No Charges in CIA Detainees' Deaths, LAPD Investigated, Third Party Super PACs: P.M. Links


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  1. In fact, it appears the U.S. is the only country siding with Apple so far.

    Technically, that was Silicon Valley.

    1. Bad decision. Apple is playing patent troll here. What’s particularly sad is that people on the Internet have been pulling up examples of how Apple’s patents in question were bullshit from the get-go.

      1. Once they move it up through the courts and out of Apple country, the U.S. might not be siding with Apple, either.

        1. Move the venue to Seattle.

          1. Seattle would side with Apple. If the Android system were to vanish from it’s current form, that would leave only Windows Mobile as the heir to the non-Apple cell world. Word is that Microsoft is rooting for and siding with Apple every conceivable way.

            1. Of course they are–they benefit.

              Only Apple fanboys think there’s some big war between Apple and Microsoft, anyway. The killer apps for Apple for quite a while were the MS Office suite, MS bailed out Apple with a big chunk of change some years ago, and so on.

              1. Only Apple fanboys think there’s some big war between Apple and Microsoft

                Microsoft has actually signed licensing agreements with Apple re Apple patents, so they’re safe as houses, at least as far as Apple goes.

                Most of the Android phone mfrs have also signed licensing agreements with MS, re Android code that uses MS-owned patents.

            2. Seattle is also the home of Amazon.

              But fine. Move the venue to…Portland?

              1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re in the appeals stage now, right? Bet the whole thing gets tossed.

                1. Apple is moving for injunctions against Samsung and the hearings will be in December.

            3. especially since Win 8 mobile looks nothing like apple

      2. The most amazing iPhone yet!

        1. I have that Samsung. It’s fucking great.

          1. Samsung is porting the GS3 to Windows Phone 8, called the Ativ. Stupid name, but it’s a sweet phone, using brushed al-u-min-ium instead of plastic.


            1. FUCK. Now I want one.

        2. It amuses me that 10 or so years ago, the big thing with cellphones was miniaturization. Now that they’ve figured out how to do high quality screens, it’s pretty much the exact opposite, except for width.

          I suspect if Google perfects their wearable cellphone/computer/whatever the hell it is, it will go back to miniaturizing, as at that point you’re limited by the eyes field of view at less than an inch.

    2. kinda on-topic but tangentially: interesting how this case has drawn virtually zero widespread attention – particularly since wrongdoing is alleged and a huge fine is involved – but the Chik-fil-A CEO and McDonald’s/Olympics stories exploded, especially the former.

      1. And it affects more people, since most everyone has a smartphone or is considering one.

  2. But we were told this verdict was bad for democracy!

    Just because Obama’s benefiting several-fold doesn’t make it at all hypocritical to rage against the verdict.

    1. But it is bad…for two-party stranglehold democracy. Which is what we have.

      1. You mean one-party democracy. They just pretend to be opposed to each other.

        1. What? Didn’t you see them almost not raise the debt ceiling? Didn’t you see them almost not re-up the Patriot Act? Didn’t you see them almost not pass TARP?

  3. Look, Movies!

    1. I still can’t believe they’re making three movies out of The Hobbit.

      1. Duh.

        3 x $15 1 x $15

        1. The damn squirrels ate the “greater than” sign.

          3 x $15 is greater than 1 x $15

          1. If you get the money, sure.

            I actually went to see the LotR movies in the theaters. (Unusual for me) No way in hell I’m doing that for these ones. I suspect I’m not the only one who’ll wait for them to hit Netflix.

            1. Agreed.

              But there are enough suckers loyal fans who will troop to the theatre for all three that Peter Jackson will pull down another billion.

            2. I suspect a lot more people will see them in theaters than will wait for them to hit Netflix. I’ll be there opening night, just like I was for the LotR movies.

  4. Time to update your racist codeword handbook.

    “How many times have you or a colleague asked if someone could ‘hold down the fort?'” he wrote. “You were likely asking someone to watch the office while you go and do something else, but the phrase’s historical connotation to some is negative and racially offensive.”

