Election 2012

Reason Staff Live Tweets the 2012 Republican Convention (Again) Now!


Yesterday, Reason staffers tweetered up a storm as primetime Republican Convention programming burbled in the background. Click below to enjoy more of the same patented blend of analysis, useful links, snark, and despair.

We promise not to do this again tomorrow night. Honest.


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  1. Sadly not drinking tonight.

    1. Totally drunk already and, dude, this Convention shit is beyond fascinating.

      Crap. I’m out. What is the libertarian position on driving while technically “drunk” but totally able to get to the Fred Meyer that’s like maybe a mile down the road to pick up another jug of Gallo Family Sauvignon Blanc, knowing that the odds of getting caught by the Man en-route are like 1 in 100? No way I’ll hurt anybody. I’ve done this like a million times. I did it last night, and RonRyanPaulRand’s speech moved me to tears. Yes, I wept.


      1. my opinion is that if you DO get stopped for DUI, your post could be used against you in a court of law as admission against interest

        also, note you don’t need to be technically ‘drunk’

        in most states, the standard is “impaired” which is a lower standard.

        1. No victim, no crime.

          1. yawn.

            “your honor, i admit i shot at mr jones, but since he wasn’t aware i was shooting at him, and no bullets hit him, there is no victim here and thus no crime”

            this same tortured logic comes up over and over with DUI’s

            this isn’t like doing drugs, or prostitution, etc. TRUE victimless “crimes”

      2. Listen to Dunphy here. Stop talking for one thing. Don’t answer any questions if you get stopped. And refuse to blow – make them draw blood.

        1. most defensse attorneys in WA state ADVISE clients to blow, unless they have “habitual priors”

          not blowing means that your refusal to blow CAN be used against you in court. (hint: it’s not testimonial, and thus is not something like a refusal TO speak that cannot be used against you)

          and if you are INNOCENT, not blowing is retarded advise

          here’s a hint. don’t drive DUI then you don’t have to worry about it.

          1. oh, and also a refusal = 1 yr revocation vs 3 months, no ability to apply for hardship license (like so you can drive to an from work at least).

            again, i’d say about 1/2 my clients make a phone call to an attorney before deciding to blow and they almost always advise the guy

            1) don’t answer any questions
            2) blow

            here in WA state that is.

      3. Only a mile? Walk, it will do you good.

        1. seriously, and get a little brown paper bag and you can drink on the way back.

          1. Bonus: pass out in somebody’s front yard. Then pick a fight with the homeowner when they roust you.

            1. Oh yeah you are reppin LBC

              1. Nahhhh. I ain’t done that since 2004. Besides, I was living in Redondo Beach then.

        2. If you are not really all that drunk wait a couple hours to sober up….that is if you choose not to walk.

          Libertarians have enough dipshits the last thing we need is one in jail.

          1 in 100

          So you want to feel good for a couple of hours vs a 1 in 100 chance to go to jail lose your job lose your license and be fucked with fines and court dates and treatment for up to 2 years….

          yeah you can feel good anytime a 1 in 100 chance is not even close to being worth it.

          Next time buy enough wine.

          1. That’s not a libertarian you’re taking to.

      4. What is the libertarian position on driving while technically “drunk”

        The position is “Stay out of jail dumbass”

        1. no, the position is don’t drive drunk

          libertarianism =/= libertinism

          there is nothing libertarian about driving impaired. it places OTHERs at risk, which is not something that is a “Good”

      5. I guess the libertarian position is that you shouldn’t endanger others, and if you’re not actually in a dangerous state then you should do it and not get caught. The safe route would be walking IMO.

      6. DUI laws are overkill, but that isn’t the way to fight them. Take an iPod, play some Echo and the Bunnymen, and that full moon mile walk will be magical.

        1. DUI laws are generally UNDERkill.

          but the Eand the Bunnymen is good advice

          DUI laws are pretty fucking lenient, frankly.

    2. @db, do not know who you are but the advice is solid, “Buy enough wine” is the winner

    3. @db, do not know who you are but the advice is solid, “Buy enough wine” is the winner

  2. No RNC on my TV. The kids are watching My Little Pony, and frankly I prefer their fantasy world to that of the Republicans.

