Respect for Ron Paul Delegates at the RNC Seems Low


Politico reports that some states with known concentrations of Ron Paul supporters in their delegations–Nevada, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Maine and Minnesota–are getting stuck in the cheap seats at the Republican National Convention that will, apparently, be happening in Tampa, Florida this week.

Various Paul delegates in Tampa for the weekend Paul-oriented festivities tell me that even many Romney delegates or other representatives of the GOP mainstream seem a little put off by the Party's desire to mess with Paul's delegations and change rules to its benefit. Especially aggravating is the rule to make sure no Ron Paul-type insurgent campaign can rack up delegates through intelligent caucusing by binding delegations in the future to preference polls and giving winning candidates say over specific delegate seating. 

One begins to wonder if the "Paul tribute video" promised for Wednesday night won't be marked by GOP powers-that-be as a memorial: Ron Paul Revolution, 2007-12. We loved you Ron! You will be missed! We are very, very sorry that we will never have to hear from you or think about you again!

For his part, Ron Paul never said the name Mitt Romney once in his over an hour talk in Tampa yesterday.

Some past blogging on delegate fight details.

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