Feinstein Refuses to Debate Challenger Who Probably Has No Chance Against Her Anyway

California Democratic government entrenchment on full display.


California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is steadfast in her refusal to debate Republican challenger Elizabeth Emken ahead of the November election. Mark Matthews of ABC's San Francisco affiliate sat down with Feinstein at the Democratic National Convention and had this uninspired exchange:


Some outlets have declared that she walked out on the interview, which, to be fair to Feinstein, is a bit of a misleading charge. It was the last question (Matthews himself states this) and she is leaving because the interview is over. She probably had to rush off to some union-funded reception somewhere, or perhaps she didn't want to miss the next collection of strung together progressive catchphrases that constituted convention speeches. ("Working together we can grow from the middle! Not top down! Corporations aren't people! GM is alive!" Did anybody else notice that when they referred to businesses outsourcing jobs, they called them "corporations," but whenever they talked about businesses hiring and staying local, they called them "companies"? I don't think I ever heard GM described as a "corporation" during the whole convention. But I digress.)

UPDATE: Matthews e-mailed me about the interview to say: "The first time I asked her she states, 'I'm running my own campaign,' and then gets up to leave. I asked her to elaborate on what she's doing with her campaign and she sat back down and did talk a bit more. When I asked about the debate again she got up with the mic still pinned. The interview was indeed over, because she wasn't going to say anymore about it. She stepped out of our interview room and did interviews with reporters in the hall."

Actual Senate candidate or stock photo labeled senatecandidate.jpg? You make the call.

Anyway, why would Feinstein debate Emken? Polling numbers currently give Feinstein a double-digit lead. Why do anything that would give Emken free publicity? I wouldn't debate Emken if I were Feinstein (though I also wouldn't have her awful regulation-loving and authoritarian voting record either).

Emken has no buzz in California, either. Carly Fiorina got much more attention in her effort to unseat Barbara Boxer in 2010. Emken is to Feinstein what Mitt Romney is to Barack Obama.  She hits the same vague talking points about cutting budgets, reducing regulations and "repealing and replacing" ObamaCare, but in a Los Angeles Times interview from August Emkin worried about cutting defense spending (sequestration) and wants to mandate health insurance cover pre-existing conditions. She does support guest worker programs, though, and refuses to reveal how she voted for Proposition 8 because it's not relevant to her issues. She tries to stay far away from social issues as a candidate, which is probably smart for the cities, but might hurt her elsewhere in the state. Right now there is not a lot of incentive for red voters in California to go to the polls other than Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed tax increase.

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  1. I’d vote for stock senate candidate. Especially if she were running against known statist idiot Feinstein.

    1. I’d move out of California. Place is a shithole anyways; no amount of voting will fix it.

      1. Is there still hope that it will slide into the Pacific ocean some day?

          1. If Superman had just let Lex Luthor complete his plan, you’d have gotten your wish.

            1. Just admit you want a city named Epiburg.

            2. Fucking Superman. One of the shittiest “heroes” ever. Always ruining my shit.

              And I say this because my significant other would keep me up til 12 am watching damned Smallville when it was on.


                1. Relax, I’m not talking about anyone’s penis.

                  1. Well, that’s better.

                2. Superman is a fag. NTTTAWWT

            3. Otisville bitches!

              1. It was Otisberg, damn it.

    2. Vote senatecandidate.jpg for Senator!

      1. i perfer my none-of-the-above choices to have pics.

    3. When did the ADA from Law n Order: SVU decide to run for the Senate?

  2. If I voted, I’d still vote for Bill and Opus. TEAM MEADOW PARTY…this time, why not the worst?

    1. Is that anything like a lemon party?

      1. No, a rainbow party.

        1. I wish they had those when *I* was growing up. Preferably receiving, not giving.

          1. You have to give to receive. Relax, it’s not that bad, only 57 more Revlon(tm) colors to go…




  3. Cthulhu for President – why choose the lesser evil?

  4. I like that final pat on his shoulder as if to say, “You’re so cute, with your daring to question a senior member of Congress. It’s so adorable.”