    1. I’m sure it’s more intelligent as well.

  3. more tweets about G.E. Smith.

  4. I look forward to a tornado of Tweets from Miss Reisenwitz. My apologies for questioning her title of “Digital Publishing Specialist” yesterday.

  5. Did the Reason staff remember to stock up the office with beer tonight?

    1. Nobody tweeting from the office today. I have cheetos and rum, though.

      1. I have cheetos and rum, though.

        The Breakfast of Champions?

        1. Also a microwave burrito!

          1. You’re gonna’ wake up tomorrow morning on the floor, with a fork in your left hand, and a half-eaten burrito on the floor next to you.

            1. Already ate it. It was the Mitt Romney of burritos.

        2. Percodan is the Breakfast of Champions.
          At least it was the last time I felt like a winner 24/7/365. Don’t ask what was for lunch and supper

          1. Adrenochrome and Amyl Nitrate?

  6. Newt Gingrich? Jeb Bush? Get these campaign-killers off the stage and out of the building.

  7. Worst Reagan legacy, anybody? My pick: Nationalizing (effectively) 21-yr-old drinking age.

    The trend was in the works well before Reagan was elected. I got hit with the un-grandfathered rise from 18-19 in two different states. I missed an Iggy Pop/ Joan Jett and the Blackhearts show because I wasn’t yet 19 after having twice turned the legal drinking age. The worst part was when it was 18 you could drink and go into most 18+ clubs when you were 14+ and totally looking your age.

    1. The 1980 vice presidential nominee for the socially liberal ? but fiscally conservative ? Libertarian Party…


  8. “We built it!” DRINK!

  9. Matt Welch

    Staples is a success, but didn’t it put local stationary stores and others out of business? Good for Main Street–or not?

    Why are the profits of local stores a public good but Staples’ profits not?

    What about consumers? they choose staples over the local stores. They do because it benefits them to do so. Why is their benefit less of a pubic good then the profits of local stores?

    1. Romney claiming to be a job creator is a major pet peeve of mine, although I understand that the claim is politically advantageous.

      But the reality is that Romney was a job destroyer, even in the case of Staples.

      And that is a great thing.

      Mitt destroyed jobs by getting businesses to do more with less.

      The term for that concept is productivity and it is the only reason that we have the living standards that we enjoy today, instead of those of the country’s founders 200 odd years ago.

      1. Business productivity being wholly separate issue from full employment in a country. Business experience being irrelevant, and possibly even detrimental, to presidential leadership.

        1. Please expand on your statement:

          Business experience being irrelevant, and possibly even detrimental, to presidential leadership.

          I’m fascinated to understand this reasoning.

          1. Going by how unsuccessful businessman presidents have been for one. All I’m saying is the priorities of a CEO are totally distinct from the priorities of a public servant. The skills needed to maximize profit for a firm are not the skills needed to maximize well-being for a society.

            1. Which section of Article I of the U.S. Constitution states that the President’s job is to “maximize well-being for society?”

              1. It’s the president’s job to sign or veto bills and serve as commander in chief. Presumably he does those things with an eye toward the public good.

                1. It’s the president’s job to sign or veto bills and serve as commander in chief. Presumably he does those things with an eye toward the public good

                  Define “public good”.

            2. Who were the “businessmen Presidents” exactly? Seems like they have all been lawyers by training, and politicians by experience. But please, enlighten me.

              1. Actually, Madison was a businessman, and quite a few Presidents were career military men.

                1. Ok. How about a businessman President from the last 80 years. Military guys have a similar skill set to businessmen.

                  1. Hoover, Truman, and the Bushes. *shrugs* I’m not commenting on Tony’s thesis.

                    1. Hoover was a long time ago, so meh. I’ll concede that one. Truman seems like a bad businessman, but a successful judge/politician based on his lawyering degree. Bush I was successful in the oil business, but quickly turned to politics by 1964. Besides, by most measures, Bush I had a successful political career as well. Was his Presidency a disaster? No. Bush II dabbled in business, but his ambitions were always in politics. His political career was less than stellar, but I still stand by inquiry.

