Washington GOP Senate Candidate to Reporter on Todd Akin: "Go F–k Yourself," There's a War in Afghanistan

After an interview about Akin, Michael Baumgartner sent the vulgar e-mail along with a photo of someone who had recently died in Afghanistan, expressing frustration at the lack of attention to the war there.


A U.S. Senate candidate frustrated by the lack of focus on the war in Afghanistan apologized Tuesday for telling a reporter to "go f— yourself" after an interview about beleaguered Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin.

Republican hopeful Michael Baumgartner told The Associated Press that the vulgar email was a personal note to Seattle-based political blog PubliCola. In the message, Baumgartner included a photo of someone who recently died in Afghanistan. The reporter, Josh Feit, later posted the photo and email comment on the site.