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US Military Dead in Afghanistan Reaches 2,000

The war in Afghanistan has killed 2,000 U.S. military personnel since its inception, according to an analysis by The New York Times.

It took nine years for the U.S. to reach 1,000 dead, but only 27 months to reach the next 1,000, according toThe Times.

The analysis includes deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan and, as The Times puts it, “other nations where American forces are directly involved in aiding the war.”

Source: National Journal . Read full article. (link)

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  • Lord Humungus||

    where are the screaming headlines, ala the Bush days? You know, those simpler times when everyone hated the president?

  • ant1sthenes||

    Everyone probably already though Justice was a casualty of war a long time ago. Truth was one of the first, as is typically the case.