A.M. Links: U.S. War Dead in Afghanistan Hits 2000, Federal Medical Marijuana Dispensary Crack Down in California Ramps Up, Lesbian Claiming Hate Crime Attack Charged With Lying to Cops

Stories from Afghanistan to Nebraska


  • america forgot

    A New York Times analysis says American military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 this week, though iCasualties.org lists the total as 2,102. Doesn't matter either way as commemorating these casualty milestones seems to have fallen out of fashion since a president the media detested and mocked has been replaced by one they respect and adore. It took nine years of war to reach 1,000 U.S. dead but only 27 months to hit 2,000. Nearly two thirds of the war dead have come while Barack Obama has been commander-in-chief.

  • Rape is a horrible act and a sensitive issue to those who have been victim to it. Nevertheless, there's an election coming so Democrats the country over will be using Todd Akin and his asinine rape comment on their campaign trails. Politics. Almost as horrible as rape.
  • Americans are split about evenly between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but only a third actually think the president will be voted out this November.
  • Federal prosecutors are ramping up their assault on medical marijuana dispensaries in California, filing two lawsuits and sending warning letters to dozens of clinics in Orange County.
  • A lesbian woman claiming to be the victim of a hate crime in Nebraska has now been charged with lying to police, though she maintains it was not a hoax.
  • Ayatollah Ali Khamanei ordered the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to ramp up terror attacks on the West in response to its support of the Syrian insurrection, according to Western intelligence officials.

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  1. Flopped!

  2. Politics. Almost as horrible as rape.

    The fruit that politics bears is never a good thing.

  3. No babies gonna suck on Christina Hendricks’ sagging titties!

    1. Are you finished?

    2. so that’s what happened to Christy Canyon.

    3. Still wish that I was Vince.

    4. She probably saw January Jones get knocked up by some mystery man and thought, “No way do I want to go through that.”

      $100 says she adopts a foreign accessory kid in about 10 years, though.

      1. Could you imagine though just how big those sillies would get if she actually did get herself knocked up?

  4. When swinging goes wrong…

  5. Matt Damon plays gay lover. Ben Affleck is jealous!

    1. Wow does Douglas pull off being Liberace.

      1. There’s a big difference between Douglas and Liberace. I don’t think I ever saw Liberace not smiling.

        1. Next time you’re in Vegas, go to the Liberace museum. It’s awesome.

          1. I thought it was shut – has it reopened?

            On October 17, 2010, the Liberace Museum closed “indefinitely, but not forever” according to Liberace Foundation Board of Directors Chairman Jeffrey Koep.[1] The closure was announced due to economic downturn and a decline in the number of visitors.


    2. Liberace was gay? How can that be?

  6. Man kicked off flight for anti-TSA shirt.

    1. PSA: Watch your blood pressure if you click this.

    2. “Your free speech is scaring us. We tremble in fear at the awful sight of your powerful T shirt.”

      My God we are a nation of complete pussies.

    3. I would be surprised if anyone but the TSA agents even noticed his shirt.

      1. He says he was let through security before Delta agents told him he couldn’t board and was made to be re-checked. So it could have been the people from Delta. The TSA agents were probably upset they were upstaged in this security theater.

    4. The decision was made by Delta employees, and if he wanted to stay on a Delta flight, he had to comply with their requests…as long as they were part of the agreed-to terms and conditions of his ticket.

      If he were stopped at a TSA checkpoint and told he couldn’t fly because of it, I’d be outraged. ITFPAPIC (haha), this is a big bowl of “meh.” I’ll just not fly Delta in protest, but they have a right to keep anyone off their planes they see fit.

      1. Oh, and look at the reaction of the local cops. When they felt they had a chance to go all agro, they jumped in with both feet. The TSA actually did well here in response to the situation. They researched the people, at Delta’s request, and sent them on their way. The overreaction and assheaded behavior came from the Delta agents and the local cops, all of whom would have received a hearty “fuck you and your questions” from me.

        Also, this is Alex Jones we’re reading. Remember that when you read it.

      2. To be fair, there was a lot of nonsense perpetrated by the TSA and local LEOs after they were made to go back through security multiple times.

        Guha also states that the reason given by a Buffalo-Niagara transit police officer for subjecting him to extra interrogation was because “He looks foreign.”

        There’s also the part where the TSA agents don’t know what Michigan is.

      3. Delta sucks anyway. Between them and US Airways it’s hard to decide which is the worse airline.

    5. Arijit Guha

      I think I see the problem.

  7. George Orwell Too “Left-Wing” for BBC Statue?

    Maybe they could place the statue surrounded by police cameras, facing a TV monitor, with an ASBO in his hand.

    1. In other news, irony not the BBC’s strong point.

  8. Olivia Wilde is still hot!

    1. How the fuck is Jason Sudekis dating the girl who is number one on my celebrity list? I guess she doesn’t watch SNL?

      1. I don’t get it either. During his guest stint on 30 Rock he played the “perfect guy where things just don’t work out and Tina Fey has a sad”. WTF? The guy’s entire persona screams “middle aged sad sack friend from high school on Facebook”. The guy you look at and think, “Oh shit, this is what I too look like to others! Kill me, baby Jesus! Please kill me now!”

        1. he played the “perfect guy where things just don’t work out and Tina Fey has a sad”. WTF?

          He was an alcoholic who wanted to live in Cleveland. Perfect only in Liz Lemon’s mind, a woman who is clearly slightly mad

        2. Maybe he’s actually the funniest guy on Earth in person. That’s the only thin I can come up with. Well, that or Olivia has self-esteem/daddy issues.

    2. Olivia Wilde’s boobs look bigger when she’s not wearing make-up. Is science studying this?

      1. If by “science” you mean “consensus”, then I would say yes.

        1. I mean SCIENCE, harlot. Not your pansy-ass hypothesis-muddlers. Real man science.

  9. Risk of US double-dip recession rises: SP

    The odds the United States will slip back into recession next year have risen, ratings agency Standard Poor’s said, citing risks from the European debt crisis and budget tightening at year-end.

    The US ratings firm raised the chance of the US falling into recession to 25 percent, up from a 20 percent chance estimated in February, as the world’s largest economy struggles to recover from a severe 2008-2009 slump.

    I blame Canada!

    1. Sure, there’s an economy going on, but…stupid rape comment!!1!!1

  10. …but only a third actually think the president will be voted out this November.

    No matter which candidate wins.

  11. Avril Lavigne’s getting hitched!

    1. Ew. I hadn’t been unfortunate enough to gaze upon Chad Kroeger’s dilapidated face in a while. Two gross Canadians or the two grossest Canadians ever?

      1. Who is Avril Labigne and why do I know her name?

        1. She is that unwashed-looking Canadian chick who sang that shitty “Sk8tr Boi” song about a decade or so ago. She is still around, for some reason. For a while she was married to another odious Canadian who makes/made terrible music. That about catches you up.

          1. Really big in Japan though. She redid “Girlfriend” with a Japanese chorus just because of how much they ate her up (figuratively speaking).

            I think she is pretty attractive, but I also find myself strangely attracted to hipsters, emos, and tattooed girls. I am currently seeking help.

            1. A lot of unsavoury things are “really big in Japan,” generic Brand. That is no excuse. Avril is approximately my age which is too damn old to be going for that raccoon-eyed “alternative” look.

