"Legitimate Rape" Comment Lives On at DNC

Todd Akin is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats


Though it's been almost two weeks since Republican Congressman Todd Akin said that women don't get pregnant in cases of "legitimate rape," delegates here in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention haven't forgotten about it. If the convention chatter is any indicator, Democratic activists see the comment as a weapon to use not just against the Missouri Senate candidate, but against Republicans around the country.

As Businessweek's Sheelah Kolhatkar reported last week, Karl Rove was none too pleased with Akin's musings, saying the possibility of losing the seat was the biggest threat to Republicans' efforts to gain control of the Senate. "We should sink Todd Akin," Rove told a small cadre of donors at the Republican convention. "If he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts!" Akin, who apologized for his remarks, in turn has accepted an apology from Rove.