    1. Is “Fuck you, grievance monger” sufficiently uncoded?

      1. How about Injun Joe? Can he still be the bad guy in Tom Sawyer?

        1. No. Twain? Never happened.

        2. he’s going to changed to Joe Carlotti, because no one gets offended by that type of criminal portrayal.

            1. Good. For a second I thought you were going to tell me that Chief Dan George was Italian.

              1. “We’re the Hekawi.”

    2. Watch your mouth — everyday phrases like “hold down the fort” and “rule of thumb” are potentially offensive bombshells.



    3. And “rule of thumb,” he wrote, can according to women’s activists refer “to an antiquated law, whereby the width of a husband’s thumb was the legal size of a switch or rod allowed to beat his wife.”

      Further, he explained, “If her bruises were not larger than the width of his thumb, the husband could not be brought to court to answer for his behavior because he had not violated the ‘rule of thumb.'”

      Awesome! Governmental policy is based on urban legends!

      1. How dare you question your superiors!!!!!

        Submit yourself for mental reprogramming immediately!!!!

      2. I find it hard to believe that anyone that would know this little piece of trivia would be offended by it. I’m also pretty sure that anyone that would be offended by it doesn’t know about it. Well until now. Thanks fuckers.

        1. dammit I should have read the linky

    4. “How many times have you or a colleague asked if someone could ‘hold down the fort?'” he wrote. “You were likely asking someone to watch the office while you go and do something else, but the phrase’s historical connotation to some is negative and racially offensive.”

      Because the word “fort” was only used during the US genocide of native americans. / sarcasm.

      1. I’m sure the phrase never occurred to the romans

    5. Chief Diversity Officer John Robinson

      Bullshit-Mongering Bureaucrat John Robinson, but I digress.

      To ‘hold down the fort’ originally meant to watch and protect against the vicious Native American intruders. In the territories of the West, Army soldiers or settlers saw the ‘fort’ as their refuge from their perceived ‘enemy,’ the stereotypical ‘savage’ Native American tribes

      How dare you seek protection behind walls from people hostile to you! Or wild animals! That might hurt the people’s feelings and keep the animals from feeding themselves with your tender flesh which is an offense against Gaia! SHAME!

      He singled out another phrase, “Going Dutch,” as a “negative stereotype portraying the Dutch as cheap.”

      Or maybe it portrays the Dutch as a people who believe in equity and that everyone in a group should pay their own way.

      “rule of thumb,” he wrote, can according to women’s activists

      PAUSE. Utter and complete fiction. The “rule of thumb”, while having no definite origin, can be traced as far back as 1685 and refers to the thumb as a unit of measure for the purpose of carpentry. I defy anyone to cite the case or statute, in America, in which one may lawfully batter their spouse.

      Choose your words thoughtfully,” Robinson wrote. “Now that you know the possible historical context of the above phrases, perhaps you will understand why someone could be offended by their use.

      Fuck off, Captain Newspeak.

  5. More than 100 Harvard undergrads are being investigated for cheating.

    No wonder they chose Fareed Zakaria to give the commencement address.

    1. UNC would like to know if any of them can play sports

  6. How to look like a frog

    1. I think they forgot: wear a piece of white clothing for those times when you need to fashion a surrender flag on the go.

    2. Man, I thought that was going to be a furry site. What a gyp.

      1. Frogs aren’t furry, you dope. What’s the name of the fetish for dressing up as an amphibian and having sex? Toadying? Salamandering? Wartying?

        1. Frogs aren’t furry, you dope.

          You would know that better than me, sicko.

          1. Newting? You get better.

          2. Goddamn Herpies all over the Internet. Everywhere you look, Herpies!

        2. Frogs aren’t furry, you dope.

          The ones in Paris are.

          Especially the women.

      2. I am offended by your use of the blatantly racist term, “gyp.” OK, not really offended, since nothing really offends me, except of course when the servants don’t turn and face the wall when I pass them in the hallway.

        1. How gauche.

          My servants are expected to prostrate themselves so I can walk over them.

          1. How can they carry you to your next destination if they’re lying on the floor?


            1. Naturally.

              But I was referring to those occasions when I was riding my horse.

