Afghanistan 11 Years Later

Today's 9/11 anniversary means it's been almost 11 years of U.S. war in Afghanistan.


for freedom

Today was the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which means the 11th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan is just a month away. U.S. special forces entered on October 7 to assist in the overthrow of the Taliban regime in Kabul that was harboring the Al-Qaeda organization.

In some sense that war ended in 2001 too.  "With 500 Americans in three months, the war in Afghanistan was won," Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (ret.), author of Operation Dark Heart, told me a few months ago. The special operations-driven mission to remove the Taliban and hunt down Al-Qaeda then turned into the broader nation-building mission in which the West remains engaged today, while Defense Secretary Leon Panetta pointed to drone strikes in Yemen and Somalia as the continuation of the post-9/11 pursuit of Al-Qaeda.

Today, up to 90 percent of the Afghan government's budget relies on foreign aid and up to 97 percent of its GDP is based on foreign assistance and military spending.

Meanwhile, in 2010, a report by the International Council on Security and Development indicated 92 percent of Afghans were not aware of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Four in 10 Afghans believed United States and NATO forces were in Afghanistan to occupy the country or destroy Islam.

The first U.S. military casualty in the war was Special Forces Sergeant Nathan Chapman, who was killed on January 4, 2002. The 2,000th U.S. soldier died in Afghanistan last month and nearly 1,500 of those have died since 2009, when President Obama promised to refocus U.S. efforts onto the "good war."  Green-on-blue attacks (when Afghan security personnel turn on the American forces with whom they're working) have risen dramatically in the last two years, accounting for a whole 14 percent of Western casualties so far this year, according to the Long War Journal.

At the same time, support in the U.S. for the war in Afghanistan has dropped precipitously. More than two-thirds of Americans tell pollsters the U.S. should not be in Afghanistan. Both Obama and Mitt Romney, each of whom toned down their campaign today out of respect for 9/11, appear committed to a long-term continued U.S. presence in Afghanistan despite overwhelmingly popular disapproval, suggesting the war will continue whether the American people want it to or not.

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  1. If you withdraw troops and something bad happens, your political opponents have an additional rhetorical stick to beat you with. If you merely keep troops there forever, no one can blame you for anything, since the previous guy put the troops there and you just “inherited” the occupation.

    A fine example of the reason why US politics is all about maintaining the status quo these days.

    1. I’ll do it. Make me proconsul of Afghanistan, and I’ll withdraw the troops in an orderly manner. And I’ll take the blame.

    2. It was such a brilliant campaign for a few months. Then the politicians couldn’t help themselves and fucked it up by the numbers.

  2. “the war will continue whether the American people want it to or not.”
    It is incumbent on each one of us to tell our Congresscritter he or she will get no votes, no contributions and no support from us until
    he or she votes to end this senselessly prolonged war.

    1. Yeah, but abortion, and making wealthy people pay more taxes and stuff.

      Those issues alone will ensure that no voter defects from his/her Team.

  3. And we continue to waste time, resources and lives there. Why?

    1. I think Tulpa hit the nail on the head.

  4. There’s a documentary called “My Brother The Islamist” that you must see.

  5. No, this is not nation building, this is war. John said so. Which justifies all sorts of shenanigans.

    1. doh. *This is war, not nation……

    2. It’s not bowling, that’s for sure.

      1. It’s not Cricket, either.

        1. It’s more like curling.

    3. Yeah, it’s war, and the battlefield is the world, including the US. Just ask Lindsey Graham, and of course since it’s a war, exactly like WWII or any other war, the president can drone strike whoever he wants with no due process, oversight, or accountability. It’s for the Greater Good

  6. Meanwhile, in 2010, a report by the International Council on Security and Development indicated 92 percent of Afghans were not aware of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Four in 10 Afghans believed United States and NATO forces were in Afghanistan to occupy the country or destroy Islam.

    And the reason the leaders of our military’s psychological warfare divisions are not under court-martial for this gross incompetency is because….?

    1. Because . . . wait for it . . . fuck you, that’s why.

    2. Not enough Szasz influence.

    3. “our military’s psychological warfare divisions”

      Um, what?

  7. up to 97 percent of its GDP is based on foreign assistance and military spending.

