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Ron Paul Delegate Deals Reached, Report CNN and Associated Press


I'm sure this will be seen as a good news/bad news scenario for more pugnacious Paulites hoping for a rip-roaring floor fight at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week, but the delegate fights I've been blogging about here for a long time, seem to be resolved, gaining Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) more dedicated delegates on the floor in Tampa than seemed likely just yesterday:

CNN from earlier today, via WYFF 4 TV's website:

The deal, which is expected to be announced Tuesday afternoon, will seat more Paul delegates at next week's Republican National Convention, an act that could help prevent an organized effort by Paul supporters to try and bring Monday's opening session to a grinding halt….

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

"This is a major step towards peace and good will on the convention floor," said a Paul source familiar with the negotiations….

The RNC has agreed to seat 17 Ron Paul delegates from Louisiana, which has been a major point of contention between the Paul campaign and the Romney campaign. In addition, the RNC will also seat additional Paul delegates from Massachusetts, ending the controversy in that state.

Associated Press had more, later, treating the Louisiana deal as done, with Massachusetts close and Maine still in the air:

The Texas congressman will get 17 of the Louisiana's 46 delegates in the compromise, said Charlie Davis, who served as Paul's campaign chairman in Louisiana. The rest of the state's delegates are expected to support Mitt Romney, the party's presumptive nominee.

A Republican National Committee official confirmed the agreement. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, was not authorized to publicly discuss the negotiations…..

"I think it's a huge win for our campaign because it showed what happened in Louisiana was wrong," Davis said by phone from Tampa. "It's been a long uphill battle, but the overwhelming evidence was on our side."

Supporters for Paul and Romney also have disputes over delegates in Massachusetts and Maine. Jesse Benton, Paul's chief campaign strategist, said Paul's supporters were close to reaching an agreement on divvying up the delegates from Massachusetts.

"Maine is still unsettled, but talks are continuing and the conversation remains respectful," Benton said in an email.

For how we got here, see my early August overview on delegate controversies; and last week's account of the further roadblocks on the way to what seems to be today's compromise. And there are plenty of other Ron Paul delegate fight posts to choose from.

Early word from the more hardcore and rootin-tootin Paul forces on the 'Net is that such compromises won't necessarily keep them pacified on the floor, and certainly won't mean they'll become good soldier Romney voters. It is at the very least politically expedient and intelligent of the GOP powers to not continue deliberately poking sticks of disrespect at Paul's forces.

For the story of how the Ron Paul campaign got here, see my new book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.


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  1. Here’s how the “compromise” went down:

    1. Ron Paul wins a majority of the delegates in 5 or 6 states, despite not placing first in the popular vote in any of them.

    2. Panicked Romney supporters and RNC apparatchiks realize that Ron Paul can be placed in nomination from the convention floor if he controls a majority of the delegations in 5 or more states.

    3. State Republican Party bosses in some states try to pick their own delegates, pretending Ron Paul didn’t win, leading to fisticuffs and lawsuits.

    4. State Republican Party bosses in other states demand loyalty oaths from Ron Paul delegates, disqualifying them if the paperwork is wrong or late or if they object.

    5. Romney campaign staffers realize they’re in a virtual tie with Obama while their guy is making gaffe after gaffe on his big European trip, and might need some of those pesky Paul supporters after all.

    6. RNC types decide to “give” Ron Paul a sizable minority of the delegates from the states in question, placating the least rabble-rousing contingent of Paul’s support, and preventing any meaningful dissent.

    See how that works?

  2. “I’m sure this will be seen as a good news/bad news scenario for more pugnacious Paulites hoping for a rip-roaring floor fight”

    Um, what about those of us that feel that people who were clearly and unambigously elected to be delegates representing their states should be seated, instead of being replaced by party insiders who were NOT elected? Apparently that’s a petty concern to Reason, CNN, NY Times, possibly people inside the Paul campaign, etc.

    1. I see you haven’t bothered to read any of Brian’s previous posts on the subject.

      1. RBS, I believe I’ve read them all. He seems to often (even always?) be guilty of that hack-journalism technique of using equivocal language whenever reporting disagreement.

        If one person says 2+2=4 and another says 2+2=5, it’s quite alright, and even important to ackowledge that the second person is incorrect. That isn’t editorializing, but reporting. In contrast, equivocation IS the proper tone in describing WHY the second person is technically incorrect. For example, It would be editorializing to descibe the motivations of the incorrect party.

  3. Stop calling me a Paulite, Dohertylite!

    Those that believe in defending the founding principles and law of the country are patriots! Ron Paul supporters are patriots!

    There’s no such thing as a Paulite.

    1. This is excellent troll posing.

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun for folks who are into games like Dungeons Dragons, but for those of us who aren’t into the LARP that is the Republican nomination process, why should we give a crap about any of this? In the end, has the Paul campaign actually done anything to make progress within the GOP when it comes to issues like civil liberties, endless wars, and the War on Drugs? Or has it simply proven that it can be a pain in the ass?

    1. Also, why the hell doesn’t Hit and Run’s new comment system allow ampersands?

    2. ClubMed,

      The Ron Paul supporters have done MUCH. They have raised hell, they have become the Republican party in much of the country.

      In Nevada, the RINO’s and NeoCons had to form their own ‘TeamNevada’ party.

      If the effort continues it will be huge, if it fizzles out after the election then it will be meaningless.

  5. “The Texas congressman will get 17 of the Louisiana’s 46 delegates in the compromise” So, only 17 of the 46 elected delegates in a compromise to allow fraud? Making a deal with the devil is still making a deal for evil. All delegates that were elected should be seated, not only a small fraction of them.

  6. A Paul delegation will not succumb to top-down deals, since the revolution is grassroots. The delegates are free to vote their conscience on the first round of balloting. Civil War in Tampa? You bet.…..-in-tampa/

  7. Meanwhile, the Romney economic adviser was on CNBC this morning, defending Bernanke and saying the Fed was already audited and should be free from oversight.

  8. Why are Ron Paul delegates still pushing for changes within the GOP? Do they really expect peace and good will” from the GOP? Now is the time for Ron Paul supporters to prove they believe in the Libertarian agenda and give their support to Gov. Gary Johnson. Forget the RNC. It’s the Liber tarian agenda they need to support with the candidacy of Gary Johnson for President.

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