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Reason Staff Live Tweets Day 2 of the 2012 Democratic Convention Now!


Here we are, tweetering away for the duration of the primetime 2012 Democratic Convention's Wednesday festivities. Click below to experience the magic.

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  1. this is an excellent example police professionalism in an officer dealing with a guy tape recording him during a stop for open carrying a gun of a type that the ofc. BELIEVES he has reasonable suspicion as to it being fully automatic.note he is also responding to citizen complaint.

    fwiw,i do NOT think he had reasonable suspicion based on what i know from the video,but whether or not he did,he acted extremely professionally,he even congratulated the guy for keeping others safer by carryin, etc.

    again,assume he DOES NOT have RS, which is what the carrier (and I ) believe,he proper venue for redress is after the stop, NOT ignoring the cops orders. once the officer says the guy is free to leave, which he does VERY quickly, the subject could certainly request a supervisor, the CAD # of the incident, etc.

    and the guy doesn’t. he makes it clear he is not consenting to anything, and both parties are polite and respectful

    i also don’t see how he could do a functionality check of the gun, after removing the bullets, as to whether it was fully automatic

    furthermore, it is BAD safety practice to load and unload a gun without a much better backstop etc. granted, the dynamic street situation limits his choices, but still

    again, i can disagree with the ofc. INTERPRETATION of the fact pattern, and there MAY be additional factors that he didn’t mention that DO rise to reasonable suspicon, for all i know

    1. my comment is about the professionalism and mutual respect between parties.

      and as say ad nauseum, treating people with respect and dignity is a positve EV play. even if you think the cop is analytically wrong, the subject maintained calm, poise as did the officer



      1. Does WA require you to carry NFA paperwork with a legally owned Class III firearm?
        If not, why the Hell is the cop checking the weapon?

        1. this case is oregon. i am not sure what REQUIREMENT WA places upon people open carryign full autos if any. i have dealt with a full autos twice in twenty years. guys in back yard, shooting them

          with numerous neighbor complaints, i checked for proper backstop.

    2. “Fuck tha Po-lice”

  2. I wish Jessee Jackson would come out and remind us once again to “Stay Out De’ Bushes!” Sounder, unheeded advice has rarely been offered by a Democrat

  3. *rubbing eyes*

    So is there yet another convention happening, right now? Is it time for the single people to nurse their beers while reading Reason staff tweets about another national non-event?

  4. ABC has the best commentary tonight. Sam Donaldson is saying interesting things, including comparing Elizabeth Warren to Newt Gingrich. It’s hilarious so far.

    1. As amusing as it was, ABC keeps skipping speeches in order to interview people like Wasserman Wasserman Schultz. Now I’m going through Bostinno.com

  5. Any baby less than 2 years old should stay far, far away from that convention of lamiai.

  6. I cannot express how attractive Lucy is to me after reading her tweets. You on okcupid, Luc?

      1. The first time I didn’t feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!

        1. Is this Sally Fields?

          1. Without your space helmet, Dave? You’re going to find that rather difficult.

  7. Riddle me this reason comenariot. Is this real or fiction? I can’t tell


    1. http://www.readability.com/rea…..ntPage=all

      Try this link as well

    2. Super bitchy fag wears feelings on his sleeve…probably true. I know a couple of em just exactly like that.

      I had a retired NG General tell me once ” Who cares what they do in the bedroom, the military doesnt want them because they are bitchy and constantly stir shit. You cant run an army with that going on.”

      Excuse me while I go puke.

      1. Who cares what they do in the bedroom, the military doesnt want them because they are bitchy and constantly stir shit. You cant run an army with that going on.

        Which is why the Greek Empire fell to the Persians, of course.

        1. The Greeks were just manly bisexuals. They were not queens.

          1. Reread the Symposium and tell that to me with a straight face.

            1. Socrates turned to Agathon and said: I must ask you to protect me, Agathon; for the passion of this man has grown quite a serious matter to me. Since I became his admirer I have never been allowed to speak to any other fair one, or so much as to look at them. If I do, he goes wild with envy and jealousy, and not only abuses me but can hardly keep his hands off me, and at this moment he may do me some harm. Please to see to this, and either reconcile me to him, or, if he attempts violence, protect me, as I am in bodily fear of his mad and passionate attempts.