    What a shithole. Anyway, that number was shocking so I checked Wikipedia, and learned that the GDP is about $30 billion, exports account for all of $571 million, and that includes opium! They also have 35% unemployment and 79% of those who are employed are in agriculture. What a shithole.

    1. That is a remarkable shitty shithole.

      Like top ten shithole.

      1. The existence of sub-Saharan Africa would negate that — but Afghanistan is almost certainly the shittiest “country” in Eurasia.

        1. Going by per capita GDP, the wiki confirms your intuition. Nepal is the closest competitor outside of Africa, about $300 ahead.

  8. The 2,000th U.S. soldier died in Afghanistan last month

    I don’t think so. It would have been all over the news. Grim milestones, and all that.

    1. No no, you forget. It’s okay now,there’s a democrat in the f’ing white house.

  9. There’s always that slim possibility that a presidential candidate will do in office the opposite of what he promised on the campaign trail.

    1. I think that only works for bad things.

      1. I think it’s a rule, actually

  10. It’s true.…..istan.html

  11. “Today, up to 90 percent of the Afghan government’s budget relies on foreign aid and up to 97 percent of its GDP is based on foreign assistance and military spending.”

    That means that Afghanistan is marginally worse than the United States!

  12. Correction. The first Afghanistan casualty was a CIA paramilitary Officer named Johnny Micheal Spann who died in November 2001. He may not have been regular Army or Marine, but he gave his life for his country nonetheless.

    1. My condolences, Johnny. You died for a country that is no longer worth defending.

  13. Thinking of buying a Glock, anyone here have experience with a particular model and can make recommendations?

    I’m thinking 9mm.

      1. I’ve been harvesting hot peppers for the last few weeks and that is an accurate portrayal of my morning bathroom routine.

    1. Walk around several gun shows and pick up various models until you find one that fits you like a glove. Then fire it often. And after that fire it some more. Make your handgun an extension of your hand so that firing that bad daddy is just like sticking your index finger out and going BANG.

      I originally wanted a Glock but after I got more knowledge I was willing to try something else. I walked around grabbing guns until I grabbed my SIG 228. It hasn’t left my side since*

      … Hobbit

      *showers and messin with the missus, being obvious exceptions. BH

    2. You know you can try one out at our unfriendly neighborhood store?

      1. I have shot them before, so am more looking for info into reliability/customer service type things. Reviews online say one thing, but these companies give so much shit away that you can’t really trust any reviews from people you don’t know.

        I’ve been shooting since childhood and know what calibers and brands I like, but you can’t tell what a gun will be like years down the line until you talk to the owners of that gun.

        I was at our local range last week, the day after we talked about it in fact, and had a mixed experience. When I came in and bought my time and ammo the guy was a surly fuck, but after I put a couple hundred rounds in and needed more ammo he was much nicer. Gave me a little free range time too. I think I’ll be going back next week.

        1. Heh, we missed each other by a couple of days. I was in there breaking in my new Hi-Point 45 because there was some event at my regular range. One of the AA guys was in the next booth looking at one of the target holders that wasn’t moving and spazzed out when he saw me clearing a jam, which you’re not supposed to do yourself.

          1. when he saw me clearing a jam, which you’re not supposed to do yourself.

            What? Is this normal when you rent a gun at a range? How hard is it to clear a malf? Are they worried about someone double-feeding or something?

    3. Glocks are great. I’d go with at least a .40 though. I have a G22 which is the most popular police model and offers a 15 round mag. I’d recommend Corbon 135gr JHP or corbon 140gr DPX ammo. Both rounds are devestating. 15 rounds even more so. You also cannot go wrong with the .45 acp models. I have a buddy who has a subcompact Glock G30 .45 acp. I’v shot his quite a bit and love it. Of course if you have to have the 9mm.

      1. Also, you had asked about reliability which I can attest to. The G22 is extremely reliable. I would agree that they are a bit thick in the grip, certainly not as comfertable as my officers special, but definatly more reliable. I would not hestitate to buy another Glock. Check out some of the new slimeline modelsm like the 30SF or the gen 4 models with the modular backstrap if grip is a concern.

      2. I have questions.

        Do you really need more power then a 9 mm for self defense? I mean if you hit someone center mass with a 9mm I really do not see them being much of problem after that. Plus they might not die which could be a good thing right?