  10. Single commenters back for round two, I see.

    1. meh.

  11. Can I leave this here? http://www.gregd.net/pics/funn…..n_trek.jpg

    1. Only if I can leave this here:


  12. In fact, government documents on the bailout obtained by Rolling Stone show that the legend crafted by Romney is basically a lie. The federal records, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal that Romney’s initial rescue attempt at Bain Company was actually a disaster ? leaving the firm so financially strapped that it had “no value as a going concern.” Even worse, the federal bailout ultimately engineered by Romney screwed the FDIC ? the bank insurance system backed by taxpayers ? out of at least $10 million. And in an added insult, Romney rewarded top executives at Bain with hefty bonuses at the very moment that he was demanding his handout from the feds.

    I believe this story. Because it fits with my experience of upper-management consultant types.

  13. Bartel Darcey-

    “Talk about loving your neighbor or live it.” Q for Mormons out there: What’s LDS position on grace vs. works? tinyurl.com/9go3ser #gop2012

    They’re on the works vs grace side of things, it’s one of the major theologic complaints that born agains and evangelicals have against them. Also, they have a strong cultural taboo regarding bragging about the good works that they have done as individuals. it wouldn’t surprise me if Romney reluctantly agreed to the personal stories tonight. And I don’t mean that ironically.

  14. Matt Welch

    In ’08, GOP pals fretted to me in private that America was too racist to elect a black guy. In ’12, liberals thought Mormonism doomed Mitt.


    Admit it Welch you have no GOP or liberal friends!!!

  15. Lucy Steigerwald:

    How do you know that’s a protest and not just an RNC requirement to sit in the Ron Paul section?

    1. Good question, I should ask Tracey.

  16. Lucy “Skywalker” Steigerwald

    Definitely hoping @KerryHowley was going to talk now. #gop2012

    I thought Kerry Howley gave libertarians the kiss off.

    1. Pretty easy as she was never a libertarian by any definition.

    2. She’s very witty on the twitters.

      1. When? Not in 2012, based on a quick scan. To be fair she doesn’t seem to be trying wit with most of those tweets.
        Howley’s Kathleen Parker takedown was very good work though.

  17. Lucy Steigerwald

    Will Romney take an ax to every motel room TV that shows porn? #gop2012

    Motels still do that? I thought they just gave free wifi and let their guests figure it out.

    1. The big chains still have very expensive PPV – as if I’m going to pay $16 for a movie I’m going to use for ten minutes, tops.

    2. Lucy Steigerwald@LucyStag
      Man, I really think the GOP missed the USSR. #gop2012

      The defeat of the USSR by Ronald Reagan was the high point of Republican accomplishment in the second half of the 20th Century

  18. David Koch leaves the GOP on taxes, gays, defense.


    Very good. They will soon meet Soros in the nexus.

    1. The Kochs as GOP boogeyman was always bullshit, as they’ve alwayds been fairly libertarian. So they didn’t “leave” the GOP on these issues, they were simply never “with” them.

      It doesn’t surprise me that you bought into that bullshit hook, line, and sinker, though. I suppose it’s hard to see truth when you’ve got TEAM BLUE’s cock jammed down your throat.

      1. Fuck you, dickhead. I have never complained about the Kochs with the sole exception that they lobbied a lot.

        I posted the article in their defense.

        1. You still don’t know your shit.

  19. Romney should, in lieu of a podium speech, come out and do stand-up, a la Seinfeld.

    “Voters want the same thing from their underwear that they want from women: a little bit of support, and a little bit of freedom.”

    “Dogs are actually the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them’s made a poop, the other one’s washing it off the roof of the car for him, who would you assume is in charge?”

    “What’s the deal with airline subsidies?”

    “Voters don’t care who’s in the White House, they care who else could be in the White House.”

    “The idea behind the tuxedo is the woman’s point of view that men are all the same; so we might as well dress them that way. That’s why a wedding is like the joining together of a beautiful, glowing bride and some guy. The tuxedo is a wedding safety device, created by women because they know that men are undependable. So in case the groom chickens out, everybody just takes one step over, and she marries the next guy… Of course, where I come from, the groom can just marry the bride and the bridesmaids.”