              1. Good point. Backstreet Boys and Hanson both had their comeback tours in Japan.

                1. Your knowledge of bad teen bubblegum pop is both disturbing and intriguing.

              2. Avril is HUGE in Japan. Like dudes in their mid-20s listen to her unironically.

            2. I’ve never heard of her, but looking at the pix in the link… yeah, I agree with you. But I like the “damaged goods/crazy” look.

          2. I thought she was some kind of a singer. But couldn’t remember her songs.

              1. Yeah, she’s about 2 years younger than me, I think, and I had a crush on her when Complicated was out. But even in my idiotic youth I felt dirty about it.

    2. The spawn of this marriage will be a demon whose kill-weapon is the most horrific music imaginable.

      He will ride forth on a black horse, mouth open and unaccountable notes spilling out, toppling buildings and melting any who hear him where they stand.

    3. That woman just screams ‘filth’ in a bad way.

      1. It’s pretty pathetic that she’s still sporting that FUCK YOU DAD persona of hers at age 27.

      1. *snort*

    4. crap–posted this below. Reason needs a proprietary “sarcasmic” thread besides Morning Links.

    5. Oh man. The Nickelback dude? I hate Avril with a burning passion, but even she deserves better than that.

  12. Americans toss out as much as 40% of their food, study says

    Americans are throwing out nearly every other bite of food, wasting up to 40% of the country’s supply each year ? a mass of uneaten provisions worth $165 billion, according to a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

    An average family of four squanders $2,275 in food each year, or 20 pounds per person per month, according to the nonprofit and nonpartisan environmental advocacy group.

    We obviously need to start eating more.

    1. We obviously need a federal bureau of food allotment to monitor the food inventory each household purchases and utilizes to control this unacceptable waste.

      1. I wonder how much power outages contribute to that percentage.

      2. There are starving people in…


        Oh never mind.

    2. I’d settle for buying less.

      1. at least for me, going low carb means way less wasted food – no chips or bread to go stale, and with meat being more expensive, we usually have our meals planned out for the week.

        1. Meals planned? I understand the words separately, but together they just make no sense.

          1. the wife is the communist commissar, doling out the food in pitiful drips and drabs.

            1. I learned not-planning-meals from my Mom who’s an expert at “hmmm, we’re all hungry now, what to cook” style homemaking.

        2. I hear you, but I’d rather be dead than give up chips and salsa.

    3. Or 50% of Americans are bulimic. Leave it to the LA Times to be insensitive jerks.

    4. Americans toss out as much as 40% of their food

      Christ people, get a dog!

      1. Americans toss out as much as 40% of their dogs.

      2. Naw. A goat. Then you can make goat-milk cheese. And then throw it out.

        1. Pure Brilliance.

          Too bad I don’t have more than 2acres and live within city-limits.

          1. Just kidding. I hereby disavow throwing out perfectly good goat-milk cheese.

            1. Actually, I think I’ve mentioned that my seven-year-old animal loving daughter wants some livestock. (We’ve got the room, but I’d have to build a barn.) I’ve talked her down from “pony” and up from “rabbit” and we’re sort of left at “goat.”

              1. Get some Palm Civets.

                That way you can make your own Kopi Luwak.

              2. Sheep? Less chance of getting headbutted, but I suspect there’s a reason no one talks up “sheep’s-milk cheese”. Also, most people prefer cashmere to wool.

                1. You’re joking, right? Sheeps’ milk cheese is the shit.

                  Sweet heysus, man, get thee some Manchego, STAT!

              3. One word, ALPACAS

    5. …a mass of uneaten provisions worth $165 billion…

      Marginal utility, how does it work.

      1. with diminishing returns.

    6. Hey, when the food is free to 1 in 7 Americans, why the hell not throw it out? Obamabucks will buy you more.

    7. isn’t this good news for the obesity warriors?

    8. What’s the methodology here?

      Do they count apple cores and watermelon rinds as stuff I should eat and am “wasting” by throwing them on the compost pile?

      From reading the article, it seems clear that they’re counting moldy cheese and brown bananas. I’m just wondering exactly what they’re about to demand I eat, subject to penaltax.

    9. But..but..

      Food desserts are everywhere.

    10. Is that counting food eaten in restaurants? There’s no question we’re throwing out a lot of that stuff–the portions they serve these days are enough for at least two or three meals. But I rarely toss out the food I make at home.

  13. Politics. Almost as horrible as rape.

    No, no. Politics is much worse, because it’s a gang rape. And it never stops.

    1. And at least you don’t have to have the rapist telling you over and over that you should be grateful for the rape because you get ROADZ!!!11!!!

    2. See, rape doesn’t get you pregnant.

  14. EPA Smack-Down Number Six
    A federal court cashiers another illegal Obama regulation.

    Enacted in August 2011, the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule was supposed to reduce air pollution emitted in one state and carried downwind to another. Under the Clean Air Act, if pollution from the upwind state is causing the downwind neighbor to fail federal air quality tests, then the EPA can order the upwind state to reduce the emissions causing the problem.

    But even such expansive authority from Congress is never enough for the Obama EPA. So the agency decided to use the rule-making as a pretext to force down emissions even further?illegally, as it turns out.

    1. Notably, Delaware was excepted from this rule.

      1. Ummm, isn’t the whole eastern seaboard kinda exempt?

        1. Nope.

          Note that Texas was included because models showed it affecting air quality in Ohio.

          The EPA claimed that the rule was not burdensome because “coal plants can just switch to natural gas”. The old-timer sitting beside me (I work at an environmental consulting company) said “that just tells you nobody at the EPA has ever been inside a fucking power plant”.

          1. I was just sayin, with prevailing winds, and the ocean being next door….but yeah, I guess the airflow really kinda veers north along the coast, so “downwind” is really northeast, not due east.

            I suck.

            1. But by that logic, Delaware should not be exempted.

  15. Sorry Mr. Biden, But It’s Your Liberalism That Chains The Poor To Dependency

    More freedom, via less red-tape, translates as slavery. America is apparently so endemically prejudiced, “institutionally racist” some say, that minorities risk grave calamity without Washington’s muscular intervention. President Obama re-confirmed Biden as running-mate and refuses to repudiate him. Team Obama’s divisive message: Racist Republicans would thrust blacks back into bondage.

    1. hard to get much more condescending/patronizing than that. So, absent Big Nanny, minorities are powerless droolers who are lucky to tie their own shoes without some agency providing instructions.

      1. The Federal Shoelace Administration takes offense at that suggestion.

        1. And Federal Drool Hankies for all!

      2. Exactly, and it is more proof of how utterly racist the left is. They really believe that blacks are too stupid to feed themselves and therefore must be put on the 21st century version of a plantation, ie., the welfare state.

  16. Ayatollah Ali Khamanei ordered the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to ramp up terror attacks on the West in response to its support of the Syrian insurrection…

    Time for me to break out the t-shirt again.

    1. That has to be a lie. I have read on Reason any number of times that Iran is a completely peaceful country being picked on by the US. And besides even if they do attack us, we deserve it for supporting the Shah and not allowing the communists to take over.

      1. You have asserted over and over that Iran’s support for the Iraqi insurgents constitutes a causus belli.

        That would mean that our support for Syrian insurgents also would constitute a causus belli.

        Logic, how does it work?

        1. If Iran wants to declare war on the US in support of Assad, they are perfectly within their rights. But they are not within their rights to use terrorism as a means of doing it.

