Gary Johnson

New Gary Johnson Ad


Houston – The Gary Johnson camp has relased a new campaign video featuring one of Johnson's campaign slogans, "Be Libertarian With Me." 

Johnson wrapped up his Texas tour yesterday and headed to Salt Lake City to shoot more video for possible ads. He then returned to his home in New Mexico.

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  1. Johnson’s ads are good. But most voters are not going to see them. His campaign is going to have to find the money to start airing them on the major networks if he wants to considered for the debates.

  2. Dude at the beginning looks like he’s about to have painfully explosive sharts on public transport.

    Not that I would know what that’s like….

    1. ^^Winner

    2. Yeah, no payoff – I was expecting a reveal of him in a voting booth, and that he would vote Libertarian to cure his overwhelming dissonance.

  3. Meh. I’m afraid that was pretty uninspiring.

  4. To me the slogan “Be Libertarian with Me for One Election” sounds an awful lot like “Just the Tip“.

    1. I don’t get it either. Sort of like “this is the most important election, ever” isn’t it?

      1. Always is.

    2. The slogan reminds me of “Don’t change horses in midstream” from the movie “Wag the dog”.

      Seriously, what would you think if Romney/Obama ran with ads asking you to “be republican/democratic with me for one election”? It would just make them sound weak and whiny. So it is with Johnson: he needs a slogan that offers voters a concrete reason why it’s to their benefit to support him.

  5. ummm…What is the problem with the gentleman with the beard? Who are the other people and why aren’t they grimacing also? Also, could you possibly find some more annoying background music?

    1. I suppose they could have used the music in that “opera” scene in The Fifth Element.

      Wait a minute… is that where I heard that music before?

    2. Beardy is obviously passing a kidney stone, while in a ballot box apparently.

  6. The ad YouareLibertarian2 is better – interesting point about the Presidents on Rushmore being elected outside the party process. (Although it’s a tough argument for Washington, as there wasn’t really anything established yet)

  7. Yikes. Is it too late to ask for my $25 donation back?

  8. the dudes expression distracts from the dialogue. change the first shot and you’d have a decent ad.

    1. I agree. I loved the copy and Johnson, but the monochromatic shot from some antacid advertisement was distracting.

  9. Meh. Not as good as some of his previous ads. Who the hell was the constipated look dude?

    1. *looking


  10. “If you’d rather die than give another vote for…members of both failed political parties”

    Not sure that really makes someone a libertarian.

    Then something about this year not having to be a libertarian to vote libertarian after giving all the reasons you’re a libertarian? I am confuse

  11. I beg to differ, Loki – that was a good add.

    But I do agree that it is one thing to have a knockout add and another to give it exposure. And unfortunately, exposure is what the LP lacks.

    1. I’m sure there will be tons of money soon when Johnson gets done with his whirlwind fundraising dinners tour in the top 25 metro areas during Sept.
      Schedule should be posted any day now, right? right?

  12. Crying man is a complete anomaly in what is otherwise a plain vanilla political ad. Johnson’s earlier video with the retro TV set turned on one side is much better propaganda. Where are the attack ads? He needs to start comparing Mittens and Bama if he wants to illustrate their ineffectiveness.

  13. Nope. Not good.

    Proposed changes:

    1. cut that first part entirely – WTF was that anyway?
    2. lose the annoying couple with their vapid smiles. they make me want to punch the screen.
    3. just show Gary talking. he’s amiable. show the fucking guy already. shit.

  14. One of the worst Johnson ads so far. What is with the grimacing bearded man trying to take a dump? What is up with the creepy haunted house music? I give the ad a D.

  15. Good idea, poor execution.

  16. Do you want Gary Johnson as president?

  17. Ha Ha Ha Ha (sung quickly in staccato fashion).

    Constipated / heartburn beardo gets your attention, but is very uncomfortable to watch; he is a definite distraction and target for mocking. If aired in important markets, this ad will inevitably be featured in a John Stewart bit.

    The basic idea is sound, but I think the visuals and the soundtrack need work.

  18. By the way, I like Johnson as a candidate, not the least for his prior campaign experience, re-electability as governor, and presumed understanding of how to appeal to an electorate. But has he, as the campaign ad taglines say, personally “approved this message”? If so, I may have to rethink the presumption. If not, he needs to get control of the campaign organization and inject some common sense and his own hard-won campaign wisdom into his media.

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