Republican Convention 2012

Rule Change Keeps Ron Paul Votes Uncounted

Six states nominated the libertarian, but last minute scrambling kept him off the ballot


Despite a determined and frenzied effort, delegates making a last ditch push to put Texas Rep. Ron Paul's name on the presidential nominating ballot fell just short of the eight states they needed to make it happen.

Paul supporters, lead by Nevada delegate Wayne Terhune, succeeded in putting together petitions from six states to put Paul's name up for nomination. But earlier this week, the Romney campaign won a critical rules change requiring eight states to put a candidate up for nomination.

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  1. Why is the Dem-controlled media not reporting on how friggin’ dirty the Romney-GOP alliance is here? I mean changing the rules at the last minute so that Ron Paul can’t even be considered at a convention where (as he admitted himself) he would clearly lose?


    On a side note, the Romney campaign must really not want to with the easiest GOP victory in recent memory. More than half the country *would have voted* for anyone whose last name is “Obama” and whose first name is “Not”…until now, that is. Now he’s expressly alienated and pissed off a group who will vote for Johnson just to deliver a big “fuck you, Romney” on election day (which looks rosier all the time for Obama).

  2. I’ll be voting for Johnson because he’s the best candidate currently in the running. The fuck you delivered to the party that betrayed the old right is purely secondary.

  3. Seems sorta Shawshank. The rule change would be the part where the warden has Tommy Williams killed and Andy put in solitary. The question now is how the Paul fans are going to escape and utterly fuck the GOP elite.

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