          Laws of war, how do they work?

          Oh that is right, they are brown people so don’t have to fight legal wars. Just western people do that.

          1. Law and War. Like water and oil.

          2. Well, I guess we better call in the Umpires and Referees of War to make sure everyone’s playing by the rules.

            1. Sure Randian. Lets reward countries who engage in terror, hide their fighters in civilian populations and deliberately attack civilians. Lets make that a legitimate form of warfare. What could possibly go wrong?

              1. Sounds a lot like those fucking colonists hiding behind rocks while taking potshots at officers. If only they would walk in a straight line.

                1. Yeah Drax, it is just like wearing a uniform and shooting at other people wearing uniforms. Just like it.

                  1. No it’s “a lot” like it in the sense, that it’s one way to fight superior force/super power adhering to arbitrary egalitarian rules of war. Moreover, declaring war went out of style in the U.S so why should the rest of the world give a shit? The only way to fight people hiding in crowds without technology from the future/comic books is to kill them all. Let me know how that works out after you sign up for the Marines/AirForce/Drone Brigade.

                    1. The US still declares war. They just don’t call it that. And being the weaker power doesn’t give you the right to terrorize and kill civilians.

                      The only way to fight people hiding in crowds without technology from the future/comic books is to kill them all.

                      You are exactly right. And that is exactly what is going to happen if they continue with this madness. Libertarians think it is everyone’s duty to die for our sins. The rest of the world disagrees. And if Iran or any other country or ethnic group continues to use terror as its only weapon, eventually the great powers will just annihilate them. And that would be pretty horrible. And for that reason I would prefer they not engage in terrorism.

                    2. And that is exactly what is going to happen if they continue with this madness.

                      Assuming this madhouse hasn’t contracted AIDS from its own fiscal disaster orgy. Oh well, I’ll probably be dead soon and can stop giving a shit either way.

                2. right…colonists fighting against an oppressive, if not tyrannical, govt is the same thing as one sovereign nation paying thugs to kill innocents in another.

              2. Dunno, but if it ever comes to our enemies landing on the beaches of Atlantic City and Santa Monica, I hope to hell Americans will fight them that way.

              3. and deliberately attack civilians.

                Are they firebombing cities now?

                1. Why, Captain Hindsight, do you have a better plan that they should have used?

                  Funn, innit–how when the allies was doing all this firebombing and bomb dropping that they actually beat the enemy they was fighting, but now with the whiny wars, we just keep fighting and fighting and fighting until, eventually, we just wander off to the next conflict, never anyone really winning or losing anything. Just constant war.

                  And you all think firebombs and nukes was bad.

            2. I tried kicking dirt on the Umpire’s shoes – he ejected me from Iraq….dammit.

          3. Legal war? Stupidity, How does it work?

            I invoke Kirk:

            Death. Destruction. Disease. Horror. That’s what war is all about. That’s what makes it a thing to be avoided.

            1. historically, even war has had its rules that were generally accepted among participants. In ancient times, each side had the opportunity to recover its dead. In other times, fighting was limited to dayparts. More recently, it’s been something waged by people clearly identified as being on one side or the other, not hiding behind civilian skirts.

              It’s not pretty but it is sometimes necessary.

              1. In war, the winner is invariable the side willing to wage total war. There have been countless encounters where an inferior force has defeated a superior one, simply because they were willing to take their atrocities farther than their enemy. (I’m bastardizing Clausewitz).

                Leaving morals aside, terrorism is the logical extension of waging total war. It appears to work against countries only willing to fight a limited one.

            2. Laugh if you want at the laws of war, but like everything else, war could be worse.

              The Westphalian concept of sovereign nations, and the Geneva concept of constrained war, are being eroded before our eyes. Dunno about you, but I’m not terribly thrilled by the results.

              1. Constrained war is an oxymoron.

          4. But they are not within their rights to use terrorism as a means of doing it.

            You mean, like, assassinating physicists or engineers?

            1. There is no proof we have done that. And there is a good argument that those engineers are lawful targets since they are working on a military project.

              Assassinating engineers on a nuclear weapons project, while nasty, is still not the same as attacking random civilians.

              1. So, “we didn’t do it and it was justified?”

              2. So can I legally kill the guy who pumped the gas into the engineer’s car allowing him to get to work supporting the war effort?

                Placing “rules” on war is nothing more than an attempt to ease the consciences of those making the decisions to go to war.

                1. If there are no rules for war, I fully expect Reasonoids to cease their opposition to the drone program. Since there are no rules, the program can’t be illegal right?

                  1. Why would having a drone program be illegal (or even immoral)?

                    Drones are no different than any other weapon. It’s what you do with them that is moral/immoral.

                    Guns don’t kill people…

                  2. Since there are no rules, the program can’t be illegal right?

                    No, John.

                    It just means that people employing or advocating means of war that violate the wars of war don’t get to complain when others do it.

                    I, Fluffy, am entitled to complain about Iran giving money to groups that engage in terrorism. Representatives of states that also give money to groups that engage in terrorism are not entitled to complain.

                2. Placing “rules” on war is nothing more than an attempt to ease the consciences of those making the decisions to go to war.

                  And, with their consciences eased, makes the likelihood of using force in the future all that much better.

                  I’m sending a bunch of people to their deaths…but I’m following the rules, so it’s okay.

            2. Of all the forms of government that would make ‘civilians’ a legitimate target, would it not be one where civilians actually chose the representatives who then wage war? Responsibility = Representative Government???

              1. Yeah, gaijin, and that is what pisses me off so much about this: I don’t want to be killed by someone who may have a legitimate beef with a government I didn’t vote for in any way.

                Be then again, if I end up dead, I can stop caring. Look on the bright side I guess.

        2. And Saudi Arabia is the biggest supporter of terrorism in both Iraq and Syria yet the US government ignores it because the Saudis have both money and oil. They talk a lot out of Washington about Iran supplying foreign fighters but the numbers say Saudis.

          Just google Saudi fighters and there are plenty of stories showing the numbers

        3. but it’s okay when we do it. It’s only meddling when those icky regimes are involved.

            1. Exactly. Red Tony puts principals above principles.

              1. I’m somehow reminded of the Peloponnesian War when Athens decided to invade Sicily. I’m sure they thought their war was just too and could justify their principal principles.

      2. I have read on Reason any number of times that Iran is a completely peaceful country being picked on by the US.

        Citation. Needed.

        1. See fluffy above. Fluffy’s position is that Iran’s nuclear program is entirely peaceful and the US is violating its obligations under the Non proliferation treaty to aid them. I don’t think Iran has ever taken an action internationally that fluffy does not think is entirely legal, peaceful and justified.

          1. See fluffy above.

            He did not say any of what you just said.

            You made all of that up. All of it.

            1. He has said all of it before. You can use the search function just as well as I can. And if he doesn’t think that, he is free to disavow the views in this thread.

              1. He has said all of it before.

                Citation needed. Just for reference, this is what you are saying he said:

                have read on Reason any number of times that Iran is a completely peaceful country being picked on by the US.


                I don’t think Iran has ever taken an action internationally that fluffy does not think is entirely legal, peaceful and justified.

                1. Again, fluffy is on this thread. If he doesn’t believe that, he can come down and say he doesn’t. But I have had long arguments with him where he has claimed all of that and more about the NPT. And if Iran has taken an action he finds illegal, I would like to know what it was.