        The same goes with ammo. Do you really need a round that is devastating?

        I am not mocking. Perhaps if you ever felt the need to use a gun you would want one that is going to kill. But is that it? Is the choice for power and specialty rounds over killing? or is there something else going on.

        Is the possibility of someone taking a standard 9mm round and still posing a threat real?

        1. Is the possibility of someone taking a standard 9mm round and still posing a threat real?

          Yes, but it’s true of all handguns, not just the 9mm. If your rifle ammunition has poor terminal performance, them too.

          People are stopped when they suffer either: terminal CNS damage or they bleed out/shock out. If you don’t lower intracranial pressure by hitting a major vessel (carotid, aorta, etc…), bleeding out can take awhile. Long enough for the bad guy to put holes in you. Shock is individual: one guy can act like a Moro of old and Fiddy Cent up 9 bullet wounds, while another will be incapacitated from a .22 to the leg. It’s impossible to tell which will be which until the time happens.

          You could always use Gojira’s 30mm HE rounds if you want to be sure, I guess.

        2. “Is the possibility of someone taking a standard 9mm round and still posing a threat real?”

          That’s exactly correct. Killing the person isn’t the point, that’s incidental. Stopping them from killing you is the point. There is a ton of data out there about stopping power of various calibers and loads. Over the years 9mm ammo has improved dramatically but still does not have near the one-shot stopping power of a .45. Of course you can always do what the cops do which is to indiscrimately unload your entire clip into the person. Chance of collatoral damage goes way up though. I’d rather put them on their ass on the first shot and end it there. That’s why a shotdun makes the best home defense weapon.

        3. Do you really need more power then a 9 mm for self defense? I mean if you hit someone center mass with a 9mm I really do not see them being much of problem after that. Plus they might not die which could be a good thing right?

          The Marines MARSON (their contribution to Special Forces) recently asked this same question, and their answer was an unqualified yes.

          They went with the Colt Rail Gun. A 1911 in .45.

    4. Whatever model of Glock you end up with, be sure to sign up for a GSSF match in your area. Lots of fun, zero pressure, great folks, and loads of prizes. or check out the GSSF forum on Glock Talk.

      Highly recommended for any Glock owners out there.

  14. Find a range that rents and try a few. I thought I wanted a Glock until I shot a couple – and hated them.

    1. I’ve shot the .40 (22 model I think) and thought it was good, not great , but not terrible either. I was just wondering whether the people here have found that the reputation for ease of use and reliability are well earned. Things that can’t be told by a couple hundred rounds at the range.

      What did you dislike about shooting the glock?

      Was it flippy? Hated the trigger? Terrible sights? 2X4 grip?

      1. I don’t like the fatness (width…or is it girth?) of Glocks, I don’t like the trigger safety, and I don’t like their aesthetics (I think they’re ugly as hell). Other than that, they seem like a good gun, from the ones I’ve shot. I would most likely never buy one for the reasons given above.

        The Springfield EMP, on the other hand…

        1. I like SA alot but they are really expensive. The few times I have shot them they have been really nice but out of my price range. That being said I have been considering looking at the XD models, which are more budget friendly. I am not an advocate for buying a cheap firearm, but I think a good gun can be had for ~$500.

          Did you get yer skeeter yet, and if so how’s it shootin’?

          1. I have the .40 XDM, and love it. I don’t care for the trigger safety, but other than that, wouldn’t trade it for the world.

            And don’t ever take advice from epi on firearms. He lives in a liberal democratic city in a liberal democratic state, and once lived in NYC. Therefore, he knows absolutely nothing about guns except for how terribly dangerous they are and how they should all be banned (unless necessary for an abortion, of course).

            1. WA is an incredibly gun-friendly state, JJ. We have (I believe) the highest percentage of population with concealed carry at 5%, and there is state law forbidding localities from passing any gun laws that are more restrictive than state law. Seattle has tried many times only to be slapped down by the state each time.

              And in NYC, I just carried illegally. Before 9/11 and the security state it caused in New York, how was I ever going to get caught?

              Oh, and only dorks shoot .40.

