Switzerland Complains to Obama Administration About "Swiss Miss" Anti-Romney Ad


Speaking of cheap and inaccurate anti-Swiss populism favored by supporters of the Democratic Party, see if you can make it to the halfway point on this anti-Mitt Romney attack ad


Also not amused: Switzerland. Here's Swiss Info:

The film gives "the impression that having a bank account in Switzerland is dubious in itself and its only aim is to hide money from the tax authorities," the Swiss foreign ministry said on Tuesday. 

Switzerland's Washington embassy reportedly expressed its unhappiness at the clip to the Obama team, according to the Swiss News Agency.

Though almost no one will remember this micro-snit 72 hours from now, it's worth pointing out that Switzerland is not only one of the largest direct foreign investors in the United States, but also has arguably more diplomatic importance to the U.S. than all but a handful of small countries. This is due to its historical neutrality, which gives Bern diplomatic presence in places Washington won't officially go (such as Cuba) and an important mediator role in places Washington won't officially leave alone (such as the Middle East).

President Obama came into office promising European countries more "humility" and personal diplomatic engagement than his predecessor. I doubt that Switzerland, for one, has felt the love.