                  1. Again, fluffy is on this thread. If he doesn’t believe that, he can come down and say he doesn’t.

                    That would just be validating your vicious lies and smear campaign.

                    No, seriously, get some fucking integrity John.

                  2. Can’t a guy go for a run? Holy shit.

                    But to clarify:

                    I do in fact assert that Iran’s nuclear program is currently in compliance with the NPT, and therefore Iran is entirely in the right in the uranium enrichment dispute.

                    Iran’s long-term plans for its nuclear program may be shady or hostile, but that doesn’t matter, in terms of whether they are currently in compliance with the NPT.

                    With regard to:

                    I don’t think Iran has ever taken an action internationally that fluffy does not think is entirely legal, peaceful and justified.

                    Their list of international misdeeds is quite a bit shorter than ours. The major crimes of the Iranian regime, the ones that make it an illegitimate state, are domestic abuses against their own population.

                    Basically their international misdeeds boil down to “they give money to groups that do violent stuff” and “they ally themselves with mean guys like Assad” and while those aren’t nice things, I’d like to have the bitching about those two things limited to states that don’t “give money to groups that do violent stuff” and don’t “ally themselves with mean guys”.

                    1. Thank you fluffy. You basically believe what I said you believe. You have always claimed that Iran is a better international actor than the US. I think that is nuts. But that is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

                    2. You have always claimed that Iran is a better international actor than the US.

                      It’s not that I think they’re great people. They just have limited scope of action.

                      It’s like a quadriplegic with an evil mind. Maybe he’s an immoral bastard who’d like to rape babies and slaughter his neighbors – but guess what, he can’t get up, so his list of actual crimes is negligible.

                      If you sit down and just write down every international misdeed both states have ever committed, Iran’s is mathematically shorter than ours. It just is. Of course, Iran spent a very long period of time as a hapless client state in a semi-developed area, time that the US spent waging a cold war against an evil superpower, but that’s an explanation for why the US has such a long list – it doesn’t change the list(s).

                      If you can count the money Iran gives Hezbollah as this incredibly significant international misdeed, then you have to count every dollar the US ever gave to any dictator, ever. Whose dollar total is higher?

                    3. Fluffy demonstrates the supposedly mythical vein of Libertarian Anti American thought that kept Ron Paul on the political fringe.

                    4. Fluffy demonstrates the supposedly mythical vein of Libertarian Anti American thought that kept Ron Paul on the political fringe.

                      And VG comes along to demonstrate my point exactly.

                      Remember how this discussion started.

                      The discussion started because somebody posted a link to Iran treating the West’s support for Syrian insurgents as an act of war.

                      John chimed in sputtering with outrage that Iran would consider supporting freedom fighters in Syria to be an act of war.

                      I pointed out that John himself personally has argued to me that if Iran gave material support to insurgents in Iraq, that support was an act of war.

                      So basically we have a situation where:

                      1. Iran saying the US supporting Syrian insurgents is an act of war = outrageous

                      2. John saying that Iran supporting Iraqi insurgents is an act of war = totally reasonable

                      3. Fluffy daring to remember John’s argument from a few months ago and pointing it out and/or Fluffy thinking #1 and #2 contradict each other = libertarian anti-American.

                      Thanks for strolling by to be a caricature, dude.

                    5. 1. Iran saying the US supporting Syrian insurgents is an act of war = outrageous

                      2. John saying that Iran supporting Iraqi insurgents is an act of war = totally reasonable

                      Well, I don’t like that the US is supporting the Islamist rebels(not insurgents) in Syria, however, since we are then this must be considered–we are supporting SYRIAN Islamist rebels against the SYRIAN government. Notice something? No Iran. So it IS outrageous that Iran considers anything about this an ‘act of war’ against Iran.

                      Then there’s the second–Iran supporting Baathist(?!?) and Shia mitlitias against the new Iraqi army AND US has ‘us’ involved. We’re part of the equation. We’re getting attacked, so we can, as one of the groups being attacked, say that Iran’s actions are an ‘act of war’–particularly seeing as how they’re acting warlike against us.

                      Point one and two do not contradict each other, Fluffy. They only appear to when you count Iran in to the first and the US out of the second.

                      Finally the real point three is that ALL of these people, insurgent, rebel, government are Islamists of one sort or another. ALL of them are referring to us as the Great Satan–whether they’re on the recieving end of our support or the recieving end of our ammunition. Why not just get the hell out of there and call it a day?

                    6. You basically believe what I said you believe.


                      You said I think Iran has never committed an international act that wasn’t legal and justified.

                      That’s not the same thing.

                2. I too have heard Fluffy take these positions. John is not making it up. But I’m too lazy to cite.

              2. Well john is a sheep fucker. I can prove it… just you do the search because I am too lazy to show is pro-sheep fucking frenzy.

                And if he isn’t a sheep fucker, let him prove it.

                1. I don’t think there is a Muslim child in the world John doesn’t want killed. From what I read from John, every person ever killed in war by the United States had it coming.

                  Let him prove me wrong.

                  1. Gee Randian, I am on this thread and can say, no you are wrong. So is fluffy. If Fluffy doesn’t think the US owes the Iranians aid for their nuclear program under the NPT, he can say so. I have had any number of arguments where he has said just that. That is what he thinks.

                    1. Gee Randian, I am on this thread and can say, no you are wrong.

                      No I am not. And I’ll stay on this thread for three days “libeling” you, and the last comment wins.

                      Right? That’s how your logic works.

                    2. Have you lost your mind Randian? Fluffy is on here all of the time. Ask him yourself. I have no doubt that he will tell you that the US owes Iran aid to their nuclear program under the NPT, that the Iranian program is entirely peaceful, and that the US not Iran is in violation of international law. I am not slandering him. That is his opinion.

                    3. like WTF said above, John = Harry Reid Logic.

                  2. I don’t think there is a Muslim child in the world John doesn’t want killed.

                    Opposing the terrorist states of the mideast, most of whose victims are Muslim, makes you anti-Muslim?

                2. You forgot to close your Harry Reid tags.

                3. Grow the fuck up, Troy.

              3. I hereby disavow disavowals.

                1. seeing no response from Fluffy, the initial conclusion is that he’s not exactly disagreeing with John.

                  1. seeing no response from Fluffy, the initial conclusion is that he’s not exactly disagreeing with John.

                    Oh well, I am sure that he is slavishly devoting himself to this thread to ensure that every smear is immediately rebutted.

                    wareagle, you better look at every thread today, because somehow, somewhere, I am going to lie about you, but if you don’t rebut it in time, then it’s the truth.

                    1. I shall stand fast and rebutt the rebutters.

                    2. oh yeah, my sur-rebuttal of your rebutting shall be forthcoming!

                    3. I preemptively rebut anything said about me that this website’s local consensus disagrees with.


                    4. Let this stand as a pre-buttle for any attacks against me:

                      No, you are wrong.

                    5. what a good idea. My prebuttal is:

                      Wow, I jsut never thought of it like that LOL!

                    6. so you’re fluffy’s designated dogwasher for the day. I believe John has alluded to past threads that would back up his contention. You are, of course, welcome to rebut John’s points. Alternatively, you can stick to the tack of going personal with anyone not in lockstep with you.

