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Ron Paulers Still Upset On Final Day Of RNC


TAMPA – On the final day of the Republican National Convention, Ron Paul supporters vented their anger over the party establishment's suppression of grassroots delegates.

Disgruntled Paul supporters greeted media members on their way through the security check points before the final day of the convention.

Jason Batch, 39, held a sign reading "We the people, hold you, the RNC, in contempt." He was unhappy with changes to delegate and voting by-laws that were approved by the party's Rules Committee.

"This sign is about the agreement of millions of people around the nation and around the world that are just taken aback with the RNC's behavior, their behavior that was wrong," said Batch, describing his sign. 

"I am a little taken back with Speaker Boehner's teleprompter reading of 'the ayes have it' in the midst of what should have been a roll call at that point being an equal amount of roars from Yeas and Nays," Batch continued.

Wait, House Speaker John Boehner actually read the whole thing from a teleprompter?

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  1. Grassroots gets mowed.

  2. Yup. Libertarians are going to have to infiltrate and change the GOP from the inside. That’s the way. So shut up, and for for Mitt!

    I hope the Paulites had learned their lesson, and if they haven’t, let me spell it out:

    They are more than happy to fuck you, but they are never, ever going to take you home to meet their parents. Never.

    1. The only infiltration TEAM RED understands in if someone gets “Lugared”. Numbers are not there yet, so the Establicans roll on. They won’t change until their kung fu grip on $ and comfortable station is pried out of their hands – that, unfortunately, will take a majority of the TEAM RED officials to get primaried and knocked off. I think about a 5-10% possibility over the next 4-8 years – which is pretty damned depressingly low.

      1. It might work, eventually. But rage only burns so long. If Romney is elected, the TEA Party quietly dies and it will be a few years at least before Rand will have any party seniority and clout (if he even is allowed to get any.)

        The only thing I really see is a fracture of the right into the fiscal and so-cons. But both sides are pragmatic enough to see that destroys them as a national political force… maybe forever.

        1. Tea Party types are going to stay active at the local and county and state level – they would have every reason (I predict) to be disappointed w/ a Mittens presidency and will remain detached from “national” stuff therefore. Of course, I am in IL, so we see the precipice a lot closer than our neighbors in IN and WI.

          1. I sure hope so. The establishment of the GOP needs some pressure on them to not be total assholes.

            1. Too late for that, I want them all fired.

              1. I was thinking more pitchforks and torchs right before dawn, but I’ll take what I can get.

            2. We have had 80 years of this bullshit, a hundred if you go back to Wilson. You really think it is all going to change in one election cycle? That is the problem. You can’t just have a short lived movement. Liberals are relentless. They never give up. They are fanatics. And they are absolutely brilliant at co-opting people and getting crapweasel politicians to feel “practical” and “reasonable” and “statesmanlike” for giving them what they want.

              1. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, “In any compromise with evil, evil always profits”.

                Liberals always profit from compromise. What does that tell you?

                1. Just give them half a loaf sarcasmic. And then a few years later half of the loaf you have, rinse repeat.

              2. Just tell me which cycle its going to start changing in, and I’ll be happy.

    2. So you’re saying the Paulites are super freaky?

      1. But they’ll never let your spirits down, if you get them off the street.

  3. “This sign is about the agreement of millions of people around the nation and around the world that are just taken aback with the RNC’s behavior, their behavior that was wrong”

    What? Are there scads of Gambians upset about this? Do I care what a Khazak thinks of the TEAM RED convention?

    1. Well, there are always our hundreds of overseas military bases.

      US voters everywhere!

    2. Well if there are millions around the nation, there are certainly also millions around the world.

      That said, I probably would have added at least the solar system and galaxy, maybe even the universe.

      1. Curiosity as aghast at their shenanigans!

  4. I haven’t been following this closely. If the Ron Paulers had gotten their way, what would have been the practical differences from how things actually went down?

    1. Nothing much. It’s just they expected to go to trial and plead their case, except instead they were executed in the street.

      The fundraising letter from the Romney campaign that’s probably waiting for them when they get home will be a quick sport-fucking of their corpse.

      1. Gotcha. I’m not a big fan of changing the rules as the game progresses.

        1. If Willard can change them on the spot when things aren’t going his way, then they’re not rules at all.

          What Willard and the rest of the Rockefeller Republicans did this year is turn the RNC into a Supreme Soviet. All hail the leader, dissent will be ignored.