              There can never be reconciliation between you and me, said Alcibiades; but for the present I will defer your chastisement. And I must beg you, Agathoron, to give me back some of the ribands that I may crown the marvellous head of this universal despot-I would not have him complain of me for crowning you, and neglecting him, who in conversation is the conqueror of all mankind; and this not only once, as you were the day before yesterday, but always. Whereupon, taking some of the ribands, he crowned Socrates, and again reclined.


              1. And if you are calling Acibiades a queer, you might as well call Patton one.

                1. Hey, you’re proving my point for me.

            2. Socrates fought at Salamis. He was not a queen, I don’t care how many young boys he corrupted and went Sandusky on.

              1. I believe you are mistaken.

        2. Cultural context is important.

    3. Could be satirical, considering she’s the creator of that show Girls. Or she could really be a tween brat stuck in the body of a 25 year old.

      1. You use the fact that she’s the creator of Girls as a reason for satire, when really it merely strengthens the hypothesis you introduce later. Clearly, you have never seen the show.

        1. Yup, never seen it.

    4. they were in Deer Isle, Maine, visiting his best friend from boarding school. Everyone but my mom was out sailing on a boat known as Cognac; she was inside the cottage, having an asthma attack.

      Typical White people.

      1. It’s obviously supposed to be humorous fiction

        1. It is not that easy to tell.

    5. My relationship with Noah had, I realized, ended two years before, to the day?on August 17, 2008?after a year and a half of dating that felt like fifty. The emotional acrobatics involved turned my heart into a hardened little gymnast with tiny tits and a leotard wedgie. Although I usually refer to him as “that interpretive dancer I dated,” Noah was, in fact, my best friend and arguably the only man I’ve ever truly loved.

      I met him junior year at Oberlin. He had recently returned from six months in India and wore hemp cargo pants that in theory were offensive; in practice, they highlighted his lean, impressive body as he strode across the quad, deep in thought. Our first meeting took place in the cafeteria. My friend Molly and I were pounding veggie burgers and planning an ironic weekend trip to the Cleveland Salvation Army when Noah and his friend Brian walked in. It was snowing, and they were both wearing giant high-tech mittens that made them look like Transformers. They sat down at our table. They were holding hands.

      WTF? I am thinking it is true because you can’t make fun of gay people in the New Yorker. But on the other hand, there are people actually like that?

      1. I understand that your glimpse into the eldritch horror that is the college hipster is driving you to insanity. Allow this to soothe your mind: a woman having an orgasm on a rollercoaster.

        1. That is awesome.

      2. Dude, this piece reads a lot less as satire than shitty modern semi-fiction. I think it is embellished truth, like most “nonfiction” today.

        Put it this way: Remember when I pitched my book about a girl from the Midwest (now living in New York) who goes home to pack up her old family belongings because her father is to be put in a home for Alzheimers patients and while packing up she wistfully reminisces on her coming of age while also reflecting on her parents stormy relationship and the hollowness or lack thereof of the American dream?

        This is the kind of writing style I would use.

        1. That is exactly what it is. Only yours was satire. This might be real. I find that both fascinating and disturbing.

        2. Hopefully, you will spend great time and detail on the scene in which she rides a certain roller-coaster, yes?

          1. Roller Coaster will be the first sexual experience and orgasm, at, say, 12-13. Vivid detail my friend.

            1. I await the book signing tour.

            2. And the movie that premiers at Sundance and goes straight to IFC after limited screenings in New York and LA.

              1. I might allow the heathens of Chicago to view it, and possibly a college on Indiana.

                I think I will make the main character from Indiana. Less cliche than Ohio, super Midwestern.

    6. The decline of The New Yorker has been a brutal process. Would an unsophisticated rube like that get anything more than a rejection letter even ten years ago?

    7. “My friend Molly and I were pounding veggie burgers and planning an ironic weekend trip to the Cleveland Salvation Army”

      Stopped reading.

