30 years ago in reason


“A morally sound strategic policy would consist of a multilayered defense against ballistic missiles (both space-based and earth-based) coupled with a retaliatory capability designed specifically to destroy the enemy’s military infrastructure. Harm to bystanders would be kept to an absolute minimum by appropriate warhead design.”

â€"Robert Poole Jr., “War and Morality”

“Illiteracy has now joined unwed motherhood, herpes simplex, and budget deficits as one of the nation’s insoluble problems.”

â€"Samuel Blumenfeld, “The Victims of ‘Dick and Jane’”

“I don’t know what Oakland’s going to do with the Raiders. They can hardly turn them into a freeway or run a railroad under them. God knows there’s no oil under them. Are they going to put swings on their field or monkey bars? What I don’t understand is, if you can condemn and obtain a football team, why didn’t they try for the 49ers?”

â€"Jim Murray, “Football Slaves”

â€"October 1982