              1. And by horse you mean this…?


    3. I had to check it out. Another tip: no white shoes (unless you’re exercising).

  7. Five LAPD officers are being investigated in the suffocation death of a woman whom they stomped in the genitals when she struggled with them.

    She was warned the stomping was going to happen, so internal policy was followed at least in that part of it.

    1. rtfa moron.

      the LA times one.

      there are multiple citizen witnesses saying the cops didn’t do anything wrong and were going out of the way to try to calm her down and help her

      out of shape , most likely obese (she was described as “large” ) drug addict, most likely ON drugs (i’d bet on it) stops breathing after struggle with police.

      par for the course. out of shape, drug addicted, unhealthy people sometimes die after huge adrenaline dumps/struggles.

      most morons blame it on tasers, since tasers are often used with resistant subjects they are correleated with such deaths

      i had a person stop breathing (fortunately he was revived) after about a 5 minute wrestling match into handcuffs

      par for the course with exceptionally unhealthy, drug using people

      she was admittedly a drug addict. they tend not to be healthy people


      1. “moron”

        You’ve won me over.

        1. That’s all it takes?!?

          All this time…

          1. Just words.

            I don’t know why more people on the internet don’t start their side of a debate with the ever-persuasive pejorative. It’s really common sense.

  8. Those awful, terrible, horrible consequences of the Citizens United decision include Super PACs developing to support and publicize third-party candidates like Gary Johnson. But we were told this verdict was bad for democracy democrats!

    Fixed it.

  9. South African Cops ruined her sex life…..EEg7qTybv4


    Clint Eastwood’s wife is smokin’-hot.

    1. Also, the couple’s daughter is named Morgan Eastwood. In honor of Morgan Freeman, no doubt.

      1. wonder if Clint has had second thoughts about that given Freeman’s use of race as hte only possible explanation for not supporting Obama. That would make Clint racist.

        1. Clint gets his best performances out of leftie actors (Freeman, Penn, Robbins).

      2. I thought she was named after Morgan Fairchild

    1. The delayed-action bombs were designed to explode between 2 and 150 hours after impact.


    2. Think of all the economic stimulus from randomly exploding bombs. How lucky can a country get?

      1. The delayed-action bombs were designed to explode between 2 and 150 hours after impact.

        If that’s the case and they haven’t exploded in 70+ years, why not see if some doofus thinks they have some value as WW2 surplus? Put ’em on eBay or somethin?

  11. Who foresaw this?
    “China’s push into solar energy was supposed to be a proud example of how the country was advancing into hi-tech manufacturing. But now the whole sector is on the brink of bankruptcy.”…..ustry.html

    1. don’t you hate it when obstinate consumers refuse to buy something that is supposed to be so great?

    2. HA HA
      Nelson Munson

      1. Muntz…

        Nelson Muntz was the reference you were looking for.

        1. Yes, yes I was.

          Hangs head in shame.

    3. They just need a bailout. Or a penaltax for their products. Then again, why not both?

      Yay fascism!

  12. B.C. police watchdog bars use of psychologist

    The opinions of U.S.-based psychologist Bill Lewinski helped clear a Vancouver constable after the officer shot Paul Boyd dead in 2007. Boyd was wounded, disarmed and crawling on the ground when he was fatally shot.

    Basically, this guy makes money training police and pretty much always testifies in their favour, yet is considered an impartial expert by many US courts, and was therefore consulted by the BC watchdog.

    More surprisingly:

    Eby [executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association] says Woods [Police Complaint Commissioner] has now asked the BCCLA to submit a list of experts the Commission can draw on who are free from any police bias, real or perceived.

    1. That appears to be the CBC’s doing, thanks to their investigative reporting.

  13. Victoria Police say remains found in children’s shoes on beach nothing but a hoax…

    1. At first I read this as “Victoria Principal on the beach in nothing but children’s shoes” and I wanted to click the link.

      But Victoria Principal is probably in her 60s now and won’t look quite as good naked on the beach as she once did — so good thing I re-read it anyway.