  5. I believe I’ll vote for a third party candidate.

    1. But the parties only go up to two.

      1. Why don’t you just make two louder?

        1. But, but this one goes up to two.

      2. It’s the new “top two” nonsense. The ballot only goes up to 2.

        Fortunately, that rule doesn’t apply for PResident, and we can vote for Gary Johnson.

    2. In CA that would be the Republican.

      1. As if there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans?

        1. Of course. They have totally different names. And, when in power, they each expand government power, weaken civil liberties, and work to further wreck our economy. Oh, wait, I guess those are similarities.

          The names are quite different.

        2. Well, Emken is much hotter than Feinstein. If only she were running against Moleman.

          1. Yeah, I’d hit it.

            1. Please God tell me you are referring to Emken. I am a very open minded person. But wanting to hit Moleman would make you a sicko beyond even my tolerance.

              1. Duh, of course Emken.

                Then again, there might be some STD associated with politicians. Better to just stay away I guess.

                1. I wish I had a cable talk show. I would would have an entire episode dedicated to nothing but people who had slept with the most hideous of politicians. “So ma’am, what was it about Moleman that caused you to say, ‘let’s get it on!’?”

                  1. fuck both of you. next time I’m at an EC hearing, starting at his face, that’s all I’ll be thinking about.

                    1. You are welcome NOVA. Just imagine “oh ride me Henry ride me!! Regulate me harder!!”

                    2. “Bury your hideous face in my vulva!”

                2. Emken is also an “autism activist”. Which to me translates into “Jenny McCarthyite” and makes me wonder how the CA GOP finds such shitty candidates. Also, the obviously airbrushed photo of Emken overstates her looks by a wide margin.

                  1. You can be an autism activist without being against vaccines.

                    1. Oooooooohhhh. She’s the autism activist. Now that makes sense. I heard an extensive interview with this lady on the radio last week. I wasn’t paying that close attention to what office she was running for. She is a statist, through and through. Fuck her right in her ear.

  6. Could we elect her for the simple reason that it would be nice to have a woman in the Senate who is not burn victim ugly? She is not a model, but she is at least reasonably easy on the eyes.

    1. “reasonably easy on the eyes” is pretty hot for DC standards. elected officials anyway.

      1. Look at it this way, if your best friend set you up on a blind date with her, would you put a contract out on your friend’s life after meeting her? In Feinstein or Cantwell’s case, the answer is a firm yes. IN this case, definitely no.

      2. It’s pretty hot for DC standards amongst all non-black women. I’ve never been to a major city more devoid of pretty women.

        1. They hit their late 20s and leave.

        2. I think the city is full of hot women. There are not any serving Congress critters as hot women. But there are huge numbers of over educated hot 20 somethings running around. More than almost any city I have ever lived in.

          1. John, they’re called hookers.

            1. LOL. No, they are not all hookers. They are just lonely and desperate because of the over supply of douche bag men.

              1. They are just lonely and desperate

                Ah, I see you meant to say strippers. My bad!

                1. Stripper work too hard and make too much money to be desperate.

                  1. This has now reminded me of that episode of Supernatural where Dean takes Castiel to the strip club. Good times.

                    1. They really need to end Supernatural. It’s a fucking great show but they’re stretching it at this point and it will start to suck soon, and I don’t want that. Go out on a high note.

                      AND I AM OUTTA HERE

              2. This is true. All you have do is not be a total douche, 100% certified fuck-up and you can land a someone. I offer myself as Exhibit A. For an reasonably attractive, introverted, “nice guy” it’s a good place to be. Once they get over the “I-can-change-the-asshole-into-a-decent-man” phase.

              3. There is no “over supply” of any kind of man, douche or not, in DC. The ratio of men to women is ridiculous. Probably in the 1:4 range, at least.

            2. speaking of (john’s) hookers, must be hard for a straight guy to find a normal date in vegas.

              1. Most of the women in Vegas are pretty ugly.

                1. Since they unionized the casinos, yes. It used to be that they fired the cocktail waitresses once they went over a size four or 30 years of age. Now they keep some of those old broads around into their 60s.

                  1. go to the Cosmopolitan. It’s smaller casino, but the cocktail waitresses are phenomenal.