    1. The english language does not have words to express how much I hate communists/socialists/thieves. May they roast in hell.

      My respect for Shiff went down a bit as he passed up an opportunity to beat the snot out of van jones.

    2. How on earth did these people ever vote for Clinton?

      Jesus how did these people even vote for Obama?

      Schiff had to edit out all the people who were not this stupid.

      1. Yeah i asked my Obama voting buddy.

        He said no.

        Schiff edited out the non-idiots.

        Funny, but I don’t think accurate.

  8. Ed Krayewski@edkrayewski
    If it were up to government we’d still be the world’s leader in horse and buggy

    And Barney Smith would still have his job at that CRT plant in Indiana that BUSH outsourced to China.

  9. I’m watching this thing on MSNBC, aneurism imminent.

    1. Just remember: suicides go to hell, dude.

    2. What, you don’t like musical numbers?

      This is like watching a Miss USA pageant with ugly, morally repugnant contestants.

      They can’t twirl a goddamned baton, but they can tell me how to run my dairy.

      1. At least there isn’t a swim suit competition.

      2. Anybody playing “MacArthur Park” on the tabla?

        1. Well played.

          Concise, convoluted logic.

  10. I am waiting for the the Tomahawk Chop when Warren enters the arena.

  11. The NFL game is on broadcast TeeVee Woooooooo!
    I think I’ll wait for Clinton before I switch back to the convention

    1. Do you think Clinton will lay the groundwork for Hillary in 2016?

    2. Yeah. It is going to suck to have to walk down to the bar for the Bears game sunday. especially because I think they can’t serve before noon.


  13. I don’t know if this has been addressed, but obviously you can’t use either convention as a gauge of enthusiasm. It’s ridiculous to do so. The idiots coming to these things are obviously pre-enthused, already primed. (And even some of them are caught enthusiastically booing.)

    1. They are there to party on someone else’s dime. Of course they are enthused. Wouldn’t you be?

    2. Unfortunately, some of the idiots at the DNC are acquaintances of mine.

  14. Holy shit, who is this parade of idiots speaking? What channel do you have to watch if you want to listen to the speeches? So I can avoid them.

  15. http://thehill.com/video/house…..until-1898

    This must be seen to be believed.

    Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) appeared to botch American and Brooklyn political history during an appearance on “The Colbert Report” that aired Tuesday night, saying that slavery in the United States persisted under the Dutch as late as 1898.

    Is we educating our children?

    1. I wonder what Batman’s origin story is like in that universe.

      1. She could just write alternative history fiction from her memories of history class in high school.

        1. She knows Harry Turtledove is in the fiction section right?

    2. The Dutch still enslave me…and I am white!!!

    3. One should point out that slavery ended in New York 30 years before the civil war.

      Yeah yeah I know federalism sucks…except, you know, when it ended slavery in New York.

    4. She should probably use the time machine to go back and read her middle school history textbook.

  16. The CEO of Carmax.com just walked on the DNC stage to a musical intro that sounded suspiciously like a Beegees ditty.

    Is it possible to retroactively fail the Turing test and wipe this from my memory?

  17. WTF

    It took her a month to write her speech?

  18. “Jobs built to last”… In a completely fucked industry that only works because we’ve got a vacuum in your bank account.

  19. I love how these Bain castoffs all seem to start with “I get that people need to make money” but then bitch at how it’s done. There’s a reason you got laid off. You clearly don’t understand how a business works.

  20. http://www.thedailypage.com/fo…..75#p702352

    Behold the modern brownshirt.

    1. Link seems to be dead?

      1. Reason spam filter

        Go here and follow the link


  21. “We don’t need a president who says let Detroit go bankrupt…”

    We need one who drags us all down with Detroit!

  22. I was just about to say what the democRAT convention really needs is more sluts.

  23. Sandra Fluke is going to introduce Clinton? That would be awesome.

    1. Via Facebook:

      Wow! Sandra Fluke got bumped into primetime. Awesome.

  24. After Romney kills all the women we’ll have to have gay marriage.

    1. Don’t worry SIV, before the GOPs war on women kills all the womens, my fembot 3000 demo model will be ready to go. The ‘shut up and get naked’ button is right at the top by the power off/on.