          As for Rand Paul, I won’t give him another dime until and unless he rescinds and apologizes for his endorsement of that autocratic douchenozzle.


          1. The thing is, Romney sat back and allowed the rules to be changed while things were actually going his way. Really stupid move, and classic douchebag behavior.

      2. Who can resist a good old-fashioned corpse-fuck?

        1. Not anyone that considers themselves a proud Kentuckian.

          Since you don’t drink, I don’t guess you are going to be at the Fest of Ales tonight…

          1. No. I’ll be belatedly celebrating my birthday (which was last week), but both the wife and I had a case of pissoutofassitis.

            Probably just dinner at Merrick Inn or Kobe (by the Liquor Barn on Harrodsburg).

            1. Kobe is good. There’s a very primal pleasure in grilling your own meat on a giant slab of searing hot rock.

              Azure makes a great date night, if you’ve never been.

              1. Kobe it is.

                Just you describing it makes me want it. And that sauce they have with the steak is fucking amazing. Plus I get to eat sushi. Win-win.

                And if you’ve never had a conversation with the old dude who runs the joint, he’s fucking hilarious. We’ll be there about 8.30 if you’re interested in stopping by and joining us (my wife and I) for a meal/drink.

      3. “Nothing much. It’s just they expected to go to trial and plead their case”

        To whom were the expecting to plead a case?

        1. It’s a metaphor. Don’t worry, I’m sure most of them will still vote for your beloved Romney.

          1. “It’s a metaphor. Don’t worry, I’m sure most of them will still vote for your beloved Romney.”

            I didn’t say anything about Romney. A metaphor compares two unlike things that something in common. What exactly are you comparing to what?

            1. Delegate rules = Laws and court procedures
              RNC = Court room
              Delegate voting = court case
              Changing and ignoring the rules = Summary execution

        2. they

        3. Publically. They should have been allowed to at least nominate and vote for their guy, say their piece and get a polite round of applause – stiffing them was kind of shabby. No, wait, it was totally shabby.

          1. “stiffing them was kind of shabby”

            Perhaps. But, the stiffing began months ago at the polls. The idea that losing the argument with the voters and attempting to take over at local conventions and caucuses so you can have your 15 minutes in the limelight was a pipe dream.

            1. They were not going to win, certainly, but there were elected delegates that got treated unfairly – they were treated like they were Code Pink disruptors or some such. Just let them have their 5 minutes and look like you are a bit more composed about things – shutting these people down looks like you are panicked about something.

      4. I bet that letter is already in their email in box.

    2. IIRC, Ron Paul would have gotten a 15 speaking slot. That’s about it.

      1. I thought he declined an opportunity to speak.

        1. Did he? I hadn’t heard that.

          1. His speaking opportunity was contingent upon endorsing R and R, which he wouldn’t do.

            1. I think, too, the RNC wanted to “vet” his speech and delete anything they didn’t like. For RP that would have made it not only pointless but downright wrong.

  5. Morning Joe is devoting its entire program to whining about Clint Eastwood “disrespecting” the President and/or screwing up Romney’s coronation.

    1. That’s why I don’t watch Morning Joe. Or cable news for that matter.

    2. There is only one class of citizens obliged to respect the President, and I’m part of it. Even then, the respect required is strictly nominal.

    3. That tells me it was a really effective speech. If it hadn’t hurt them, they would be ignoring it. I thought it it was funny and well done.

  6. While waiting for ML and fighting the squirrels to stay logged in, another Friday Funny.

  7. Final Day Of RNC

    Thank sweet fucking jeebus.

  8. The real changes are already being made at the town, county and state levels. Romney being elected or Obama staying in office will not derail that process. Those of us who support Ron Paul do so only because we support his ideas. When it comes to liberty I am blind to political or religious affiliations. I would support Hitler dressed in a Stalin outfit with a gay Pope as his VP if they came around to my way of thinking and I knew that my rights and freedoms were guaranteed and protected. Mitt will never have my vote. Obama will never have my vote. If anyone thinks that Mitt will give you anything different than what Obama will give you I am afraid you might be in for a rude awakening.

  9. Romney does not stand a chance against OBama. I believe we will have our first president re-elected with an unemployment higher than 8% (10 really). Take the worst President in 100 years, put up the worst candidate in 100 years, piss off 20% of your base, shake, and garnish with a hefty November loss.

    Gary Johnson is going to do well…I am still putting him at between 3-6%.

  10. Nothing to worry about as the dollar run begins sometime in 2013 or 2014. Then America falls apart.

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