                    1. I kinda take that back. I think all the hot girls in Vegas went to work at the Spearmint Rhino and that dance club next to Harrahs.

                  2. Sort of like United Airlines?

                2. Most of the women in Vegas are pretty ugly.

                  I can attest to this–any single chicks you run across in Vegas are typically muffin-topped harlots with personalities as nasty as their fashion sense.

                  The only good-looking ones I ever saw were either on the UNLV campus or were there on the weekend to strip.

            3. While they’re still alive, they’re escorts.

          2. But there are huge numbers of over educated hot 20 somethings running around.

            If that’s the case then they never seem to go out at night. I could walk into any bar on a Friday night in Philly, Baltimore, New York, or Boston and find 5 prettier girls than the hottest one I’ve seen in my trips to DC. Could just be a sample size problem, but I really couldn’t find much to recommend as far as trim goes.

            1. I don’t get out much. But I seem to see a lot of them on the street. I can’t tell you where they go at night.

              1. So you’re saying we’re back to my hooker theory?

        3. DC is choc-a-block with beautiful women in their 20’s. How the fuck any hetero male can complain about the quality of tail here is beyond me.

          1. I think they are saying you are ugly Kristen.

            1. I don’t dispute that 😉 But then again, someone my age trying to compete with a 25-ear-old is doomed to disappointment and depression. So I don’t!

              1. I like to talk a good game about all of the 25 year old women in this town. But honestly Kristen, if I divorced my wife I would end up with someone over 30. What the hell would I do with a 25 year old? You can only drink so much. You can only screw so much. Eventually you have to talk to her.

                1. I just look at ’em as objects to be admired, but I certainly don’t see myself as being in the same demographic. And yeah, I wouldn’t know how to talk to ’em. They all talk about the most lofty governmental bullshit in the most inarticulate, valley girl manner. It’s bizarre.

                2. Nobody in their 40’s should try to date a 25 year old.

                  No matter how in shape you think you are, you will never match their endurance and you’ll just embarrass yourself.

                  It would be like the American Dad episode where Stan and Francine tried to be friends with the 20-something couple.

                  Think of it this way:

                  They say Katie Perry left Russell Brand because he didn’t want to party enough. Russell Fucking Brand!

                  25 year old’s have plenty to talk about. The talking wouldn’t be the problem. The problem would be that when I was 25 I could drink until 2 am, go home and get a phone call from a girl and listen to her nonsense until 4:30, sleep for 2 hours and get up and go to work. And I could do that over and over and over. If I tried to do that now I’d be dead in two weeks.

                  1. Fluffy,

                    That is why God made speed.

                  2. 25 year old’s have plenty to talk about.

                    They have an endless supply of words, true. The likelihood that those words will be consistently interesting? Not good odds.

                    1. Idiots come in all ages. There’s not some magical point in the human lifespan where everyone becomes interesting.

          2. Case in point: I was toodling around Alexandria last Thursday for Fashion’s Night Out. Holy shitballs – there was one statuesque, thin, model-beautiful, stylishliy-dressed, young woman after the other.

            1. I eat lunch about once a month in Eastern Market with a friend of mine. We play a game “spot that really hot girl with the beardo or ambiguously gay boyfriend”. It takes a minimum of ten to win any given weekend.

            2. “stylishily dressed” = HMU

            3. [makes plans to have dinner in old town]

              1. Hockey man – that was for Fashion’s Night Out. I have a regular watering hole in Old Town and have never seen such incredible-looking chicks down there before.

                1. [cancels reservations in old town, checks netflix queue]

    2. Dude, politics is show business for ugly people.

      But yes, if we’re going to have utter morons fucking up the country, can we get some T and A in there.

    3. Feinstein is creepy. Even made up for the interview she looks like a corpse that crawled out of a coffin. Her authoritarianism just adds to the creepiness.

  7. Does Feinstein have a child to whom she can bequeath that Senate seat? This is America, you know; that seat belongs to the Feinsteins in perpetuity. What manner of upstart would dast contradict that?


      Yes she does. She is currently serving as idiot daughter and superior court judge. I am sure she is being groomed to inherit the seat.