              1. According to GAO stats Georgia has the highest CCW percentage among states that only issue permits to residents at 11.5%, followed by SD at 10.6%. FL has the most CCW holders with over 800,000, though a lot of those are probably out of state residents. PA is second with 786,000.

                1. on page 75 of link

            2. Hey man, Washington has better gun laws than Alabama. Which is weird to me.

              Have you had any problems with the XDm, i.e. how many ff- in how many rounds? Also, is it possible to have a gunsmith get rid of the trigger safety?

              Remember, if you ever get into a gunfight with epi to give him a few extra seconds to de-wopgrease his gun as to make it a fair fight. Don’t handicap him any time to clear the melted mozzarella cheese out of his magazine, though. That dago should know better.

              1. You don’t understand, dude: I have a special organic wopgrease mozzarella gun, much like in eXistenZ.

                This is how I get the drop on all you Micks.

              2. Dorks and people who want to actually, you know, stop somebody, instead of just pissing them off with 9mm wounds.

                And don’t give me any of your “statistics”. That state is blue on a map, and that means only liberal hipster faggots live there [source: Sean Hannity], along with the laws they support, and the 2nd amendment ain’t one of those laws.

                And as for the difference w/ Alabama, Texas doesn’t even have open carry. Remember, the South, love it though I do, actually was a terribly racist place for a very long time. After Reconstruction, they passed laws to prevent blacks from defending themselves, b/c they knew the cops would always be on the white side. So we basically said we’d rather nobody have guns than let the filthy n****rs get their hands on any. Really, honest to god, that was the line of thought.

                And I don’t know about the gunsmith deal; you’d have to ask one.

                1. Geneva Convention-friendly 9mm is indeed a subpar round. But hollow point remedies this issue, does it not?

                2. Tell you what, JJ, let’s play a game. I’ll shoot you with my 9mm–hell, let’s make it my .380. After you get pissed off, if you’re still alive and standing, you can shoot me with your .40. Actually, this sounds fun! Rochambeau!

                  WA has open carry, but don’t try it in Seattle. SPD takes a dim view.

                  1. SPD takes a dim view.

                    Dunphy says that’s a myth. Are you doubting Dunphy?

                    1. Are you doubting Dunphy?

                      Only whenever he engages in any form of communication.

                  2. I wouldn’t want to get shot with 22LR either. Hell, I don’t even want to get shot with a BB gun. But I also don’t attack people on the street, so maybe my personal feelings on the matter are irrelevant to dealing with the people you’d actually have to defend yourself against.

              3. …how many ff- in how many rounds?

                Uh, maybe not up on the lingo the kidz use these dayz, but I’m not sure what “ff-” means. I’ve never had a jam or a bad feed, and that’s with only cleaning it about once out of every three trips to the range, discharging about 100 rounds per trip. The mag holds 16.

                1. Oh, I made that up based upon failure to feed, failure to eject, failure to fire. Used ff instead of ft and figured since you were psychic you’d know what I was talking about.

                  And don’t start that “you need a goddamn 44 magnum to stop someone, cops shooting perps videos, BATHSALTZ N PCP maniacs” bullshit. A 9mm will stop someone just fine. So will a .380 or even a .22 in the right situation. If you don’t believe me, I have a couple of .22s and you can stand in front of me while I shoot ’em and we can test your theory.

                  That large caliber malarkey was invented by greedy gunshop owners convincing weekend rambos that they needed to spend a grand on a 1911 if they were going to protect the wife and spawn.

                  1. I never heard a gun shop owner say that. I’m basing it off of ballistics gel tests. Whatever causes the most damage anything that causes less damage. I’d have a goddamn Ma Deuce in my room if I could get away with it.

                    And Mr. Fifty Cent would like to have a word with you on your theory that a 9mm will drop anybody…

                    Look, I’d rather take a chance on one .357 or .40 or .45 dropping somebody than worrying that it might take 3 or 4 9mm hits. I spent a good year (just kidding; it was awful) in Iraq. I have personally seen this shit. As in with my own two eyes. Larger calibers drop people faster.

                    1. Ok, so it’s not just ampersands. That was supposed to be,

                      “Whatever causes the most damage [greater than symbol] anything that causes less damage.”