      1. What about the machine gun jubblies?

        1. Are you sure you want those? They come with a dislaimer message attached.

    2. So far the only one with a confirmed kill in the War On Women is Ted Kennedy.

  25. Is Sandra Fluke introducing Bill Clinton?!

  26. The Republicans are going to redefine rape?

  27. Needs more rape racks.

  28. This is why I don’t date.

    1. Also, because human robot love is just wrong.

    2. Also, because human robot love is just wrong.

      1. And you call yourself a fibertarian.


    Conor Friedersdorf@conor64
    The idea that Rush Limbaugh has power to silence anyone is a bit overwrought, as abominable as he and his comments were. #DNC

    C’mon Howley and Wilkinson!

    1. The top Drudge headline right now is to the effect of They booed God.

      I love Drudge

  30. Okay, is it just me, or did the look on David Gregory’s face have a creepy, almost sexual look on it during the convention cutaway from football?

    1. I missed it. Why did NBC need to ruin a perfectly good football game for that?

    2. It is not you. He lives in my neighborhood. I see him from time to time. He totally gives off the creepy almost asexual strangeness.

      1. I got a more gay vibe, but he was talking about Bubba.

  31. The Dems are freaking out. Aren’t they supposed to be preaching the Gospel of the Proglodeity in one great commutarian voice? Are they losing faith?

  32. This crowd is popping louder for abortion than anything. Am I the only one who finds it somewhat creepy to get this excited about it. (and I’m pro choice…)

    I’m really starting to believe that if they wanted to put this crowd over the top they should have had Bubba and Barack double team Fluke a couple months back and done a live abortion right on stage tonight.

    1. Yes, it’s creepy. I’m pro choice but I don’t think abortions are something to celebrate.

      1. Yeah, I am pro legal abortion as well (most honest description of the debate)… but I think Clinton said it best once upon a time, “Safe, legal, and rare”

    2. It is totally fucked up. No one but the fanatics on both sides really want to talk about abortion.

      What the hell happened to safe legal and rare?

      As I said last night. This convention is one big gay marriage abortion.

      1. This convention is one big gay marriage abortion

        And you expected something different from these people?

    3. It is totally creepy and disturbing as hell that most dems or progressives seem to put free abortions right at the top of their wish list.

      Although I do have this secret desire that the proglodytes abort their own creed right out of existence.

      1. Ya know, I think I am onto something here. If all of the liberals are either gay or abort every child that they may have had… maybe there is hope for the future after all.

        1. It always comes down to killing people with these folks doesn’t it?

      2. “Although I do have this secret desire that the proglodytes abort their own creed right out of existence.”

        Their underclass foot soldiers are growing fast enough to replace them unfortunately…

      3. It is one thing to say it is a necessary evil or a private matter that has no place in the public discourse. It is quite another to celebrate it like this. You are right. This is just eugenics.

        1. You can’t support sustainable development without supporting eugenics, and I believe that pretty much all the dem elite supports it, although not all.

          All of the progressives ideas(effectively the current dem platform whether official announced or not) are from the old progressive movement, which I like to think of as the American communist movement. None of the ideas are new, they have been pushing this shit for 100 years now and have been extremely effective. The public has woken up to this to some extent and we are starting to see a little resistance.

          I doubt I am saying anything you don’t already know by the fact that you brought up eugenics.

      4. And they’ve got enough plants in the media/universities that they can poison the well to create new ones.

    1. The high cheekbones are a dead giveaway.

  33. Who’s this Native American woman speaking now?

    1. Some socialist whackadoodle.

    2. What? I thought the only Native American speaker was going to be White Squaw. Doesn’t she speak for all Native Americans? They didn’t build those TPs!

      Surely there isn’t one of those darky Injuns trying to get all uppity and upstage White Squaw. There will be some scalping going on if these dirty injuns don’t learn their place.

