Election 2012

Social Media Won't Tip the Election

Undecideds aren't going to Facebook, YouTube to make up their minds.


The 2012 election is supposedly set to showcase how well candidates understand and leverage the deep nuances of social media and the endless amounts of big data available. Political strategists believe they will identify what people really care about through dazzling algorithms, connect like-minded voters, and weave politicians into the social warp. Just like that, the magic will happen. Minds will be changed and politics will somehow be reshaped by this medium.

Or so the argument goes.

The reality is that Facebook, where President Barack Obama and Presidential Republican nominee, Mitt Romney are battling it out for fans and attention, is in the midst of a struggle. In fact, you may have noticed that a funny thing happened smack in the middle of this era-defining digital presidential campaign: Facebook's stock got slaughtered.