Legendary Restaurateur Comes Out — As a Libertarian

Charlie Trotter banned smoking and foie gras from his establishments, but opposes legislation to make his preferences mandatory


Sure, we're all a little sad that veg-friendly and otherwise iconic Chicago restaurant Charlie Trotter's is closing because the chef/owner wants to go back to grad school, take his wife on lots of trips, and otherwise just take a breather after working superhumanly hard over the last two decades. But, also, maybe it's time for a break. Being at the forefront of some of the most controversial food legislation has obviously taken a toll on poor Charlie, who somewhat bizarrely revealed a ringing endorsement of Ron Paul in a recent chat with Toqueland.

"It's just too bad my guy didn't get the Republican nomination for president. That would be Ron Paul," he said. "I'm the ultimate libertarian. Just live your life, do your thing. Insofar as you hurt no other, then fine. There are bigger things to conquer than these issues."