  15. Ex-Navy SEAL threatened with prosecution by the Obama administration for publishing a book about the bin Laden raid claims to have sought legal advice beforehand to ensure he was not in violation of a non-disclosure agreement he signed.

    Either way this guy is either going to jail or is just going to ‘disappear’.

    1. meanwhile, nothing wrong with the leaked stories to the NYT and other publications or, presumably, with the planned movie about the Bin Laden caper.

    2. Ex-Navy SEAL threatened with prosecution by the Obama administration for publishing a book about the bin Laden raid claims to have sought legal advice beforehand to ensure he was not in violation of a non-disclosure agreement he signed.

      Like that fucking matters. They’ll just yell “National Security!” and throw a blanket over the whole ordeal as he progresses through the courts behind a veil of “we must keep this secret for the sake of our soldiers.”

      1. and just because he got legal advice doesn’t mean he got the correct legal advice.

        1. Should have hired John Yoo.

    3. Have to be jail. You just can’t disappear someone that high profile anymore. Thanks, interwebs.

    4. The most open and transparent administration ever strikes again.

    5. Prosecuting one of the guys that got Bin Laden because he disagreed with the administration’s version of events would be a really stupid fucking move for Obama. You’d think those guys would be damn near untouchable.

      Let’s put it this way: my dad is damn near as bad as Tony, and even he thought it fucking reeked.

  16. Indian Businesses Named After Hitler Defend Their Decision…..-decision/

    1. Was it not India that tried the Nazi themed restaurant a few years back?

      1. Doesn’t ring a bell.

        1. Heard it’s a gas

          1. People are dying to try it.

    2. Every article I’ve seen about this dances around the fact that the store is owned by a dude with the surname “Shah,” from Ahmedabad, for crying out loud! This whole thing is just an Indian Muslim engaging in some, time-honored, yet fashionable Antisemitism. And yet, everyone seems willing to let Mr. Shah get away with shrugging his shoulders, while he stands there with a shit-eating grin as he intones, “Aw shucks, I didn’t know!”

  17. Hugely important (and amusing) detail missing from blurb about Harvard cheaters: the class in question is “Introduction to Congress.” Seriously. It’s in the article if you don’t believe me.

    1. Hugely important (and amusing) detail missing from blurb about Harvard cheaters: the class in question is “Introduction to Congress.”

      1. What. The. Fuck.

      2. Since they were apparently studying congress, it seems that they must’ve learned everything they needed except the “don’t get caught” or “make sure you have someone in high places who can get you out of a pickle” before they engaged in cheating.

      1. don’t forget have a patsy

  18. As maddening as is the failure of the Obama DOJ to hold the Bush/Cheney era torturers accountable, no charges is better than a sham prosecution resulting in acquital. Hopefully, some day, there will be an administration with the balls and integrity to do this right. However, I’d settle for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission type deal (immunity in exchange for the full, complete truth).

    1. The Libertate administration, when not wielding its mighty veto pen, will be busy prosecuting many former and current government employees and elected officials.

      1. A veritable fucking steamroller?

        1. He’s on the list, too.

      2. Would you have enough federal prosecutors as I imagine many would be in the docket as well?

        1. It’s the one area where I will temporarily increase the size of government.

  19. So, is the consensus around these parts that Unforgiven is the best of the Eastwood Westerns? Or am I reading too much into certain responses?

    1. My inner movie critic goes with Unforgiven for it is a subtle work that lingers in you. My exterior anarchist loves Outlaw Josie Wells the most being consistent with my creed, whereas, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly was not made by mere mortals. Gods do things in broad strokes. It lacks the depth of The Unforgiven, but what do immortals need with depth?

      1. The last part of Unforgiven is like a song that you can’t get out of your head — but in a good way. Excellent directing on Clint’s part.

        The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was indeed amazing, but for some reason much less memorable to me, even though I’ve undoubtedly watched it more times than Unforgiven.

        1. Blondie will get you for that. One way or the other.

    2. Er, I give the edge to The Outlaw Josey Wales followed closely by Unforgiven. High Plains Drifter is another good one.

