Poll: 58 Percent Say Barack Obama Would Beat Mitt Romney in a Fistfight

Among other hypotheticals


Who better understands American families, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Who would you rather lead us into war? Who's a bigger liar? Are voters suspicious of Mormonism? And which candidate would win in a fistfight? 

Yahoo! News and Esquire teamed up to commission pollster Gary Langer of Langer Research Associates to survey more than a thousand Americans about those topics (and many more) in the days following the political conventions. We asked questions most pollsters don't—on religion, race, personal values, class, and personality—as well as the usual ones about voter preference. We will report our findings over the next few weeks, and the complete survey will be available on Yahoo! News, in the November issue of Esquire, and on Esquire.com's The Politics Blog.