  34. What!? Her daughter didn’t abort her grandchildren? Hypocrite.

  35. They should have introduced Lizzy with the theme from Go Go Gophers


    1. This should have been her entrance. Complete with the horse


      1. That is still the greatest national anthem ever composed.

  36. This dumb cunt is a fucking Harvard law professor!

    1. Tell me she didn’t lie about being an Indian. She is a fucking moron. The only thing she did was show up, be a woman, a reliable socialist, and pretend be an Indian. Her being there had nothing to do with anything else.

      1. And what’s it say about Hahvahd when that’s all it takes to become a prof there.

    2. I’ve never been able to figure that out either. Is she doing the “I can’t figure this shit out” routine to be cute or is she really that dumb.

      I remember seeing some show a few years back where she was saying she couldn’t understand credit card disclosures. I assume the intent of that was to make folks feel like they are too hard for anyone to decipher but I took away from it that she’s an idiot instead.

    3. No way, White Squaw Warren and Hitlary 2016!

  37. She’s really scalping ’em out there…

  38. Also, why do we need to know the professions of the replacement refs? Those poor guys are getting brick through their window. From either the refs union or a pissed off fan, I don’t know.

    Also, I find it silly that the announcers scrutinize every replacement ref ruling, but don’t do the same for the professionals. I mean, it would give lie to the idea that the NFL has good refs, so I get it from that sense. But to criticize them for a “block in the back” call when the guy did touch him, with both hands, in the back, seems more like a “But you never rule against the offense unless they kill someone!” comment.

    1. Also, every TD is reviewed automatically. Why do the fans still boo when the refs announce the play will be under review?

      1. They’re fans from New York, and therefore in a secret competition exists between them, Philly, and Boston for the worst fandom?

  39. “He believes everyone should be held accountable, so no one steals your pension fund”

    Jon Corzine?

  40. Bubba needs to give Lizzie Warren a good fucking afterwards. That bitch is way too wound up tight.

  41. If Johnson was not on the ticket i would write in CLINTON!!!!

    1. I don’t think he is eligible. 8 years remember…. surely you are not referring to the hildebeast? Say it isn’t so.

  42. 400 Million Lives Changed by Bubba? Wow, I would have only guessed his number was somewhere in the low thousands…

    1. He’s in Wilt Chamberlain territory.

  43. Seeing Clinton reminds me of the good old days when this party wasn’t complete shit. Not sure that’s a good thing for them to create that contrast.

    1. Back when abortion was going to be safe, legal and rare and he was going to end the era of big government?

      Yeah, the contrast between him and the insanity of people like Warren is pretty bad.

  44. Lucy Steigerwald@LucyStag
    Never forget that Clinton was also awful in myriad ways, even if he gave us that delicious surplus. #dnc2012

    Tsk Tsk…Kids these days know nothing of history.

    1. Elaborate, knave.

      1. The accounting is questionable. Total government debt grew each year of the “surplus”.

        1. “even if he gave us that delicious surplus.”

          This is one of those things people have repeated so many times that somehow it became true.

          If we’re gonna give Clinton the credit for the surplus, then we have to stop blaming Gingrich for the government shutdown.

          Because the way I remember it, Clinton shut down the government by way of vetoing the budget–because Clinton refused to make the necessary cuts to get to surplus.

          Somehow, in Democratic Partisan World, up becomes down, right becomes wrong, facts become imagination, and Clinton balanced the budget–which had nothing to do with Gingrich insisting on the necessary cuts to get to surplus?

          I mean, in the Democrat’s imaginations, Clinton wanted to cut the budget so bad, but Gingrich wanted to keep spending? That’s stupid. It’s a freaking joke. It has no basis in reality. Look for yourselves…


          Somebody needs to set the record straight on what Clinton did and didn’t do. And Clinton obstinately insisting on a balanced budget over Gingrich’s objections? Is exactly the opposite of what actually happened.

          1. Gingrich held Clinton’s feet to the fire.

            Clinton’s opinion numbers were dropping like a rock during the shutdown.

            In cutting the budget to surplus, Gingrich dragged president Clinton kicking and screaming the whole way.

            If Clinton cut the budget to surplus, then Saddam Hussein won the Iraq War by having himself hanged. Clinton lost the budget battle with Newt Gingrich–and because Clinton lost, that’s why we ended up in surplus.

