden, then a beekeeper, then a brewer showed up to make beer with the honey.

    13. and the 47% question comes up.
      Dave: rich guys at country clubs
      Barry: I represent the entire country. Repbulicans are hard working family people. President works for everybody, not just some. Nobody’s entitled to success. Not a lot of victims, not a lot of entitled people. We have obligations to each other. If the single mom works 3 jobs and can’t send her kids to college, we need to send the kid to college”

    14. Dave: is this the republican ideology?
      Barry: everyone makes mistakes. Don’t write off a big chunk of the country.
      if someone doesn’t agree with me, they aren’t unpatriotic.
      Dave: I am sick and tired of divisiveness.

      and another break. anyone got a liver I can borrow?

    15. Gary Sinise loves veterans.

    16. Republican pizza guy votes for Obama. Republicans get mad.
      And another break.
      My bladder is in full revolt right now.

    17. Dave: Why was the Libyan ambassador killed?
      Barry: There was an offensive video released. Muslims were upset. Extremists used this as an excuse to attack us. There is no excuse for this kind of violence.
      Dave: Tom Brokaw tells me Muslims see American democracy as a guy with helmets, kevlar and guns
      Barry: Our soldiers work hard. But there is a strain of extremism that does not represent all muslims, that we need to overcome. The majority do not approve of this violence.

    18. and suddenly Ferguson is on and he made a crack about Canadians.

      1. and he took a tweetmail from Winnipeg. My life is complete.

        1. !@*#!# canadians…

  17. Folks should see this new viral Obama video comparing words to actions – 830,000 cumulative youtube views in 2 weeks. Watch and share with friends:

  18. the feds are data queens like no other. actually, like ONE other… private industry.

    private industry probably surpassed the Fan Belt Inspectors at some point in the last decade or two

    both have historically collected tons of data on individuals. imo, and based on what i’ve learned at FLE classes, open resources FBI LEJ etc.

    —and let me make a caveat here.nobody really knows how much shot the NSA and all those super secret agencies know. i’m not talking about shadow and hidden govt. stuff.he black helicopter people MAY be rigth and they know what you eat for breakfast every morning and how many bowel movements you had yesterday but—

    but from what i can glean,im near certain the private companies actually have WAYmore info on people than the feds do.and i think the disparity will continue to widen-in small part due to legislation and legal limits and in large part due to infrastructure behavior patterns,etc.

    but most important(and scary)is that ime private co’s are way better at sharing with each other about you.with gov.agencies, many feds won’t even share with different fed agencies,and god forbid they tell the locals anything

    1. iow,fear big brother,but fear little brother too.the latter generally has far fewer restrictions on using and sharing intel.

      when i am seeking to track somebody down (fugitive, whatever), i almost always have way more success and way more leads from private industry data than from ‘official govt’ sources’

      and the former don’t require any level of evidence to search, are way easier to search w;o leaving a trace, etc

      fear BOTH

      im talking about places like blockbuster, safeway, qfc,golds, 24 hr fitness,casinos, and some ill keep to myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. but from what i can glean,im near certain the private companies actually have WAYmore info on people than the feds do.

      Which is why im bothered I get so much hardcore-gay direct-mail. WTF? I’m clearly poorly profiled in Axciom’s database. Even the pop-up ads I get on the intertubes are retardedly wrong. If anything, I must thank being so idiosyncratic that it defies categorization. Which is also why I think H+R gets so many pro-TEAM ads which are clearly useless to the audience. Apparently the data-mining throws bucks at REASON just because we use the right key-words a lot.

      1. yea, i’ve noticed the ads i see at are almost always not related to my actual likes and dislikes but clearly key off dogwhistle type words that FOR team players (red or blue) are probably pretty predictive
        iow, assuming a person is on one of the two teams, then given the presnce of word X or searches for same, a high confidence can be had that he is team red or blue

        for us , the weirdo outliers.. not so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. “The overall impression left by the information in this data-extraction is that the federal government conducts surveillance operations just because it can, as a matter of reflex”

    Yeah, never the fuck mind that it’s a “reflex” to the violent occupation of other people’s property by force, vandalism, assault, arson, rape, bomb attempts, ETC.

  20. Dude that jsut looks like its gonna be good. Wow.

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