                    7. I hereby disavow going personal.

                    8. Red Tony retreats.

                    9. Red Tony retreats.

                      seems more like John’s basic point is going uncontested. In lieu of Fluffy mounting his own defense of what has been alleged, others have decided to instead attack John. It’s like DailyKos took over.

                    10. I hereby disavow DailyKos.

                    11. seems more like John’s basic point is going uncontested.

                      Red Tony’s basic point was a straw man.

                      There’s no point in contesting either Tony when they put forth straw man arguments, because chasing those constantly moving goalposts is a pain in the ass.

                    12. his point was re: fluffy’s stance on Iran, which no one has bothered to rebut. Either John’s claim is right or it’s not. He laid out his case and pointed to previous Reason threads to back up his claim. Unless the site itself is one gigantic straw pile, the only rebuttal to John remains personal.

                    13. I hereby rebut all of your rebuttals, wareagle, and you are therefore wrong in perpetuity.

                      + infinity.

                    14. randian
                      you have done a sterling job of dogwashing on fluffy’s behalf. You have not countered a single point John made, but kudos for obfuscation, windmill tilting, and point-missing.

                    15. Posts ending with “That is his opinion” or “That is what he thinks” are almost always straw men. The burden of proof is on Red Tony, not Fluffy.

                    16. Read fluffy above Sarcasmic. He says exactly what I said he thought. We argue about this all of the time. I am well aware what fluffy thinks. And he confirmed it.

                    17. I read it, and your spin is making me dizzy.

                    18. sarc,
                      John pointed to what fluff things AND offered up Reason’s own search feature so one could find instances of fluff saying what john claimed he has said.

                      You are, of course, welcome to do the search and point out where John is wrong. Alternatively, you and others can keep carrying fluffy’s water and attacking John. That’s where libertarians wind up looking like liberals.

                    19. They are not even carrying fluffy’s water. Fluffy is above and saying exactly what I said his opinion is. Meanwhile they accuse me of slandering fluffy.

                    20. Your spin is disingenuous. As usual.

                      That’s all I’m saying.

                    21. Fluffy is above and saying exactly what I said his opinion is.


                      You are equating “less bad” to “good”, which is false.

                    22. his point was re: fluffy’s stance on Iran, which no one has bothered to rebut.

                      Actually, his point was what it usually is:

                      That Iran is bad, and therefore we’re entitled to issue statements of outrage whenever Iran does something we did the day before, and that everybody who refuses to pretend to have forgotten what we ourselves did and said yesterday is a rotten Iran appeaser.

                      My offense here is the same one libertarians are usually guilty of: that I remember yesterday’s events and yesterday’s statements.

                    23. No Fluffy you sin is thinking that every country is equal and can be trusted the same way. You honestly think Iran is well intentioned

                    24. Alternatively, you can stick to the tack of going personal with anyone not in lockstep with you.

                      It’s the cosmo-tarian way.

                    25. Alternatively, you can stick to the tack of going personal with anyone not in lockstep with you.

                      It’s the cosmo-tarian way.

  17. Labor Department spends stimulus funds for ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows

    The Labor Department paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds to a public relations firm to run more than 100 commercials touting the Obama administration’s “green training” job efforts on two MSNBC cable shows, records show.

    The commercials ran on MSNBC on shows hosted by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann in 2009, but the contract didn’t report any jobs created, according to records reviewed recently by The Washington Times.

    1. Every other liberal interest group stole from the stimulus. Why can’t MSNBC get in on the action?

  18. ‘False Balance’
    Why Obama is so out of touch.

    How could Obama be so out of touch? The Taranto Principle–the theory that approving coverage from liberal journalists encourages self-defeating behavior by liberal politicians–would not seem to apply here, at least not directly. Even admiring journalists have taken note (sometimes admiringly) of the nastiness and divisiveness of Obama’s re-election campaign. The New York Times reported a couple of weeks ago that the president “is an avid consumer of political news and commentary” in the form of newspapers and magazines, so he can’t actually be unaware that some people think his campaign is divisive.

    1. there is no “out of touch,” there is a purposeful effort to accomplish what sane people would consider bad results. It applies to the economy as well. This man requires you to readjust your political calculus and seriously consider things that would otherwise be dismissed as crazy.

    1. This got a sad chuckle out of me.

    2. Funny, because Romney’s top economic adviser doesn’t agree with that.

      1. “a top Mitt Romney adviser”

        There’s a difference between the article’s characterization of who Glenn Hubbard is and your statement.

        And it really doesn’t matter what he said.

        “Borrowing Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign push, Mitt Romney said Monday he thinks the Federal Reserve should face an audit.
        ‘Very plain and simple, the answer is yes. The Federal Reserve should be accountable. We should see what they’re doing,’ Mr. Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said at a town hall in New Hampshire.”


    1. FBI: “PATRIOT Act and NDAA, bitches! Suck it!”

      I’m going to go shoot something now.

  19. “American military casualties in Afghanistan hit 2,000 this week…”

    “Casualties” include service members lost to death, wounds, sickness, capture, or missing. These days far more Americans are wounded than killed.

    We now have 2,000 dead in Afghanistan. I was in the National Guard when this started. I knew why were sending Rangers and Paratroopers in 2002. I have no idea why we are there a decade later.

    1. Because we are too stupid to legalize opium production. We are sending people to kill and to die because we might somewhere save a junkie from himself by sending him to jail.

      1. From what I have read the US military is ignoring opium production. They did for a short while try to reduce the crop but they have long since given up. Especially since the Afghani government both national and local are tied to the drug trade.

        1. I doubt we could weed a garden without permission given the current ROE’s.

    2. And no “grim milestone” remarks from the MSM?!

      I was there 2004-2005, and if we had not let the Brits eff up the Southeast, things might be marignally better. But the beat goes on.

    3. I look forward to the Mike Luckovich cartoon.


      (link might not work)

      1. You should forward that to him and ask for the Afghanistan version.

  20. http://www.mercurynews.com/bre…..er-economy

    Broke California grants huge tax breaks to Hollywood. I thought Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico.

    1. I thought tax breaks for the rich was TEH EVELS!!11!!!1!

      1. yeah, but these are the “right kind” of rich. It’s basically a money-laundering scheme: movie makers get tax breaks, they then funnel campaign cash to Dems, and the cycle repeats.

    2. Johnson’s such a nonentity that John has to go out of his way to make a weak attack on him.

      Interesting how that works.

      1. Get a sense of humor. Johnson was not a saint as governor of New Mexico. And Libertarians do themselves no favors by pretending he was. It is a political movement not a cult.

        1. Get a sense of humor.

          Get some integrity.

          1. HAH

          2. How exactly does pointing out that Johnson granted tax breaks to the movie industry as governor compromise one’s integrity? Wouldn’t lying about it or ignoring it be a compromise to your integrity?

            1. Johnson granted tax breaks to the movie industry? Fuck it, then. I’m voting Obama. Or maybe that other guy.

              1. Vote for Obama. Vote for the devil you know. And of course he did. Does that make Johnson a bad governor? No. But the way Libertarians like Randian get all defensive about it makes his supporters look pathetic and weak.

                1. Check out Hyperventilating Red Tony over here calling others ‘defensive’.

                  1. Yeah, Randian I never say anything bad about Republicans on here. Never.

                    1. Yeah, Randian I never say anything bad about Republicans on here. Never.

                      You can use the search function just as well as I can, John.

                    2. I know Randian. And I searched and searched there just isn’t a single comment anywhere on this blog where I ever said anything bad about a Republican.