                    2. Ptotip: buy a shotgun and saw off the stock and most of the barrel past the forestock. If the guy keeps coming after he hears you rack it, he’ll go down after the first two loads of 00 shot.

                    3. What the fuck school do your kids go to where that’s a PTO tip?

                    4. Obviously not a school where they teach basic proofreading.

                    5. Are you talking about handgun calibers in Iraq, or rifle cartridges?

                      And as to mister fitty, that is all luck and ineptitude of the shooter. I don’t think the guy could of killed him with a bmg.

                    6. Rifles, machine guns, artillery, rockets, you name it. Actually I never saw rockets being used. I did see the chili-like slurry that poured out of a body bag from some dude who was shot by the goddamn DU rounds from an Apache. I threw up. Not ashamed to say it.

                      By the transitive property if a .50cal kills people better than a .22lr, then a .45 is better than a 9mm. In my brain this is how math works.

                    7. By the transitive property if a .50cal kills people better than a .22lr, then a .45 is better than a 9mm. In my brain this is how math works.

                      But velocity matters too, no? 357 magnum is a more powerful round than 45 ACP, for instance.

                    8. I was mostly being facetious there.

                    9. I’m not good at picking up fecesishness.

                    10. Gojira, you weren’t allowed to use hollow point in Iraq, correct? Doesn’t that make a fairly huge difference in stopping power?

                    11. Gojira, you weren’t allowed to use hollow point in Iraq, correct? Doesn’t that make a fairly huge difference in stopping power?

                      Sure it does. But I’m not going to trust my life to it when I can just spend an extra few bucks and get more bang for ’em. And dirty secret: a lot of infantry dudes cut grooves into the tips of their rounds so they splinter. Of course, you generally only have a couple of magazines of those finished and blow through those really quick, so I don’t know if it made a difference or not.

                      We had a lot of time to just sit around and do stupid shit like that. It’s 75% skull-crushing boredom and the rest of the time you’re busting your ass or getting shot at. I wouldn’t recommend it.

                    12. I’ll cross a tour in Iraq off my bucket list then.

                  2. If you don’t believe me, I have a couple of .22s and you can stand in front of me while I shoot ’em and we can test your theory.

                    A nice guy like Gojira standing in front of you is not a very good simulation of a real world self defense situation. If you can reliably put 22LR between the attacker’s eyes or into another vital organ then it’s a great stopper round. But, you probably can’t. And the fact that the targeted humanoid is likely to die without medical attention in an hour or so isn’t relevant to SD.

                    1. Well it had to happen sooner or later: I completely endorse this Tulpa comment.

                    2. I think the only way to be sure is a rifle cartridge or some 1 buckshot. How come the cut off is at .40, when a hot 9mm is of similar energy to a .40, but the .40 is more expensive and has more expensive ammo?

                      Guess what caliber guns cause the most deaths, and the second most deaths. Hint, it ain’t the .45 or the .40.

                    3. Think I’ve linked to this before (hell, I probably found the link here.) but I thought this an interesting video on a trauma surgeon’s views of handgun wounding vs rifle wounds.

                      It is long (35 minutes) but gets going about 2 minutes in.

                    4. FYI that vid gets pretty gruesome after about 8 minutes.

                    5. Weirdly, I wonder if #2’s the .25 ACP. This guy’s tally probably jiggers the numbers a little.

                      The canonical answer for #1 is .22LR.

                    6. How many of those 22LR deaths were accidents or suicides?

                2. Pretty sure he’s referring to a failure to feed, JJ. But you already figured that out.

                  1. buy a shotgun and saw off the stock and most of the barrel past the forestock.

                    That’s just asking to be assraped by the BATFEIEIO. I hear they don’t use lube, either.

              4. Washington has better gun laws than Alabama. Which is weird to me.

                It’s the wild west!

          2. I have good guns (my Kel-Tecs) that cost about $240. The Springfield is pricey ($1200) but also very nice.

            I’ve shot XDs and they’re pretty nice.

            The store has not called me about the Mosquito coming in, so I don’t have it yet. I should call them. I’m in no rush, as I am far too busy right now to go to the range anyway.

            1. The range? I thought that was what the mall was for

              /blame Canadian media

  15. I see dead people…and write them speeding tickets to meet my quota.*

    *There are no quotas, according to the NYPD.