    3. Different movies for different moods. The Leone stuff is awesome, stylistically and texturally. But I don’t want to watch that every day. Outlaw Josey Wales is a great story and has a lot of rewatch value, but can’t hold up stylistically next to the spaghetti westerns. Unforgiven is a quality movie, but lacks the raw talent of Clint’s younger work.

      So, the short answer is: your mom.

      1. Your mom likes Paint Your Wagon.

        1. Sadly, my mom probably does.

      2. I think High Plains Drifter has the best rewatch value, mainly because the macabre elements are often balanced with humor. And the ending is second only to Unforgiven in terms of all his movies.

        1. HPD is very good. In my opinion, all his Westerns need to be seen, so it’s kind of pointless ranking them. It’s almost the entire portfolio of revitalized Westerns from the 60s and 70s.

          1. I agree completely. I’m very reluctant to just point to one as a good snapshot of his westerns.

            One thing that’s a little weird is that there are many critics here who like to dismiss those movies as somehow inferior to more “serious” movies. Yet overseas, they’re often viewed as great movies. Hard stop.

            1. Critics are mostly to be ignored, ProL. Who cares what they say?

              1. Oh, no argument from me. Just thought it was odd.

                I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have that music in my head from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Have had it since the speech.

                1. Did you know that Ennio Morricone, who did that theme, did the totally awesome theme for Carpenter’s The Thing as well?

                  1. I did not know that, just assuming that it was Carpenter doing it as usual. How cool.

                  2. It continues to amaze me that Morricone isn’t as well-known as John Williams or Hans Zimmer.

                    1. He’s pretty well known, dude. Everyone knows the riff from Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo.

                    2. His work is well known, but he’s not a household name on the order of the other two.

                    3. Like I said, it’s in my head.

                      John Williams is pretty awesome, too. It’s hard to appreciate what he did with Star Wars and Superman nowadays.

                    4. I will actually listen to Morricone from time to time. I can’t think of any other movie composer I’d say that about. And I’m stunned by the love for Hitchcock’s composer, Bernard Herrmann. Those scores do nothing but distract me and pull me out of the movie.

          2. Truth.

      3. I think the disparity of perceived talent between Clint’s earlier stuff and his latter-day career can be explained by his directorial style — Eastwood is well-known for shooting efficiently and trying to get everything in one take, which is fine but sometimes impairs getting maximal performances from the actors or the best scene possible.

        I do enjoy the subversive elements of Unforgiven; the character that Eastwood acts bookends nicely with his role in the spaghetti westerns he acted in when he was younger.

        1. I’d like to think Blondie retired running a bordello in San Diego not living squalidly like the character from Unforgiven.

    4. Actually, I like Pale Rider best of his Westerns. “There’s nothing like a good piece of hickory.”

      1. There’s just so much greatness out there. I love the spaghetti westerns, with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly being at the top. But The Outlaw Josey Wales and Pale Rider were great, too. And, yes, so was Unforgiven.

        I really need to go on a Eastwood western marathon to refresh.

  20. “The admissible evidence would not be sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt,” Holder said.

    IANAL, but isn’t up to a judge, not Holder, to determine “admissibility”; and a jury, not Holder, to determine “sufficiency”?

    Also, WTF is up with the inability to stay logged in? Is this supposed to be an anti-troll feature, or what?

    1. actually , and not that holder is correct ON his assessment, but it is the job of the PROSECUTOR (generally speaking) to determine if they have a case that they believe can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

      ethically, prosecutors are barred from charging a case if they do not believe it can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

      the most common reason a prosecutor will nolle pros a case (amongst the case declines i have read) is that they don’t believe they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

      1. Thanks, Dunphy.

        Apparently it’s good to be Prosecutor.

    2. having same problem with having to re-log-in all the time

      1. Therapeutic, isn’t it?

        1. if by therapeutic you mean increases my urge to kill then yes.

  21. Reactions to Clint:

    Tom Morello


    Awaiting the “Shut up about politics,Clint Eastwood, and just make movies!!” chorus of anti-‘hollywood elite’ rightwingers! Cmon lads!