                      You got me Randian.

            2. Dude, he’s an objectivist. The final stage of initiation into the religion involves open brain surgery where they pour bleach into the humor center to destroy it forever.

              Which is why no Objectivist can truly enjoy one of the great plays of the last century: Mozart was a Red!!!

              1. “Mozard was a Red” is a little on-the-nose to be funny. Subtlety, where the fuck is it?

        2. It is a political movement not a cult.

          Wannna bet?

  21. The Real Tragedy Of ObamaCare Has Yet To Be Felt By The Poor

    Medicaid is cumbersome, complex, and wasteful ? already the worst health care program in the country. But rather than making changes to improve or modernize this program designed to finance care for the poor, the Obama administration is trying to convince states to add at least 16 million more people to Medicaid, including families making more than $30,000 a year.

    That means the poorest and most vulnerable patients enrolled today will be competing with millions of new Medicaid patients for appointments to see a limited number of physicians. Those who have the greatest need and nowhere else to go are likely to have the hardest time getting care.

    1. Of course that will happen. All of the fuck head liberals like Tony and Shreek have their health care. There isn’t enough justice in the world for it to affect asshole liberals.

      1. In MA we already have rationing by queues. For example, when my mom broke her nose, she spent eight hours total waiting at the MGH ER and then at the Mass Eye and Ear ER (after MGH sent her there) for initial treatment, then almost six months for corrective surgery.

        The state budget is being destroyed by the expense, yet the doctors and insurance companies are being squeezed as the money going into the system is diverted into paying thousands of lower-middle class paper shufflers that have to administer the bureaucracy.

        And this is what both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates think is forward progress.

        1. Fucking disgraceful.

        2. At some point Mass is just going to go broke. The only hope is that it goes broke and the feds are not there to bail it out.

          Also, what is to stop people from escaping and going to another state for treatment?

          1. Because the treatment is cheap in state and unaffordable out of state.

            Let’s take my mom. She’s on medicare and has a medigap insurance from a national brand of health insurance company. But, thanks to ban on interstate insurance sales and her tight budget, she bought a plan where except for emergencies she has to see a doc in MA to get reimbursed. So she can pay the full list price in addition to her premiums and drive ~ an hour to get to NH, or she goes to a MA doctor. Since she’s already shelling out lots of money for her insurance, it made sense for her to just wait things out.

            In the meantime her sense of smell was permanently affected and that has really harmed her greatest pleasure in life, cooking.

            This decision is being made by millions of people and it essentially traps them within a market that is actively hostile to their treatment.

            1. Because the treatment is cheap in state and unaffordable out of state.
              and that is directly correlated to govt action since states control which carriers can serve their residents.

              There is one other truth about socialized medicine that supporters refuse to acknowledge – those systems necessarily say “no” to all sorts of things because they recognize that not all ponies can be bought.

              1. You know, we had free market care in Turkey (the state system was so inefficient it might as well not existed).

                I got excellent treatment for a broken femur at something like 1/20th the cost here (in terms of annual salary) when I broke it as a kid.

                Literally, the entire system is being nuked because of feel-good interventions and rent seeking.

                1. the left refuses to see the causation effect of govt involvement in any market place. Americans are in for a quantum systemic shock when they hear the word “no” for the first time.

            2. I remember seeing a statistic that Germans, with universal care, visit their doctors twice as frequently as do Americans under the current system.
              If Americans are soon able to visit much more frequently, where are the extra docs coming from? Have any candidates suggested how to address the doctor shortage??

              1. No. They both take too much money from the AMA to address why it is so hard to become a doctor or maybe we should encourage more people to enter the field.

                1. …maybe we should encourage more people to enter the field.

                  By lowering the standards.

        3. It’s those greedy fucking doctors. Those bastards actually expect to get paid for their services. Those 1% pigs.

    2. Increasing demand without increasing supply. What the fuck did anybody think would happen?

  22. A lesbian woman claiming to be the victim of a hate crime in Nebraska has now been charged with lying to police

    What’s next, a fake name and a wrong phone number? I could probably skip the first year of police academy if being told a girl you’re interested in is a lesbian is integral to being a cop.

    1. I am shocked that someone with superficial but dramatic injuries could be trying to get attention!

  23. A lesbian woman claiming to be the victim of a hate crime in Nebraska has now been charged with lying to police

    She should also be charged with a double-secret hate crime.

    Unless you get paid by the word, “woman” is unnecessary.

    1. This is what happens when a lady doesn’t have a man in her life. Am I right, fellas?

    2. well it can be a helpful reminder in some cases


    3. Unless you get paid by the word, “woman” is unnecessary.

      You’re trying to microagress against Trans Ladies.

    4. “””Unless you get paid by the word, “woman” is unnecessary.”‘

      Are you sure. In the new bizarre world of LGBTQ it all depends on whether you declare yourself to be a woman. So you can be a lesbian but think of yourself as a man and that is what counts.

      1. In the new bizarre world of LGBTQ, if you declare yourself to be a man, then you are having straight, not lesbian, sex with a woman.

    5. A lesbian cis-woman claiming to be the victim of a hate crime

      FTFY (Feministed That For You)

  24. Has the toddler fight club story already been posted, discussed, and envied?


      1. The beauty part? They can’t talk about it!

  25. So I was in Massachusetts last weekend and had the misfortune of seeing a Liz Warren ad. The whole ad is about poor college students and the burden of college debt and how she will fix it or something. This, the women who collects a 400+K a year salary on false pretenses from the richest university in the world and the university that pretty much sets the price of a top college education, is so concerned about student loan debt. She is real concerned unless it involves someone borrowing to pay too much to go to Harvard and pay her bloated salary.

    1. John, every time that ad comes on the TV, I have to work hard to supress the reflex to hurl the remote through the glass.

      They’re hoping to avoid repeating the mistake of Coakley (may a thousand camels shit in her tent) who thought she had it in the bag and didn’t campaign.

      Which means ads day in and day out. The good news is that it’s making my son a libertarian. Or maybe a commie… four weeks ago he told me the thought the communists had some good ideas, but I was too busy explaining to his sister that we don’t run an animal hospital for moth caterpillers in the house to explore the matter properly. I’m pretty sure he won’t be part of the political mainstream though.

      1. If a majority of Massholes are that fucking stupid they believe that bitch, they deserve what they get.

        1. If it was just their anal integrity we had to worry about, let them damn themselves. But they are voting to unleash her on all of us. And that I won’t forgive.

        2. Yes, they do.

          The Obamatrons that live a couple of houses down were horrified when I told them that I was opposing the Prop 2.5 override to build a new elementary school for my kids to attend. I pointed out that we had thousands of long time residents who were struggling to keep up with their outrageous property taxes here and they honestly didn’t get it.

          They really thought that the Romney’s (dad might have moved out but at least one of the kids still lives here) would be paying the tax and it was like free money. They couldn’t wrap their minds around the idea that I selfishly didn’t want other people to be forced to build my kids a new school.

          BTW, the rationale for the new school was that the repairs to the school would cost X. A new school would cost 4X, but the state would kick in half the cost. So, if we spent 2X we could get a new school instead of a 40 year old brutalist building that was poorly heated and air-conditioned.

          It was like an I Love Lucy episode where she’s explaining to Ricky she saved $300 by spending $500.

