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Gary Johnson's OK Week

While all eyes were focused on Tampa the Libertarian candidate's campaign trudged along.


BOSTON—While the Republicans were celebrating their presidential nominee this week in Tampa, the Libertarians were scrambling to fend off another round of ballot access challenges across the country.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is now facing problems in Ohio while still awaiting the outcome of rulings in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Iowa

In Ohio, Johnson is facing a legal challenge from two registered voters on the grounds that Johnson obtained his ballot access by "nominating petition." Ballot Access News says this is bogus because the Libertarian Party of Ohio secured statewide access during the 2008 election. 

On August 24, two Ohio voters, Kelly Mills and Cynthia Rees, filed a challenge to the placement of Gary Johnson on the Ohio general election ballot. The Ohio Libertarian Party and the Johnson campaign were not informed of this until August 31.

The basis for the challenge is that Ohio law says candidates cannot get on the general election "by nominating petition" if he or she "seeks a party nomination for an office or position at a primary by declaration of candidacy." 3513.04. This is a frivolous challenge. Gary Johnson did not get on the general election ballot in Ohio "by nominating petition." He is on the November ballot because the Ohio Libertarian Party has been ballot-qualified ever since 2008. People who get on the general election "by nominating petition" are independent candidates, and Gary Johnson is not an independent candidate.

To get around this problem, the objectors point out that the Libertarian Party would have got on the ballot by "nominating petition" if a court hadn't put it on the ballot. But, the petition that would have been used to put the Libertarian Party on the ballot if it had needed one is not called a "nominating petition"; instead it is "a petition in which voters declare their intention to organize a political party." The petition to put a party on the Ohio ballot does not list any candidates; it just mentions the party, so plainly it is not a "nominating petition." After a newly-qualifying party in Ohio gets on the ballot, the party nominates its candidates.

The suit mentions his initial candidacy as a Republican but the problem with that argument is that he never appeared on the ballot in Ohio as a Republican.

In Michigan, Johnson's time as a Republican is the main sticking point for his ballot access issues there. 

Libertarians in Pennsylvania gathered nearly twice the number of required signatures to get on the ballot there but state Republicans are still challenging their validity. Johnson's campaign faced another hurdle when they failed to obtain the proper seals for their petitions, forcing Johnson himself to fly to Pennsylvania after a campaign swing through Texas. 

According to an email from the chair of the Massachusetts LP, the Johnson campaign has qualified for the ballot here after submitting over 14,000 signatures. Secretary of State William Galvin certified 11,727 of the Johnson/Gray ticket signature's this morning and issued a receipt certifying their placement on the ballots across the Commonwealth this November. 

Johnson was facing difficulties in Washington, DC, but according to sources close to his campaign those were resolved on Friday. 

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  1. A+ alt text.

  2. Republicans and Democrats hate choices, because anything above one becomes confusing for them.

    In more positive news, is anyone else watching the Oregon Ducks being absolutely filthy? Sure, they’re playing Arkansas state, but they look a lot sharper than some of the other teams playing cupcakes (I’m talking to you Florida!)

    1. I may have spoke too soon. Their first teams were looking filthy as they put up 50 points before the second quarter was even over, but now that the starters are resting they are looking a little worse. The unis are sick though.

  3. This apology rings hollow

    1. People in their company (long since left) 60 years ago developed a drug that treats all sorts of ailments, relieves suffering and saves lives. They also had no idea about the side effects.

      I wouldn’t feel all that bad about it either.

  4. It’s pretty sick what the TEAMS will do to continue their stranglehold on our freedom. I am completely incredulous that people would be ok with this, but I guess it’s not really being reported and no one cares. Hell, I bet some of the Repubs who yell at me that I have to support Romney or its a vote for Obama would be ecstatic about this. I’m sure those two women challenging in Ohio were just concerned registered voters.

    I’ve signed petitions to get ballot access for both Gary Johnson and the Green Party here in Kentucky, because people should have every option that can be provided. And fuck the TEAMS.

  5. The suit mentions his initial candidacy as a Republican

    I have been reading too much noir fictions.

    When I read this i thought he meant an FBI agent not a law suit.

  6. GALLUP: ROMNEY 47% OBAMA 46%…

    Drudge sucks. When you go to the Gallup site it shows Obama 47 and Romney 46.…..omney.aspx

    Drudge does not report on Johnson or what happened with delegates of Ron Paul to instead focus on the Obomney horse race…and he can’t even get that right.

    1. Republicans can try to hit Gary Johnson in battleground states with thier dirty pool but it will not work. Lew Rockwell is now reporting how Ron Paul is describing Gary Johnson as a good
      man. Ron Paul was mistreated by Republicans and that is partially why your seeing Dr. Paul making enthusiatic comments about Gary Johnson.

