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Ron Paul Delegate Roundup: His Massachusetts People Lose, His Louisiana Fight Goes to Round Two


Despite the massive coronation for Romney/Ryan being planned for the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week, Ron Paul forces continue to fight for their representation. But they aren't winning many fights.

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In Massachusetts, where a bunch of Ron Paul delegates were booted from their seats for (mostly, it's complicated, see my earlier accounts from July and August) refusing to sign affidavits swearing they'd vote for Romney, the Boston Globe is reporting that the Paul delegates bid to be re-seated has failed.

And in Louisiana, where the state party sent a disputed group of non-Paul delegates to Tampa, the Paul campaign is trying a second round of complaints with the RNC to challenge the state's choice after their first try failed. CNN with the nitty-gritty:

In the days leading up to the Republican Party of Louisiana's state convention in June, an affidavit and supplemental rules were distributed to participants. The affidavit required the signature of delegates selected to go to the national convention to vote for the candidate they were bound to by the State Central Committee.

Paul's supporters refused to sign the affidavit because it gave the power to the state executive committee to replace unallocated delegates.

Instead, they had their own vote at the state convention in protest of the party's rules.

"The affidavit and supplemental rules systemically changed the way that Louisiana elected National Delegates," [Charlie] Davis [chair of the Louisiana Ron Paul campaign] wrote in the memo [sent to the RNC]. "Both documents are clear violations of the national requirement that all rules must have been submitted to the RNC last October 1."

Jason Doré, executive director of the state party, said the campaign was aware the affidavit and rules were coming and that draft versions were sent in the days leading up to the state convention…..

The Paul campaign is requesting contestants and respondents be given time to cross-examine those who filed an affidavit. It is also requesting electronic communication between the RNC and Louisiana Republican Party staffs—which it says coordinated the rules—be turned over to the committee.

The Committee on Contests will make a recommendation to the party based on the hearing, scheduled for Tuesday. The credentials committee will then vote to recommend that the entire convention keep or strip the current delegates.

My new book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

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  1. Rush 2112!

  2. When the current rules do not give the desired result, change them.

  3. If Romney’s election gets fucked by libertarian leaning not voting for him, the republican party will deserve the shit out of that happening after the resistance they put against people who actually do favor limited government the republican party claims to prefer.

    1. And then they will go on a rampage against any libertarian elements within the party because they will claim they “lost them the election” just like the Dems did to Nader and the Greens in 2000.

      Which would actually be good for finally destroying the fiction that they have any affinity for limited government whatsoever.

      1. “Republicans toss libertarians out of the party. Paul Ryan still extreme-right limited government guy hell-bent on destroying senior citizens.” –some future CNN report

        1. Yeah, well, nothing will destroy the abject hard-on leftists have for vilifying libertarians. They project what they hate and despise most about themselves onto libertarians.

          1. This. They suck the cocks of politicians who give away billions of dollars stolen from Americans to rich scum with connected businesses, then cry that libertarians want to “give away” tax money to the rich. They say libertarians are racist, then support the War on Drugs incarcerating millions. They claim libertarians would be horrible on foreign policy, then support a scumbag who happily drones a wedding party to pieces.

            Dear progressive assholes: you are everything you hate in the world.

    2. It’s quite foolish of the Republicans, who could win libertarian votes with some vague rhetoric–as they’ve done in the past. Instead, they act very much like they want to purge the party of its non-state-loving elements. Which, while small, aren’t that insignificant.

      Win or lose, we lose.

  4. Too much focus on RP and his speaker spot. RP is just a facehugger. The embryo of liberty has already been implanted into the GOP elephant where it will develop into the fully-fledged Libertarian Movement. Which is The Alien sporting top-hat and monocle.

    1. Something like this?

      1. Eerily similar but with more child labor.

  5. Even if they lose every single fight, I’m glad they’re still fighting, and fighting to the end.

    If they ask Ron Paul for his endorsement, I hope he rights the word “Nuts” on a small piece of paper, mailed to RNC headquarters.

    1. In the end he will be a good TEAM player and endorse whoever the TEAM selects.

      He is a career politician, after all.

      1. But his career is over, no?

        1. Maybe if he endorses, there’ll be a nice cabinet position opened up for him.

          Something without teeth, like Embassador to Lisbon or some such thing.

          1. Doubtful.
            Sad that Paul will inevitably endorse Romney for the TEAM, even though he knows that Romney will put as much distance as he can between the two of them.

            1. “Borrowing Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign push, Mitt Romney said Monday he thinks the Federal Reserve should face an audit.
              ‘Very plain and simple, the answer is yes. The Federal Reserve should be accountable. We should see what they’re doing,’ Mr. Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said at a town hall in New Hampshire.


            2. “The GOP’s platform committee begins meeting later Monday, and Mr. Paul is seeking to have a Fed audit included as an official position of the party. Gov. Bob McDonnell, the platform committee’s chairman, told The Washington Times last month that he supported accountability at the Fed, and said the committee was looking at a number of Mr. Paul’s ideas.”

            3. “The Republican National Convention platform committee has reportedly embraced ten of twelve “Freedom Platform” proposals chosen by Tea Party activists and promoted by FreedomWorks, a leading D.C.-based conservative grassroots service center”


              1. libertarians aren’t going to be convinced by empty promises and rhetoric of mainstream Republican politicians any more

                1. “libertarians aren’t going to be convinced by empty promises and rhetoric of mainstream Republican politicians any more”

                  Asked this before and didn’t get a reply:
                  When did this occur?

              2. If there’s one thing that could get Paul to back Romney, it would be some sort of oversight role regarding the Fed.

            4. Paul never endorsed McCain or Bush. What makes you think he’ll endorse Romney?

    2. “rights” the word. Jesus h christ what’s wrong with me today. I’m getting civil “rights” and “writes” all a mixed up.

      I need to quit working while I’m posting.

  6. See what happens to libertarians who try to
    work within the GOP.”

    1. They succeed in infiltrating the machinery while everyone is distracted by unimportant sideshows.

  7. God bless these delegates. I surf the net and write an occasional check while these guys and gals spend god knows how many hours fighting the good fight. What a thankless job.

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