        3. unfortunately, the rest of us bear a portion of the brunt from that type stupidity. Her vote would count just as much as Senator Normal.

      2. Being a commie is fine as long as he goes and lives in the woods with a bunch of other like-minded morons and leaves the rest of us alone. The second he joins the devolution and forces the rest of us to live in squalor while Top Men get constant blow jobs from high-priced hookers is the second he gets on my shit list.

        1. are they accepting applications for Top Men?

          1. Not if you didn’t go to an Ivy league school.

            1. I didn’t go to an Ivy League school but my resume says I did. It’s kind of a composite thing.

    2. It would be supremely awesome if an enterprising young reporter asked her if she would be willing to forego a large chunk of her salary to symbolically give back to the plight of these poor poor students and bring attention to one of the many factors contributing to the exorbitant costs of higher education.

    3. my new favorite add is in airing in VA. it’s about free birth control and the women are decrying Romney and something about planned parenthood. i wasn’t really paying attention until my wife pointed out that a tricycle in the background costs a few hundred bucks.

      1. I saw that one the other day. That has to be the most offensive ad I have ever seen. It makes every women in the world look like a lazy slut whose only concern in life is what sugar daddy is going to pay for her birth control and abortions.

        1. Well, you do know that if you don’t agree to pay for it, you are denying them access. And therefore, War on Wimmenz!!111!

    4. The Republicans should see if there are any principled officials in MA that could corroborate the Rainbow/PUSH accusations coming out of IL — that they were encouraging state loan advisors to get students into more debt than they could handle so they could be manipulated into voting for Democrats promising to forgive the debt.

      Play that back to back against Warren for the lulz.

  26. That’s what my semen wanted you to think, with your soft female brain!

    Researchers have identified a protein present in all mammalian semen?camels, weasels, bats, bunnies, piglets, horses, blue whales, and humans (that’s all the mammals, right?)?that directly affects the female brain and stimulates ovulation. It’s called nerve growth factor (NGF if you’re nasty) and it’s typically found in nerve cells, where it regulates nerve maintenance

    Bonus round: Article is by World’s Funniest Human Evar!!! OMG!!!

    1. well it’s only fair – my boobs control your brain

      1. With my semen and your boobs there’s no one left to stop us.

        1. I think production of offspring regulates that feedback loop.

          1. That’s why I’ve been furiously donating to sperm banks since I was a teenager. The first wave of my army is 24 now, the perfect age to lead the rest.

            You should have banned IVF and artificial insemination when you had the chance! The wombs of America have brought forth the power for me to destroy you all!

            You are all doomed! DOOMED!

            1. You are all doomed! DOOMED!

              Pfft. I already have a patent on a cube-shaped gun. I’ll give you one guess what I am shooting at your diabeetus-riddled little bastards.

            2. The first wave of my army is 24 now, the perfect age to lead the rest.

              Pity one-half of them are doing their own furious donating, and the other half are writing slashfic for the Daily Kos

              1. All part of my plan. You’ll see. YOU’LL ALL SEE!

                1. Hmm, I am at loose ends, being retired from the US Army -is it too late to get a commission in the SugarFree Horde? I would do my best to build a pyramid of the skulls of your enemies.

                  1. Building a pyramid of skulls is a perk, but the things you will have to endure are simply not worth it. Where do you think he gets his ideas for his slashfic from?

                  2. Just don’t use glue. Only cheaters glue their skull pyramids together.

                    1. too right. Glue is only for sniffing

                    2. I though the furious donating would provide the, er, binding agent?

                    3. Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit building skull pyramids.

      2. even though my wife is well endowed in the rack department, I’ve always been an ass leg man. I like teh boobs, but they don’t make or break the package for me.

        1. damn, there’s an ampersand in there. Curse you reason and your hatred of everything pure and moral in the world.

    2. Ha! Told you!!

  27. Man kicked off flight for anti-TSA shirt.

    But those transit cops were only following orders.

  28. SPRING VALLEY, Calif. — An investigation was under way Monday into a deputy-involved shooting in which a Spring Valley woman was shot by a deputy who was checking her backyard for a masked man.


    Orey’s sister-in-law, Kristin Arzaga-Morgan, told 10News Orey made it through surgery early Monday to repair the wounds from the bullet that entered her chest, exited through her bicep and struck her pinky finger.

    “Part of a bullet ricocheted off and hit her in the pinky, and they also had to do a little bit of repair to her pinky as well,” said Arzaga-Morgan.

    San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said that is not true. Gore told 10News he has been monitoring the situation and said with assurance that Orey had been shot in the arm and that her pinky was “scratched.”


    Orey told relatives the deputy told her to lay on her back until paramedics arrived.

    Her father said Orey was the first woman accepted in the Navy’s Air and Sea Rescue team and she knew if she stayed on her back she would die, so she turned on her side and waited.

    Morgan said he believes the sheriff’s department is downplaying the shooting.

    “I told them I’m really pissed off,” he said. “I’m pissed off as hell. A cop could have very easily killed my daughter.”


    1. Damn civilians…oh, wait.

    2. In your quotes from the article, you missed what I thought were the most damning sections:

      [San Diego County Sheriff]Gore said the deputies thought Orey’s open gate looked suspicious, so they went into her backyard. The deputies ran into Orey, and one of them had a “spontaneous reaction.”
      Authorities said they did not know exactly what prompted the shooting. They said the woman did not have anything in her hands and was not armed at the time.
      Morgan said Orey told him she heard something in her backyard so she went to check it out.
      “She saw a flashlight and identified herself as the homeowner and he shot her,” said Orey’s father, Dennis Morgan.

      Is Reno 911! a fucking documentary or something?

  29. Obama’s brain and America’s real president, Valerie Jarrett, has reaped a windfall over the last couple of years in shady real estate investments.

    Hmmm, why does this sound oddly familiar to me?

    1. why are you against black women succeeding in Obama’s economy? Not just racist, but sexist, too.

      1. They don’t call it Whitewater for nothing.

    2. I think just about any successful politician from Chicago is involved in shady deals of some kind. That city is a training ground for professional grifters and corrupt politicians.

      1. How do you think Harry Reid became a multi-millionaire? From his Senate salary alone?

  30. Morgan said he believes the sheriff’s department is downplaying the shooting.

    It’s not like a *sheriff* got a scratch on his pinky. That would be tragic; a grim reminder of the war on cops.

  31. Charlie Rogers — a former basketball player for the University of Nebraska who identifies herself as lesbian — told police that three masked men entered her home on July 22, stripped her, tied her down, and carved homophobic slurs into her body before attempting to set her and the house on fire.

    It has elements similar to the Tawana Brawley story.

    It’s almost as if there’s an urban legend or something out there, where racists/right-wing scary people, apparently, are so full of hate that they sexually abuse their victims and then write slurs on them.

    I wonder if this actually happens? I’ve seen people deface synagogues with graffiti, and I’ve seen a lot of these types with tattoos, but writing on other people? Seems to be a hallmark of the meme.

    1. former basketball player for the University of Nebraska who identifies herself as lesbian

      Apparently, somebody else who gets paid by the word.

    2. This was covered by Reason when the story broke, and even then it was suspicious. Three men tie her down, DON’T rape her, supposedly carve slurs into her body, and THEN attempt to burn her and the house down? What would be the point of carving slurs into her body if they were going to burn up the message that same night?