    Well, Tom, if your political beliefs were not so obnoxious, genocidal against a class you hypocritically hate and out and out retarded I would not have to remind you to shut up and play your guitar.

    Bill Maher


    Wow. Who knew Clint Eastwood was such a down the line rightwing asshole?

    That is just too un self aware for even Hollywood. How dumb do you have to be before you can no longer draw in air?

    1. Maher has finally used up the credit I’ve been giving him for Politically Incorrect. Now that he can’t invite Hitchens on his show anymore, the guy is just irrelevant to any discussion.

      And Morello is a nutjob intent on bringing Stalinism to America.

      1. I’m glad I saw that video of Hitchens on Real Time where he basically told the audience to fuck off since they only watch Maher to feel smugly superior to Bush and Republicans, not because they are actually intelligent themselves.

        1. Hitchens will be missed.

    2. Rachel Maddow says Eastwood’s speech is the “weirdest thing” she’s ever seen. Really? REALLY?

      I just watched it. I expected to be so embarrassed half way through it that I’d turn it off. It wasn’t exactly streamlined and taut, but god how I wish just a small percentage of our elected pols could ramble on like that for 12 minutes.

      As has been said before, we are DOOOOOOMED.

      1. Maddow is a hack who has never accomplished anything meaningful in her life, and Eastwood is an artist who has accomplished more in a single decade than most other celebrated actors/directors. (I’m talking about the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and the 00’s, for crying out loud!)

      2. They’re trying so hard to trash him. Yet all he did was sound a little unpolished and sincere. Their god couldn’t sound sincere if they CGIed sincerity on his face.

        1. They just can’t get their pea-brains around the fact that it was creative; in their minds, only ‘liberals’ are allowed to be creative.

          1. THIS. Remember, creative types are liberal and liberals are creative types. They think outside the box and they’ll tell you just how to do it.

      3. Wow, that woman doesn’t know weird. There was this girl in art school that plucked out her eyebrows and eyelashes and receded her hairline about halfway back her head a la the Elizabethean style. And that’s just the beginning of the weird tableau.

    3. A while ago my parents and their friends were talking about Maher in an approving way. I am ashamed I didn’t pipe up and call him out as an unfunny douche. I will not let that happen again.

    4. Tom Morello

      Yeah, yeah, Harvard boy from white bread town of Libertyville who still has his lips airtight around Sony’s corporate cock.

      Bill Maher

      Bill Maher’s tweets don’t work for me. Unless he’s laughing at his own shitty jokes, it’s just not entertaining.

  22. So, as a show of solidarity, my girlfriend and I are starting the Paleo-Diet together. Any tips on making that work and/or delicious?

    1. I’m not a paleo dieter, but I try to keep my consumption ratios around 80 percent fat and protein to 20 percent carbs. I start off with an omelet every morning, basic ingredients, eggs, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, whatever cheese and meats, onions and peppers I have in the fridge.

      I’ll eat a big meaty sandwich, burger or other for lunch, with no side dishes, and then for supper, whatever the little dish wants to put in front of me.

    2. yes. learn to cook. that sounds pithy, but making paleo work is (imo) largely dependent on learning to cook.

      and buy your meat in bulk. i bought a large quarter of grass fed beef.

      i don’t eat strictly paleo, but i respect the philosophy and many athletes i work with are full paleo

      for me, stews, soups, roasts, etc. are what make paleo ‘do’able’

      if you can get good at making these, it makes paleo a lot easier.

    3. Meat is delicious, no tips needed.

    4. Get a chest freezer, start buying primal cuts or half steers and learn to butcher them. Keep hard-boiled eggs around. Learn to pickle them, because they’re way awesomer that way. Cook a lot of greens in animal fat. Take fish oil, because you’re too poor to afford grass-fed meat.

      1. If you’re not poor like Warty, I would suggest buying a meat grinder. There is no substitute for making hamburgers or tuna burgers or whatever with cuts of meat that you’ve chosen yourself and then ground.

        Make sure you get a sufficiently powerful one, because the weak ones can’t grind shit.