  8. I would hit that.

  9. Here is the question. Does she have above child like intelligence and at least a loose grasp of reality? If the answer to that is “yes”, the she will be a big improvement over Feinstein.

    1. I think we’ve proven that intelligence isn’t a pre-req for political office. See: Hank Anderson.

      1. Also: Gabrielle Giffords.

        1. The good thing about the shooting is, the bullet only hit her in the brain, so it didn’t affect any parts of her body she actually used.

          1. I seriously can’t believe that her constituents would let her serve after that. Shows just how much of their brains they use too.

            1. But she is so courageous!! It is Oprah’s world. We just live in it.

              1. Yeah, takes a whole lot of courage to get shot in the head. Right.

                Man do I wish more people were “courageous.”

        1. Woops, that’s the one I meant I think. Whichever one was worried about Guam capsizing.

          1. “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

  10. We must grow from the middle and always be twirling, twirling into the future.

    1. Sounds gay. NTTAWWT.

  11. Gabby Giffords.

    Holy fuck, was that convention “Pledge” thing puke-inducing, or what?

    1. Especially when you consider that the entire audience in the arena felt the righteous anger of knowing the evil Tea Party shot her.

      1. loughner’s another paranoid extended mag tea-bagging white supremacist.

        yea! hit all the righteous anger buttons

      2. Only schizoid people would oppose glorious leader’s march forward.

    2. Gabby Giffords.

      She really raises attention whoring to a whole ‘nother level.

  12. I don’t think I ever heard GM described as a “corporation” during the whole convention.

    It’s an autonomous collective.

    1. Corporations are not people but still manage to be greedy and evil and their failure is still a tragedy.

      1. And they still have social responsibilities!!

  13. Emkin worried about cutting defense spending (sequestration)

    That she was willing to give an all-options-on-table response to my question about defense cuts was the one positive item I included in that column linked in the post above. But even that she had to walk back.

    Whenever somebody suggests I’ve been too harsh in one of my judgments I say to myself, “Self: Why not catch more flies with honey by turning away wrath with a soft word of encouragement in troubled times, because there ain’t no time to hate, barely time to wait, and if you really want to be the change you seek you have to let the music be your master because love is not jealous or boastful and without love where would you be now?”

    Then I have to learn it all over again: Politicians are not just worse than you imagine but worse than you can imagine.

    1. I thought of you the moment I saw that comment in the interview.

    2. without love where would you be now?”


  14. Emken is to Feinstein what Mitt Romney is to Barack Obama.

    The difference being, of course, that Emken has a chance to win in November…

  15. Nobody in their 40’s should try to date a 25 year old.

    No matter how in shape you think you are, you will never match their endurance and you’ll just embarrass yourself.

    Dunno. I’m in my early 50s and my girlfriend is in her mid 30s. I will admit to not being able to sex her up as often as she would prefer, but there is always cunnilingus to shut her up about that.

    1. The original comment doesn’t specify who’s may and who’s december.

      Let me dispel two myths that have been perpetrated against men.

      Myth One: (and the Esteemed Adam Carolla will back me up on this) Women find men who make them laugh sexy.

      Fact: Not even fucking close. If the man looks like Ryan Gosling, then they will find Ryan Gosling funny, even if he has the personality of a stump, so they think that men who make them laugh are sexy.

      Myth two: Men peak sexually at 20 something, women peak sexually at 40.

      Fact: The fuck? I’ve got the sex drive of a 17 year old boy. Women my age are about as interested in sex as something that’s not very interested in something else. And no, I’m not making that judgement based on their interest in me (which is nil), but just talking and knowing women my age, they’ll confirm it.

      So if you’re single and my age and you want to get laid once a month, you have to go out with much younger women.

      Myth #3: Reason keeps you logged in for more than ten minutes.

      Fact: They don’t.

  16. California’s getting more Republican, but even if conservatives had a chance to win a state-wide election, an incumbent Senator everyone loves for some reason would never lose.

  17. “Dianne Feinstein is still a cunt: Film @ 11”

  18. Like most of those T-shirt ads: Nominally good-looking, but with something faintly, but distinctly, off-putting about the face.

  19. That dude really needs to get on down with it.

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