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When The Convention Ends, Grab Everything Not Nailed Down


TAMPA – As soon as House Speaker John Boehner gaveled the 2012 Republican National Convention to a close late last night, delegates started grabbing everything with the convention or party logo in sight. Balloons and confetti from the convention are a cool souvenir but the tri-corner signs are the biggest prize at national party convention.

Reid Wilson of Hotline agreed, tweeting, "Rule no. 1 when a convention gavels to a close: Steal everything that ain't nailed down. Someone grab me a tri-corner sign."

Many of these items will end up in the collection of some political junkie while others will surely surface on Ebay and Craigslist. Any official sign with the RNC Logo will fetch a decent chunk of change from collectors. Still, pins and buttons are the collectors item of choice. Some more coveted items are protected by state party brass, too. One longtime Massachusetts Republican told me that he has tried at previous conventions to get the Massachusetts state sign but every time it was guarded by party interns on the final day. 

While observing this scramble take place on the convention floor I happened to catch the Alabama delegation jumping the gun and, coincidentally, struggling mightily to get their tri-corner sign down.

Here's the video:

One delegate trotted over to the periodical press gallery to show off his RNC booty haul that included signs like "Restricted Area" and "Restrooms" all emblazoned with the RNC 2012 logo. 

"I don't know how I am going to get these home!" he said. 


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  1. Google has failed me. What does a tri-corner sign look like (and why are they so great)?

    1. They’re those signs with the state names on them. They’re like columns with 3 sides.

      1. Thanks.

        1. This makes me wonder how much the Maine one will go for.

  2. They didn’t take the Lightning’s playoff and Stanley Cup banners, I hope.

    1. Sometimes I forget Tampa has any pro teams at all. Then I remember that they’re only missing basketball.

      1. We’ve done okay, with a Stanley Cup, Super Bowl win, and a World Series appearance.

        I used to want an NBA team, but I don’t care much for the product, so it’s a matter of indifference. Used to follow Orlando, but that was a long time ago.

        1. The joy of not having an NBA team would be that you don’t have to suffer through that awful officiating. Even the make up calls suck horribly. Though with the replacement refs, you might have to suffer through a bit of that with the Bucs.

        2. I rejoice in the fact that Seattle no longer has an NBA team. Because if they still did, lower Queen Anne would get FULL RETARD before and after every game at Key Arena.

          1. I keep forgetting that the Sonics are gone.

            1. Where are the Washington Wizards located? Or is that Washington DC? I don’t basketball, so I have no fucking clue.

              Also, Portland will give you the Trailblazers, like, for free. Or at least, I would. They suck ass, and every year I have to listen to the locals tell me how this year will be different.

              1. sub Paul Allen for Blazers and the last is spot on

  3. How do you steal crap that is effectively trash? It seems like an efficient way to clear the set that otherwise some teamsters would be being paid to disassemble and chuck in a dumpster.

    1. Those 1%ers are stealing work from teh unionz!!

      1. The teamsters will still get paid and that’s all that matters.

    2. My daughter manages a backstage crew at a college arena. She encourages such souvenir hunting. Less for her to clean up. What she really hates is the confetti-thrower.

      And it’s Texas, so there’s no union to worry about.

      We do occasionally get something interesting.

  4. To my shame in 2000 i went to a Republican caucus. (I voted for McCain at the caucus and did not vote in the general election) I remember some lady sitting next to me and telling me all about the official republican pens and pins she planned on getting. I just sat down and said hi and she went into a real long monologue about it.

    I wonder if this is a Republican thing or this happens with all parties.

    1. There is a number of people with too much free time who entertain themselves by getting in to any kind of conference, convention, reception, or catered event and mooching on free food and give aways they can get their hands on. Especially booze.

      1. I know a huge number of college professors who have perfected this into an art form. So I think it’s not party affiliated.

  5. Hurricanes just seem to make people loot.

  6. delegates started grabbing everything with the convention or party logo in sight.

    Political vultures in their natural habitat.

  7. My brother went to the republican convention his senior year in high school (Bush/Quayle) and came home with some stuff. I always wondered if any of it was worth anything. Who would buy it?

  8. Watching those men in the video strain to raise that sign over the end of the pole, the image of the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima came to mind. Patriots, every last one of them.

    1. After seeing the video of that guy having his Ron Paul sign confiscated by some *%$#@! chick who shook her head as if it was the height of insanity to have differing views at a political convention, the least we can do is stop funding these farces with our tax dollars.

  9. So a bunch of politicians in a huge arena (partially built with tax dollars), behind a phalanx of security from countless organizations to keep out the common folk, at a convention unconstitutionally subsidized by federal government, tear down and cart off the booty after being too cowardly to start their little convention on schedule due to a far-miss from a hurricane.

    These metaphors write themselves.

    And these guys are our right wingers??

    The fact that this happened after an 82 year old actor’s rambling, 12 minute speech was the highlight of three days of speeches is just icing on the cake.

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