  7. As the Chair of the LP in Hawaii, it’s my job to birddog Johnson’s ballot access. After the initial round of paperwork was filed by the National LP, the Office of Elections said that it wasn’t good enough because:

    1) The application listed Johnson’s and Grey’s city of residence, but not the street address AND

    2) The state LP had to file separate duplicating paperwork also certifying that Johnson and Grey are our nominees.

    After we redid this stuff, we got a letter saying they’d received the applications, but not confirming that they wouldn’t find some other nitpicking reason to decline the paperwork when the deadline expires in a few days.

  8. Thanks for continued news on what’s happening with these challenges. It’s really reprehensible behavior for the GOP.

    If you’d like to help get Gary into the presidential debates, please take a minute to write to the commission head, Janet Brown at

    1. It’s really reprehensible behavior for the GOP.

      It is not just the GOP. Dems are trying to push Johnsopn off the ticket as well. read protefeed’s comment about deep blue Hawaii.

      Also Ohio is a purple state. How do we know it is only republicans there?

  9. Republicans mistakenly believe that if you can’t vote for Johnson you will vote for Romney.

    1. Yeah, because that makes perfect sense. I guess if we had Romney removed from the ballot, they would all vote for Obama?

    2. I’ll vote for the Green Party candidate before I’ll vote for Romney or Obama. At least the Greens have the balls to openly admit to being socialists.

    3. I’m a Pennsylvania voter, and if they succeed in getting Johnson knocked off the ballot here, I think I may vote for Obama purely out of spite.

      1. Better to just write his name in.

        there is no evidence which party is behind this. If i had to guess i would say both.

        Hell it was not so long ago when Reason pointed out Johnson is taking more Dem vote in Colorado then republican votes.

    4. How do you now it is Republicans doing this?

      My guess it is both parties.

  10. “Did we happen to mention the blood tests?”

    1. and the long form birth certificate, the GOP requires we see that.

  11. Wow never thought about it like that before dude.

  12. The a-holes in the GOP have finally convinced me to change my registration from Republican to Libertarian. I’ll get great joy laughing in the face of the local county GOP chair when Johnson gets enough votes to destroy Romney’s chances!

    1. But now you shall have no voice in the primary (depending, I suppose, on your state).

      1. Should a libertarian Republican emerge, one can always change one’s registration back for the primary only.

      2. Have you ever voted in a Pennsylvania Republican primary? There’s rarely any meaningful choice anyways.

      3. Are you mocking the people that say this or are you serious? I was a No Party Affiliation living in Broward Co. Florida in 2000 (Broward county borders the election-ally challenged Palm Beach County. I went from a N.P.O. to a republican because I wanted a chance in the primaries. I didn’t get my choices in the primary of 2008. Feh, F’them, I am back to being no party affiliation.

  13. I believe Gary Johnson would bring the positive change this country needs. Since I’m a liberal, Gary Johnson is much more desirable than Ron Paul (who is a true religious conservative if you ask me with the exception of war…his legalize drug thing is to pander to younger voters).

    The problem is that let’s say that Johnson, by some miracle, actually won. The Congress would STONE WALL him just like they did Obama. He’d get nothing done. IT’s still not stopping me for Gary Johnson.

    I’m a progressive that believes in

    – State laws trumping Federal Law (this alone takes care of drugs, abortion, etc.)

    – Stop spending billions (if not trillions) on aiding Israel, egypt, pakistan, and other countries so that they can kill each other

    – Stop spending trillions on completely useless wars that do Nothing but make defense contractors rich

    – ZERO Federal Corporate Income tax for Corporations

    – A FLAT Income tax on ALL Income with ZERO Tax Shelters.

    – Entitlements and safety nets to be defined at the STATE Level. The states that want SSN, medicare, medicaid, unemployment (all programs that I like) can fund them have offer to their residents that pay into the programs and DENY all safety nets to the weasels and the sting folks that would not fund them.

    1. C’mon if Johnson actually won, then more than a few Libertarians would be elected to Congress, and the craven GOP and Dems would see the mood of the voters and Johnson might actually get some things passed.

    2. ZERO Federal Corporate Income tax for Corporations

      No corporate tax for corporations? what about a corporate tax for non corporations?

      I’m a progressive that believes

      I sometimes identify myself as a Pants Down Republican.

    3. The Congress would STONE WALL him just like they did Obama.

      For the first two years of Obama’s presidency the dems had total control of government, control of the house, the senate and the presidency. If congress stonewalled the president, the dems stonewalled themselves.

    4. his legalize drug thing is to pander to younger voters
      (you can add “the prostitution thing” and most other things as well). Ron Paul never panders. He states that out of principle and always accompanies the message with personal responsibility and has been explicit about his own non-drug usage views. He’s held that same position for decades from the time he was a (unpopular) libertarian candidate.

      Anyways, I agree with you on the rest though.

      I think a GJ presidency doesn’t really need to get a lot of things done. Just like when he was governor, GJ would likely veto almost everything in sight.

      And executive orders can be used to repeal, undo, rollback things, rather than how they’re always used to do things

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