      The whole event in its execution smacked of “fake,” the same as the lesbians who spray-painted homophobic slurs on their garage attempting to get media sympathy.

      I don’t think these bitches realize that by pulling this shit, they’ll make people much less likely to take actual attacks against gay people seriously. Perhaps we should thank them for showing just how stupid “hate crime” laws are to begin with.

  32. HuffPoster brings the stoopid:


    “…I do not take a ‘home office’ deduction on part of my house, although I could. I do not take mileage deductions for driving my car in business. …”

    What a dumbshit.

    1. Your link is to a fat kitty, but I’ll take your word for it.

      1. The fat kitty is his argument. That means you lose.

      2. Pic posted yesterday.

        1. Argh. Wrong link. I sent that to a friend of mine, and it was still in the cut/paste holding pattern.


          Here it be. The article is even worser.

          1. Worser than Abrams’ comment, I mean.

            Shit, I can’t get it together today.

          2. The fat kitty was more appealing.

            1. That was, indeed, quite the kitteh.

  33. Avril Lavigne–still dating douchebags!


    1. She’s gonna marry Nickleback?

      That’s like joining a cult!

      She’s been brainwashed or hypnotized or somethin’.

      Jesus Christ, please, don’t let their be a tour.

      Worst. Show. Ever.

  34. Long post here, so bear with me.

    About two weeks ago, Banjos and I went in for the ultrasound that would tell us if we’re having a girl or a boy. We were excited, to say the least, not only to see the ultasound but to find out what our baby was going to be. Now, I’ve been to ultrasounds before, and I know the tech that is doing it will almost always tell you everything that’s going on with your baby when youask. When I asked her if everything’s ok, and she said the doctor would be in to talk about the ultrasound and that she doesn’t analyze it, I knew there was a problem. But our little baby had a strong heartbeat and all of the measurements looked right based on what I had read, so I didn’t have too much concern.

    Well, when we went in to see the doc afterward, he matter-of-factly told us that there was a possibility that she had a serious problem and told us we needed to go see a specialist at Children’s Hospital in Fresno. He called in a favor and got us in to see the specialist that same day.

    So the specialist has a higher-end ultrasound machine and his staff really know their stuff, and as it turned out, she had what’s called an omphalocele, which can lead to some pretty complicated problems. The biggest problem is the potential for serious chromosomal defects, which are catastrophically bad in all but the rarest occasions. The babies worn with the defects almost never live past a week.

    With that in mind, he told us we should do an amniocentesis

    1. Hang in there, sloopy and banjos.

    2. i’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of you

    3. Thinking and wishing for the best for y’all

    4. (cont)
      so we could plan for the potential outcomes more effectively. He went ahead and did the amnio but also did a more involved ultrasound himself at the same time and took more detailed imagery of the baby’s face, spine, heart and brain. All of those measurements came back looking pretty good, and the heart was pushing a good amount of blood around, which made him more optimistic, and her face and lip development also looked completely normal and complete, which he also said was a very good sign. And as far as the omphalocele goes, it looked like the only thing forming outside the abdomen was part or all of her liver.

      So we got word back yesterday (while I’m in San Diego and Kara’s at home) that the genetic testing all came back negative for the defects and our baby is in the clear in that regard. Of course, we still have all of the potential problems that an omphalocele carries with it, and Kara will have to have a c-section and the baby will likely be in a NICU unit for a few weeks or more after she is born after which they’ll perform surgery to put the portion of the liver that is developing outside her abdominal wall back inside her. Of course, that’s pretty tricky, but the more research I’ve done, the more promising it looks that she’ll be a normal baby girl after a little while.

      Count your blessings, people. Whether you think they came from God or not, count them.

      1. Hope this ends well for you and your family.

      2. Is there an option to perform prenatal surgery to correct the liver development issue?

        1. Nope. And the development appears to be normal in size and scope, just in the wrong location relative to her abdominal wall.

          According to the pediatric surgeon, they use a man-made sac to keep the organs in that is attached to the skin. (Think of a surgically-applied piss bag) They stabilize her and the organ this way and after a couple of weeks, they make an incision inside the sac through her abdomen and reinsert the organ in the correct location.

          The tricky part is because her abdomen has developed without the liver in there, it didn’t leave the space that is needed to reinsert it. I don’t understand exactly how they do that part of it, but I would imagine they develop a cavity for it to ultimately fit into.

      3. That’s terrible guys. I hope everything gets better.

      4. Wow. Hopefully everything goes right from here on out.

      5. I can’t imagine having to go through that. I hope everything goes well for you, Banjos, and your baby girl. I’m gonna go hug the shit out of mine now.

      6. hope everything works out – my wife and I had two heartbreaks while trying to have kids. It hurts.

      7. I sincerely hope things go well for your daughter, your wife and you. I’m sure we all wish there was more we could do for you.

      8. Wow. Here’s hoping for the best.

      9. Good luck to both of you, and the little one.

    5. OMG. That is horrible. I wish I knew what to say.

  35. Sorry about the above, and I don’t mean to pour my problems out on here. But seriously, you guys are like a weird extended family to me (full of the uncles your parents say not to go in a room alone with) and I can say what’s going on here and almost certainly get a smart and knowledgeable response from someone in the know. There’s a lot of brains on the HyR boards, and I like to count on them from time to time.

    She’s going to be delivered at a great Children’s Hospital and we’ve got good insurance and connections at Cedars-Sinai and the Mayo Clinic, so I think we’ve got as good a chance as anybody for this all to work out fine.

    Sorry for the buzzkill, everyone.

    1. Hell, sloop, you don’t need to apologize. You’re part of the weird extended family, after all.

      Best of luck to you and yours.

    2. Do keep us posted. You know we’ll be thinking of you guys and hoping for the best.

    3. don’t apologise, and please let us know how it’s going. Make sure you do something nice for yourself and Kara together – you deserve it

    4. Not a buzzkill, we all want to know. We’re hoping the best for you, Banjos, and your baby girl.

    5. Its not a buzzkill… and if small town Methodist prayers carry any weight, they are coming in for you and yours.

    6. I’m sorry to read about this happening to you, banjos, and of course, your child. I am thankful that the news, as bad at it is, wasn’t worse.

      You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Virginia has kickass craft brew scene.

    And that three-tier system is slowly crumbling…

    Changes in state law that went into effect in July now allow craft breweries to sell their products by the pint in their taprooms rather just bottled for retail sales also are helping brewers bring in more revenue.

  37. OK, I’ll get back to normal and post another story where the police beat the absolute shit out of a man. His crime? Skateboarding in the wrong direction. The reason they beat the shit out of him? Because he got mouthy.

    1. Do not, under any circumstances, look at the comments to the story if you:
      are a young child or elderly,
      suffer from a nervous condition,
      are suffering from nausea,
      have back or neck problems,
      have heart problems, or
      ate spicy food recently.

    2. The LAPD says that the incident is being investigated by internal affairs and will be reviewed at the highest level of the department.

      See, everything will be okay now. They’ll get to the bottom of this.

      He added: “Use of force by offices may include striking a suspect with an officers’ fist if the suspect is resisting arrest.”

      An officer doesn’t punch a suspect, the suspect gets struck by the officers fist. It’s clearly the suspects fault.

  38. The reason they beat the shit out of him? Because he got mouthy.


    1. That was some prime dunphy channeling, that was!

      unmitigated forces for good cannot be wrong! It must be undertrainning.

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