Bankrupt Cities

Police Flee Stockton as City Faces Bankruptcy

Pensions likely to be way less generous after reorganization


At a time when they're needed most, Stockton's police officers are leaving in startling numbers, exiting for jobs with other agencies such as BART, the city of Oceanside and Placer County.

Stockton City Manager Bob Deis said Tuesday he has appealed to Gov. Jerry Brown and California's top legislators for their help keeping the city from slipping into "municipal chaos."

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  1. This is an omen of things to come. When governments (or companies) start running out of money, employees look for work elsewhere.

    The real crime is that government workers have gotten into bed with their bosses (the politicians) and made deals (I’ll raise your compensation if you give me campaign cash) to screw the taxpayers. This is what bankrupted the city.

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