            Surplus wasn’t becasue of a Clinton victory–it was done over Clinton’s objections and becasue, in the budget battle, Clinton was completely defeated.

            Gingrich lost the PR battle after the fight was over, but that’s about up being down, wrong being right, facts being imagination, and all that jazz.

  45. Clinton would rather have married Michell.

    Can’t really blame him.

    1. Paging Mr. Hobson.

    2. Who is Michell? I would have preferred the chubby intern over the hildebeast if I were Willy.

    3. Michelle Tafoya?

  46. Why focus on the balanced budget thing anyway. Nobody in their right minds believes that Obama would ever reverse the trend, even if he can tax the rich to his heart’s desire. He did a decent job wearing the fiscal responsibility hat when needed four years ago but now everyone knows that’s no him. Are there really any dumbasses out there who think that Obama would miss a chance to spend our money?

  47. Laughing my ass off at his attempt to make it look like the GOP are the only hyper partisan ones but the audience fails to applaud anything the GOP did.

    I think I did hear a few heads pop though…

  48. Slick has a little phlegmball on the corner of his mouth and doesn’t know it. It would be great if some drone ran out there and wiped it off. It would be greater if it stayed there through the whole speech.

  49. Lucy Steigerwald@LucyStag

    Don’t forget Waco! MT @mtracey Things Clinton “built” as president: NAFTA, Iraq air strikes, Defense of Marriage Act, “Tough on Crime”

    wait….we don’t like NAFTA?


  50. Have I missed Biden’s speech?

  51. Whoever CNN just focused on is smitten.

  52. “If you renew the president’s contract you will feeell it” good and hard.

  53. no one could have repaired all the damage in just 4 years.

    Bullshit. Eisenhower did it.

    1. MItt’s no Mamie Eisenhower.

    2. “Bullshit. Eisenhower did it.”

      And he built the interstate highways. He spent his retirement in sever back pain.

      1. severe, too

  54. We need more unemployed gender sudies grads.

    Boost Pell grants stat!

  55. More student loans …. means higher pay for profs and assistant deans!

    1. I’m not complaining.

      Jus’ sayin’

  56. Stephen Green@VodkaPundit
    If my sons are still on my insurance at 26, I’ll ask where I went wrong as a dad, or why there’s still a Democrat in the White House.

    oh that is cute

    Stephen thinks Republicans will change that. Precious.

  57. How dare they propose that senior pay more for their drugs.

  58. Republicans want retarded kids to die!!!!

    I’ll do everything I can to prevent that

    Except donating some of my own money to help those retards.

  59. “@AlbertBrooks Okay. I’m convinced. I’m voting for Clinton.”


  60. Victor Cruz is killing the DNC.

  61. Garrett Quinn@GarrettQuinn
    RT @LucyStag: Don’t forget Waco! MT @mtracey Things Clinton “built” as president: NAFTA, Iraq air strikes, Defense of Marriage Act,

    What the fuck is wrong with NAFTA!??!

  62. Clinton trying to speak past Biden’s bed time?

  63. Holy Christ, Castro gave shorter speeches. Or at least they seemed shorter.

    1. What about Chavez?

  64. To everyone watching at home

    I was the last one, and just switched to replay of the Angels day game.

  65. Lucy Steigerwald@LucyStag
    Is this what the 90s was like? #dnc2012

    I don’t know…but now i remember why i did not pay attention to politics until a couple planes crashed into the world trade center.

  66. “We Democrats think the country works better with a strong middle class, real opportunities for poor people to work their way into it and a relentless focus on the future, with business and government working together to promote growth and broadly shared prosperity. We think ‘we’re all in this together’ is a better philosophy than ‘you’re on your own.'” – Bill Clinton

    All we need now is a few hammers and sickles. And fuck you Clinton fellating inbreeds clogging up my twitter feed.

    1. “and, of course, penalties for anyone in the poor or middle classes who rises into wealth.

      We all should be mediocre together — except, of course, for selected government and academic individuals who by virtue should only have the best.”

  67. Bill Clinton pointed out the Republicans have poor arithmetic. They’re not great with science either

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