    And so on…

    1. “I’ll tell you what I love about Mexicans… now that we’re on the subject.”

  20. Koch vs. Soros is Burbons vs. Napoleon III. And I’m drunk.

    That is all.

    1. Sounds like bourbons vs. Longtorso…

  21. If the man with no name tells me to vote for Mitt, I may have to consider it. Or maybe I’ll do like the character would and just go for the gold.

    Actually, I think Clint is drunk.

  22. It’s past Clint’s bed time. And that’s taking into account that he’s still on west coast time.

  23. I know what you’re thinking.
    Damn! I really thought Clint was going to say:

    “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

  24. Clint is doing pretty good for a 82 year old…shut up lucy :0

  25. Man, Clint is KILLIN’ it tonight… and by killing it of course I mean flailing about like a drunkin’ idiot. A guy his age should NOT be improvising.


    1. That and his awkwardness wooed me in the end. Like the anti-hero that has a heart of gold after all, Clint came through.

      1. You were being a hater….hater.

  27. Sidney Crosby in a fireman hat? He’s looking old.

  28. Oh, that’s Rubio. Gaydar is going off the charts.

  29. Did Clint say “Mitt Romney” at all? And what was that weird bit on not voting for the guy you don’t like?

    1. That intrigued me as well.

      Clint, secret libertarian plant.

  30. I have never liked Rubio…..never. I knew he was a political opportunist riding the tea party wave-a fraud. I can’t wait until 2016, when us Floridians give him the royal boot.

    1. Beat the shit out of Charlie Crist. Good enough for me.

      1. Yeah, thats true. I almost forgot Flipper Flopper Crist

  31. Jim DeMint should have been in place of Rubio

  32. Why isn’t it “the next president of THESE United States of America”?

    Treason in their hearts, Jacob.

    1. Because since 1864 its been the The United States. Not happy about it, just sayin. The roll back has a long way to go in some areas.

    2. Shut down the never-ending threat of Puerto Rican statehood.

  33. USA! USA! USA!, etc, etc…

  34. Women of America, that uncomfortable, slobbery feeling down there is your ass just been kissed.

  35. I guess this is the “I am THE Mitt” part of the speech..

  36. Mitt – “I didn’t want to go to hell.”

    Good works don’t get you into heaven, and bad works don’t get you into hell. Try harder for the Evangelical vote, Mitt.

  37. I watched Mitt for about five minutes, and then I realized I don’t really give a rip what Mitt says.

    It’s about Obama and how awful a president he’s been.

    I’m already on board the Anybody But Obama train.

    Unless Mitt calls for the US to invade Poland for more lebensraum or calls for squandering more of my future paychecks on the UAW, he can only screw up this speech so bad.

    There ain’t nothing he can say that’ll make me think well of Obama.

    This election isn’t about Mitt. It’s about Obama.

    Obama stinks.

    1. Re: giving a rip or not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..age#t=224s

      1. I don’t give a rip about Alabama either!

        I don’t give a rip about what Mitt’s wearing under his suit, or whether he thinks they’re magic…

        This election is still all about Obama, and Obama is still a sucky president.

  38. Lucy Steigerwald@LucyStag
    Not rewarding a horrible incumbent is the best reason to hope for a Romney win. #gop2012

    LucyStag joins the HitandRunpublicans.

    1. TAKE IT BACK.

    2. Not rewarding a horrible incumbent is the best reason to hope for a Romney win.

      That’s absolutely right.

      Elections aren’t about the people getting what they want. Online shopping is about people getting what they want.

      Elections are about the people getting a chance to kick an incumbent to the curb periodically, and not rewarding a horrible incumbent is the best reason to hope for a Romney win…

      Actually, there’s a good libertarian argument to make for always voting against the incumbent. Certainly, the proper place for any libertarian to be is always in opposition to the emperor.

      But I’d much rather oppose Emperor Romney than suffer another four years under Emperor Obama, that’s for sure.

