Ron Paulers Still Upset On Final Day Of RNC


TAMPA – On the final day of the Republican National Convention, Ron Paul supporters vented their anger over the party establishment's suppression of grassroots delegates.

Disgruntled Paul supporters greeted media members on their way through the security check points before the final day of the convention.

Jason Batch, 39, held a sign reading "We the people, hold you, the RNC, in contempt." He was unhappy with changes to delegate and voting by-laws that were approved by the party's Rules Committee.

"This sign is about the agreement of millions of people around the nation and around the world that are just taken aback with the RNC's behavior, their behavior that was wrong," said Batch, describing his sign. 

"I am a little taken back with Speaker Boehner's teleprompter reading of 'the ayes have it' in the midst of what should have been a roll call at that point being an equal amount of roars from Yeas and Nays," Batch continued.

Wait, House Speaker John Boehner actually read the whole thing from a teleprompter?

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