    1. No police force admits to quotas

      1. No police force admits to quotas anything

        FIFY, hth

        1. good point.

        2. nobody asked you. you and epi don’t run this place. i’m hear to learn from and speak with adults.

          bigorati gonna hate. la la la trollometer 0.001.

          you know nothing jon snow.


          1. Yesterday was gold. Has dunfster been on today even?

            1. I didn’t smell bacon, so not likely.

          2. Well done, JJ. Well done. I see your evening meth ration hasn’t worn off yet.

          3. I fucked up. He wouldn’t be cool enough to be down w/ GoT.

          4. Don’t forget to tell us what an awesome band Rage Against The Machine is. Remember, you got into them when you were in the Seals?

            1. I know one thing: if I were a cop, I’d be sure to listen to them full-blast when on my way to an emergency call. That way I could be all jacked up when I got there and started cracking skulls like eggshells. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

              1. Only after the ribeye steak for breakfast served up by your wife Morgan Fairchild.

              2. Yeah, I don’t think he realized that’s exactly the sort of childish “I can’t wait to fuck shit up!” nonsense we decry around here.

                1. ^^ This was in reply to sloopy’s comment.

                  1. Oh he realized it, he just doesn’t give a fuck. He thinks it makes him cool to act all tough and agro on here. He’s like the fucking Honey Badger. Dunphy don’t care. Dunphy don’t give a fuck.

                    1. If he’s the Honey Badger maybe he can fuck up one too many times and be cut from the squad.

                      Or maybe we can just add “superstar corner back and kick returner” to his resume.

                    2. What do you call a WR that can’t catch? A CB.
                      If defensive players could catch, they’d be offensive players.

  16. A bit of a “meh” article, but the comments are, to say the least, fucking awesome.

    Example: Cynthia ? an hour ago ? parent ?
    Kissandra Myamflag: I concur . . . you wouldn’t refer to Hitler as ‘our dear Fuhrer’ would you? Same thing . . . only Obama is even more dangerous because he got to where he is with the support of nearly half of our nation. I believe Obama is even more hated and reviled than Hitler . . . can’t wait for the ‘bunker scene’ . . . can’t come soon enough!

    It goes predictably from there.

    1. allah_speaking ? 5 hours ago ? parent
      trannyoakley: no, we decided to reinstitute the draft and send the liberals in the first wave…One gun, one bullet… enjoy.
      206 13 ?Reply?Share ?

      darkknight91 ? 5 hours ago ? parent
      allah_speaking: Why bother giving them a gun and bullet? I prefer a t shirt with a bullseye on it. There, I said it!
      147 14 ?Reply?Share ?

      HARRY M ? 3 hours ago ? parent
      darkknight91: The bullseye will need to be on the back as these liberal cowards will be running like rabbits.
      31 5 ?Reply?Share ?

      Layla ? 3 hours ago ? parent
      darkknight91: Works for me. I need the target practice.
      20 4 ?Reply?Share ?

      Cynthia ? an hour ago ? parent ?
      Layla: Best post on this thread.
      1 1 ?Reply?Share ?

      This beats the hell out of watching TV.

    2. Jesus Christ, those people make us look like moderates. Fuck man, they’re some sick fucks. Some are openly calling for assassination.
      And on a goddamn cbs local news link, what the hell?

      1. I’m sure they’re safe. The only local media WH staffers read is WaPo.

        1. It’s probably white house staffers sick of their shitty boss posting that shit.

  17. This is the dunphy badger. Watch it run in slow motion.

    It’s pretty badass. Look. It runs all over the place. “Whoa! Watch out!” says that civilian.

    Eew, it’s got a junkie! Oh! It’s chasing a skateboarder! Oh my gosh!

    Oh, the dunphy badger is just crazy!

    The dunphy badger has been referred to by the Guiness Book of World Records as the most fearless policeman in the Seattle area. It really doesn’t give a shit. If it’s hungry, it’s hungry.

    Eew! What’s that in its mouth? Oh, it’s got a perp? Oh, it runs backwards? Now watch this: look a suspect’s up in the tree. Honey badger don’t care. It just takes what it wants. Whenever it’s angry it just — Eew, and it eats, snakes… Watch it lift! Look at that powerlifting.