      1. To clarify: I am never, ever, ever, ever voting major party.

        1. Me neither.

          I’m not even voting libertarian because the politicians use our participation in the process to legitimize the horrible things they do to us.

          Libertopia happens when enough people stop believing that politicians are the solution to our problems.

          How do I tell people that politicians aren’t the solution to their problems–and then turn around and tell them who I’m voting for?

          Still, like I said earlier today, when I tell people what I think of the president, I feel like Milton Friedman when he would tell people, essentially, “I don’t think we should have a Fed, but if you’re determined to have one anyway? here’s what I think we should do…”

          I don’t think we should help these politicians legitimize the terrible things they do to us by participating in the elections they use to legitimize themselves, but if you’re gonna shirk your patriotic duty not to participate in this monstrosity? here’s what I think you should do…

          Vote against Obama; he’s a shitty president.

  39. We can’t cut defense because it will kill jobs? So Romney’s a Keynesian?

    1. Yup. He made that clear with the grounds upon which he rejected the Rand Paul budget cut.

    2. We’re all Keynesians, now.

    3. I don’t have anything good to say about Keynes, but I will say this: the man was nowhere near as stupid as the left makes him out to be.

      Pointing out the liquidity trap and how to get around it when it surfaces? Doesn’t mean the man thought that more spending generally leads to prosperity.

      Jesus Christ, if Keynes were alive today, he’d damn half the left–and all of the Democratic Party–for using his name in vane.

  40. “I promise you WAR!, WAR!, and more WARZ! Plus Obama isn’t tough enough with the Cubans…”

  41. Natural Rights FTW!

  42. Damn! I’m glad I live in GA and don’t have to worry about voting. If I was from Ohio I’d honestly be leaning R/R about now. That was some good speechifying for an android.

  43. QUICK! Hottest Romney daughter-in-law?

  44. Jacob Sullum@jacobsullum
    We will have children who are so smart that no teacher will dare test them! #GOP2012

    Jake wins the Twitters

    1. Coulter brings some competition:

      Ann Coulter@AnnCoulter
      Chris Matthews just got a blood clot up his leg.

      But not enough

  45. @Cathy Are you talking dumb? ” A world without a American Interventionism is a peaceful world”

    Seriously, that is about as full fucking retard as the ones saying that we have to go fight for a ‘peaceful world’.

    1. This is what (some) noninterventionists actually believe.

    2. Guess it would have been more accurate to say “a more peaceful world.”

  46. So Thankful for Netflix and Top Gear repeats

    1. Have you seen the Alabama episode?

      1. Bloody Brilliant

        1. “welcome to Alabama” *bullets whiz by*

    2. Ya know when they do a road trip through the heart of the south….

      Im talking about the original top gear..

      1. Do you mean this episode?

          1. Indeed.
            By “original Top Gear” I thought you meant the crap before 2001.

            1. There’s a top gear for every continent now.. I cant stand the USA one, too many american cars and gas excrement jokes..

              1. Yes. When Top Gear Australia took them on in a challenge, I almost wet myself laughing so hard.

                1. I watched half of that episode. It was like the last day of my DirecTV….then I returned to cable, with no BBC or BBC America.

            2. Yeah, the “original” series was definitely your run of the mill SpeedTV car show.

          1. Yep

  47. Clint fucking Eastwood. Snark all you want reason. By that guy has craps bigger than you.

    1. I honestly thought he did great

      1. I am sure he did. Didn’t see the speech but will watch it later. I hold Eastwood in near god like status. Last American movie star

        1. You can tell he was improvising as he went. But for an 82 year old, he did excellent.

        2. Eastwood has at least seven children by five different women.


          It shouldn’t surprise anybody that he’s voting for a Mormon.

    2. Thay was Jack Palance, I thought.

  48. More on Paul Ryan’s ex GF

    1. Er it’s about atheists not the Church of England. RTFA

  49. When will we completely abandon our current feeble attempts to regulate immigration?

    Do you agree that a Woman’s Eight To Choose continues until the kid has a job and has permanently moved out of the house?

  50. lol you gotta jsut love those bought and paid for politicians.


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