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Brickbat: Bad Medicine


Anne Lenhart shattered her knee while in Haiti. After she returned to Texas, she checked into Baylor Medical Center and was given a narcotic for the pain. When that ran out, she had a friend drive her to a CVS Pharmacy to refill the prescription, where she was met by a police officer who said she had forged a prescription and arrested her for obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Police later dropped that charge after speaking to her doctor. Lenhart is now suing CVS.

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  1. “He was like ‘we need to go outside,'” she said. “I was on crutches and I had a permanent IV line in my arm. I had a big leg brace. I asked him if it was necessary and he said yes and he rather policingly escorted me out the front door and into the back of a waiting patrol car.”

    Well to be fair she did look like she needs drugs.

    1. rather policingly

      So….”while beating me with a nightstick”?

  2. Who would want to shop at a pharmacy who rather call the cops on you?

    1. When the state issues you a permit to do business, the state gets its way. Can’t wait until department stores start having to call the cops when you buy you kid a shirt that violates their school dress code.

  3. This is another really good bit:

    The avid yoga practicer raised more $20,000 for Off the Mat, Into the World Global Seva Challenge. OTM is an organization that was founded by Seane Corn, Hali Kouri, and Suzanne Sterling as a way to take the ideas of yoga and translate them into action.

    This year OTM was heading to Haiti for a service mission in which they bought and installed lights, worked at Haiti’s tent cities and various other projects.

    I thought the ideals of yoga were being supple, bendable, and slightly sanctimonious. Happy to have been proven wrong

    1. Yoga comes from a Sanskrit word that is the root for “yoke”, and implies being yoked to Godhead to do “work”. The work being done is meant to burn through karma. Whether that is through exercise, or through installing lights in Third World countries, it can be yoga in this expansive sense.

    1. I demand you buy a tanktop.

  4. The coppers should arrest everyone going to CVS. They’re all fucking drug seekers. Or deviant condom buyers.

    1. Or trying to alter their appearances.

    2. They also sell sugary drinks and salty snacks. The place is a fucking den of iniquity.

    3. Dude, yesterday I bought a box of Bronkaid (with Ephedrine!) and two boxes of Hot Tamales. I was lucky to escape with my freedom.

      1. You haven’t. There’s a tracking device in the Bronkaid and the SWAT team will swoop down on you and catch you in the act. Best take the dog to the neighbours

  5. What police agency should I report this article to? It links directly to its source instead of to another Reason page.

    1. Wiretappers are already all over it. But thank you, Citizen!

  6. A few years ago I went into CVS to get a box of insulin syringes, which are OTC in Florida. I was quizzed for several minutes about what I wanted them for (our diabetic cat), the pharmacist didn’t believe my explanation, and in the end he simply refused to sell me any, saying that if I really had a diabetic cat I should get them from the vet (where I cannot buy in bulk and they cost 3x as much). I went down the street to Walgreen’s and had no problem, and continued to buy syringes there for almost three years.

    CVS Sucks Donkey Balls.

  7. OT, but why is there a pop-up ad on the Reason website telling me to “Stop the Koch Brothers” in their “war” against the EPA?

    1. Click on the polygamy article and check out the ads. Fun stuff.

  8. I seem to remember a story on this website within the past year about a drug chain that was refusing to participate in the “rat people out” program for prescription drugs, but was bullied into participation after it was threatened with prosecution for allegedly facilitating the illegal use of drugs. It may have been CVS.

  9. This is why the government needs to take over healthcare, so abuses like these will stop.

  10. Wow. Yea, I’d love to hear what happens with that case. That cop should get fired, or at least a suspension. Police take too much freedom with the power they yield, and almost never give any of us a shred of trust in what we say is true.

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