    The dunphy badger is really pretty badass. It has no regard for any other human whatsoever. Look at him, he’s just grunting, and beating perps. Eew! What’s that? A punk kid? Oh that’s nasty. They’re so nasty. Oh look it’s chasing things and beating them.

    The dunphy badgers have a fairly long body, but a distinctly thickset broad shoulders, and, you know, their skin is loose, allowing them to move about freely, and they twist around.

    1. Now look: Here’s a house full of civilians. Do you think the dunphy badger cares? It doesn’t give a shit, it goes right into the house of civilians to get some revenue. How disgusting is that? It creates revenue. Eew, that’s so nasty.

      But look! The dunphy badger doesn’t care! It’s getting yelled at like a thousand times. It doesn’t give a shit. It’s just hungry. It doesn’t care about being yelled at by scumbags. Nothing can stop the dunphy badger when it’s trying to make its quota. What a crazy fuck! Look, it’s eating tax revenue, that’s disgusting.

      It’s running in slow-motion again. See?

      Now, what’s interesting is that other leeches like these SWAT badgers here, they just wait around until the dunphy badger is done beating, and then it swoops in to pick up the scraps. It says, “You do all the work for us, dunphy badger, and we’ll just beat whatever you find, how’s that? What’daya say, stupid?”

      Look at this goon: “Thanks for the treat, stupid!”

      “Hey, come back here,” says the dunphy badger.

      SWAT don’t care, and you know what? The DARE boys do it too. Look at these little dogs. They’re like “Thanks stupid! Thanks for the collar! See you later.” The dunphy badger does all the work and all these other animals just pick up the scraps.

      At nightime the dunphy badger goes hunting, because it’s got a quota. Look! Here comes a fierce battle between a pot smoker and a dunphy badger. I wonder what will happen?

      1. +1
        I’m reminded of this

      2. Look at this, there’s the dunphy badger just beating a punk, and then look, “Get away from me!” says the pot smoker, “Get away from me!” Dunphy badger don’t care. Dunphy badger smacks the shit out of it. And the doper comes back and it lashes at the dunphy badger.

        Oh, little does the dunphy badger know, FYI: it’s been recorded! It’s been recorded by the doper, so while it’s beating the doper — eew, that’s disgusting — all the poisonous venom is seeping through the dunphy badger’s body, and it passes out. Look at that sleepy fuck.

        Now the dunphy badger is going to pass out for a few minutes, and then it’s going to get right back up and start beating all over again, because it’s an evil little bastard.

        Look at this! Like nothing happened! The dunphy badger gets right back up and continues beating the doper.

        How disgusting.

        And of course, what does the dunphy badger have to beat for the next two weeks?


        The dunphy badger.

        1. Wiki says he’s got 45 million views but all the available YT versions have under 1000. Did he get deleted?

          1. Never mind, just found the 50M one.

            1. I hope this comes back around tomorrow. I may have to bookmark it and use it later. It’s got to be worth at least a .002 on the troll-o-meter, don’t you think?

              1. ATFPAPIC yes.

                1. -100,000,000,000 dunphies

                2. -1 brazilian dunphies

    2. Badgers? Badgers? We duhnt need no steeenking badgers!

  18. OT:…..?hpt=hp_t1

    “The United States said it was taking measures to protect its citizens worldwide after protesters angry about an online film considered offensive to Islam attacked U.S. diplomatic compounds in Libya and Egypt on Tuesday.

    In Cairo, several men scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy and tore down its American flag, according to CNN producer Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, who was on the scene.

    In Libya, witnesses say members of a radical Islamist group called Ansar al-Sharia protested near the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, where NATO jets established no-fly zones last year to blunt ground attacks from then Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

    The group then clashed with security forces in the city, blocking roads leading to the consulate, witnesses said.

    A U.S. State Department officer was killed in the violence in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement late Tuesday.”

    These barbarous fucks and their retarded culture is what we’re fighting for? Really? Retreat onto home turf and let the fuckers ravage themselves back into the 13th century.

  19. US ambassador killed in Libya. Man, that NATO intervention just keeps looking better and better …

    1. Leading from Behind! Kinetic action!

  20. This war is not over yet, Taliban is still active in the region and so many UK soldiers working under hard conditions.

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