NYPD Competence In Question After Empire State Building Incident

These folks want a monopoly on firearms?


On Tuesday, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg snapped at a reporter who asked him what he thought about the fact that some of the bullets police fired at Jeffrey Johnson, the man who killed his former boss last Friday morning outside the Empire State Building, ended up hitting civilians.

According to the New York Daily News, Bloomberg defended the officers, saying they acted "more than appropriately."

The officers who took down the armed man on a busy midtown street fired a total of 16 rounds, producing 10 bullet holes in Johnson, according to the New York Police Department. Nine bystanders were reportedly injured by bullets and bullet fragments.


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  1. So, Bloomy thinks it’s perfectly okay for NYPD thugs to gun down innocent citizens? Not exactly surprising. Don’t most copsuckers think it’s perfectly okay for cops to gun down innocent citizens? We see articles about how they get away with it all the time.

    1. No, I think that Mr. Bloomberg thinks that it’s perfectly ok to break everyone else’s eggs when he makes an omlette. Or, the ends justifies the means.

      And given his prohibitionist and reactionary policies regarding “public health”, this is straight in line with that.

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