        1. Bah a good manual grinder is only like $20.

        2. I’ve just about started to do that just because it’s hard as hell to find ground meat that doesn’t have bone chips in it.

      2. buying grass fed meat by the quarter or side is how i do it.

        i got a full quarter and it averaged $5 per lb (finished weight), which is quite good imo.

        even the cheap meat (like the ground beef) is vastly superior to store bought corn fed crap

        plus, i know the cow was allowed to free range and was killed humanely

        1. Portlandia dining experience!

          1. “tell me about the chicken”

    5. Yes. Eat only what you’ve killed and gutted with your own hand. Or, in a pinch, it’s acceptable to eat dead animals you’ve personally scavenged.

      1. This.

        Learn to hunt, and kill the fuck out of whatever can be eaten.

        Squirrels are a good source of meat, and plentiful wherever the fuck you live. A deer might last a whole winter for one family. An elk, much longer.

        1. The words “Hunt” “Kill” and “Fuck” should never all be in the same sentence, MLG.

          1. Certainly not in that order.

    6. I’ve heard that Soylent Green complements most paleo entrees.

    7. The single biggest thing you can do to help yourself is to cut out added sugar for a while. In addition to the metabolic help if you give it a month you won’t even want it anymore. Then you’ll notice your tastes changing to bring out the other flavors in all food.

      Learning to cook is also key, since so much prepared food will violate all kinds of paleo-like doctrines. It doesn’t have to be hard – a cheap cut of meat in a slow cooker all day will be delicious for dinner. Buy a slow cooker.

      Books: Practical Paleo (Diane Sanfilippo), Well Fed (Melissa Joulwan)

  23. While neither the course nor the name of students allegedly involved was revealed, Harvard Crimson, the university’s student newspaper, said the students were enrolled in the ‘Introduction to Congress’ class taught by assistant professor Matthew Platt.

    The only misconduct is taking the class too seriously.

  24. I’m gonna go see some Estonians and some Finns in an hour. Fuck all of you.

    1. Oh No!

      Medieval folk metal, with lutes and lyres and shit. Reminds me of when I saw Eluveitie earlier this year.

      What you need to do is get off your ass and go get the new Katatonia. Shit is awesome. All 4 sides.

      1. I got it, and I dig it. I had to miss Eluveite in March, and I’m still pissed about that.

        1. They weren’t anything to write home about.

          The first 3-4 songs were good entertaining, but then they went in to a Evanescence/NuMetal thing that was fucking terrible.

        2. They fucking rock.

    2. Aren’t the Estonians all busy hacking into other governments’ websites?

    1. the juggalo i arrested the other day DID have an axe under his seat.

      he was obviously a billy bad-ass (rolls eyes)

      1. Surely arresting Juggaloes is something we can all agree on. Right, guys?

        1. Arresting? No. Rounding up for gladiatorial combat against Bronies? Yes.

          1. Gotta start somewhere.

          2. I would like to license this idea to replace Jersey Shore.

  25. and the US imposed a 31pc tariff in May on Chinese wafers, complaining that manufacturers were being underwritten by the government.

    Ladies and gentlemen (and Warty), from the government that brought you a the auto bailout.

  26. Ap tries to wiggle around the taxi monopoly:
    “Lyft rideshare service boasts pink mustaches, dodges regulations”…..Descending

    1. I like the implied “OMG! The city must do something!” at the end.

      1. Given it is SF, the city *will* ‘do something’. Can’t have people doing things without permission.

        1. OMG, somebody is making money by providing a useful service. They must be stopped! This is a job for STATIST MAN!

          1. You mean PB? He’s still busy fellating Obama, he’ll be there in a minute.

  27. More than 100 Harvard undergrads are being investigated for cheating. It’s the largest misconduct scandal in the school’s history.

    At this rate, future investigations will be done on those who do not cheat.

    You know – conformity and all…

  28. The Citizens United decision benefits the Left as much as it does the Right so I really don’t see the controversy.

  29. Hey, why do I keep getting logged out without even leaving the site?

    The ruling was bad for democracy, because it allows candidates with little numerical support to hit up a few rich donors and get the word out about their candidacies. Which is good for freedom.

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