Russia Not Happy About U.S. Missile Shield in South East Asia

Shield was put in place in response to China's missile capabilities


Russia has expressed its concern over American plans to deploy a new missile defense shield in Southeast Asia.

"The continuing growth of the US potential in what we call the Far East – the Asia-Pacific region – does not go unnoticed in Russia," Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at a nonproliferation conference in Moscow. "We are closely following what is happening between the USA and its allies in Asia."

According to the diplomat, "important events" are unfolding in the region and "a lot has already been achieved," cites Interfax.

Moscow's concerns about the situation arise from the technology involved, as well as the "geography and the US capability to deploy these assets in different locations."

It is important that Washington eases these concerns. Otherwise, "there is a set of measures worked out by the Russian leadership," Ryabkov noted.

Earlier, it was reported that Washington was planning to expand its missile defense in Asia in response to threats from North Korea and to counter China's growing missile capabilities.