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U.S. Diplomats to the Muslim World Tweet About Wind Power, Fast Food, and (Appropriately!) Killing Time


Has significantly better throwing motion than Ryan Zimmerman

Speaking of questionable U.S. embassy tweets, I took a tour last night of how our taxpayer dollars are being spent on diplomatic social media throughout the Muslim world. Aside from the serial video-apologetics, there were these head-scratchers:

U.S. Embassy Tashkent, Sept. 11:

US #economy adds jobs for 30th straight month, growth that supports the country's continued recovery. http://goo.gl/ijCeg  @USDOL

U.S. Embassy Abu Dhabi, Sept. 15:

#Wind power has plenty of potential and little risk as an energy source for the future.http://goo.gl/aukBX  #science #sustainability

U.S. Embassy Nigeria, Sept. 15:

Contrary to popular belief, Americans do not eat fast food every day http://goo.gl/mLFc9 

U.S. Embassy Kuwait, Sept. 11:

Idiom of the week: "To Kill time" : To waste time, consume time.

The most ridiculous diplomatic Twitter feed I found belonged to Ambassador to Albania Alexander A. Arvizu, but excerpts cannot do that kind of poetry justice.