Republican Convention 2012

RNC No Boon for Tampa Strip Clubs, Says Local Adult Entertainment Mogul

Strip clubs not expecting a boon from the convention. Free speech, of course, will be limited as usual.


well that's tampa, of course

Tampa is apparently a town known for strip joints, like "New York City and the Statue of Liberty," according to the AP no less, and Joe Redner helped build that reputation, opening three strip clubs (since sold). The sometime local progressive politico tells the AP that the Republican National Convention headed to his town won't be a boon for the local strip clubs:

"I don't expect the RNC to be as busy as Super Bowl," Redner said, with a dismissive wave of his hand. "I don't think those people are coming to party."

… Jason Lange, an adult industry promoter, agrees with Redner that Tampa-area clubs probably won't receive a windfall because of the RNC.

"A lot of people are thinking it's going to be a super home run, but it's not," said Lange, who has booked some private parties for RNC-goers and is bringing in porn stars as entertainers at certain clubs during that week. "The Mitt Romneys aren't going to go into adult entertainment clubs."

National political conventions are almost always vaunted as cash cows or crowing moments for the city's selected to host them, and both Tampa and Charlotte have been no different.

In an op-ed in the Charlotte Observer, Ron Stodghill questioned the premise of the lucrative conventions by looking to the previous hosts of the Democratic Party's get togethers:

In Denver and Boston, there are some valuable lessons to be learned about sorting hype and hubris from reality.

After Beantown's convention, for example, Suffolk University's Beacon Hill Institute released a study called "The Economic Impact of the Democratic National Convention on the Boston Economy: The Final Tally." Alas, the report characterized the much-ballyhooed event as having marginal economic impact on the city. While Mayor Thomas Menino predicted that the convention would rake in $154 million, the actual yield was substantially less, the study said.

Among the reasons: normal workday productivity was halted due to road closures, revenue-generating events not related to the DNC were canceled, and spending among delegates and nondelegates in Boston's restaurants and shops was less than projected as attendees gathered instead at corporate parties and receptions.

In fact, many local businesses wound up saddled with "extra inventory and empty seats and cash registers."

…Similarly, while Denver officials calculated that the DNC generated a regional economic benefit of $266 million in direct and indirect spending, and $133.5 million in direct spending in Denver, those estimates didn't fully account for lost or displaced business due to the convention, some business leaders have argued.

And while the Minneapolis-St. Paul GOP convention in 2008 convinced Minneapolis to bid for this year's Democratic convention, the 2004 convention in New York City (hosted by Mayor Bloomberg when he was a Republican) brought about some of the largest convention-related protests since Chicago 1968, animated by opposition to the Vietnam War, and its Republican counterpart four years later in Miami, largely overshadowed in history by the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who went 14-0.

event-related special

Some of the first "free speech zones," made famous during the Bush years, were put in place for the 1988 Democratic convention in Atlanta, and over the years the place where our would-be presidents are nominated have been home to mini-suspensions of the Constitution.

This year will be no different. Charlotte is spending $50 million (in federal money!) on security, and Tampa police are taking "unusual steps" in restricting protests surrounding the convention center, like banning rope over six feet long and parades lasting longer than 90 minutes.

So maybe if you're in Tampa to protest this summer, hit a strip club instead. They say they need the stimulus!


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  1. I’m laughing my head off, because it’s common knowledge here that they’ve been upgrading the clubs and beefing up the security for the discreet entrances and rooms. Used, of course, by famous people who know how not to be seen.

    Redner claimed to be gay a few years ago, but I think that’s either nonsense or not the whole story. Because I’ve personally seen him out (at restaurants) with strippers. I’m sure those are just “interviews.”

    1. He’s also sponsoring Occupy protests.

      1. Sure. He wants to be mayor. Somehow, that plays into his plans.

        1. Maybe he could hire you and sue his way into the mayorship. You can do that, right?

    2. Used, of course, by famous people who know how not to be seen.

      The real entertainment comes from the famous people who don’t know how to be not seen.

      1. Precisely. I see that you are familiar with stripper-celebrity mores.

        1. TMZ is educational.

      2. Or those famous people who forget that twitter and facebook can be ready by other people.

    3. I’ll bet his place has been booked solid for the entire week for at least a few months now.

      1. The place must do incredible business. My brother and I have driven past there on extremely early morning fishing trips, and there are always cars there. Always. Redner must be crazy rich.

        1. My uncle’s friend worked in a Rickels as an assistant manager but was laid off after putting like 10 years in. He turned around and used his savings to buy a strip club. Within a year or two he was fucking rolling in dough, buying expensive cars, dating the strippers, and basically living it up. He bought two more and last time I saw him, which was admittedly years ago, he was still going strong.

          It made me consider investing in a strip club, but then I remembered that I hate strip clubs.

          1. just buy one and get a dependable manager.

            1. Here’s a fun, horrific fact: strip clubs in Washington state can’t sell alcohol.

              1. damn…place makes MS look forward thinking.

        2. I dunno, but its just a stroll down 98 from a bunch of oystermen who got paid by BP. Those guys get more than beer money together and they’ll find a way to blow it on something that leaves them nothing to show for their time except maybe more tattoos and booking photo.

        3. A friend once told me that Mons makes 20K per day in cover charges, but that seems like a little much. I could definitely see Mons doing that on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays, though. Also, those places don’t pay their strippers. The dancers pay the club to dance there.

  2. I thought Tampa was famous for Scientology or is that how you get sued?

    1. We can do both. Why can’t we do both?

      1. Scientologist strippers?

        You have to pay to see her Thetans.

        1. You can look, but if you try and touch her e-meter, the bouncers will throw you out so fast your head will spin.

          1. I went to downtown Clearwater to go to the library, and I passed the big cult center. There were a few of them milling about with their clipboards. The group included some cute girls. I thought “my penis kills Thetans” would be a good pick-up line.

            1. You dumbass. The correct pickup line is that you can drive a 6-inch thetan through a board with your penis.

            2. Dude, you should totally try that.

            3. I wonder what would happen if you tried that line on Tom Cruise.

              1. Dude, you should totally try that.

    2. More Clearwater, but yes.

  3. The Demtards say this same thing every four years about Republican Conventions. If Republicans are really so rich as they whine about, why wouldn’t they have private parties instead of going to a public strip club?

    1. Per capita, politicos of either major party see a dramatically disproportionate share of strippers and prostitutes.

  4. The GOP is more into “rentboys” it seems.

    Anyway, the Mons is classic although it looks like hell from Dale Mabry Hwy. I used to work in Tampa and would kill time there between flights (never lived there).

    1. “The GOP is more into “rentboys’ it seems”

      I defer to your, uh, experience.

  5. “A lot of people are thinking it’s going to be a super home run, but it’s not,” said Lange, who has booked some private parties for RNC-goers and is bringing in porn stars as entertainers at certain clubs during that week. “The Mitt Romneys aren’t going to go into adult entertainment clubs.”

    Having worked directly with conservatives, and on their computers, I can assure Mr. Lange that he is in for a very happy surprise ending.

    1. it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

    2. Happy endings for everyone!

  6. I’ve heard from several sources that the guys at GOP political events are almost always prudes, but the gals are usually looking for an outlet for their sexual frustration.

    Don’t think that’ll help the traditional strip club much though…

  7. The right of the people, to speak with their unamplified voice in a public square of the government’s choosing, shall not be infringed.

  8. The Democratic and Republican conventions will sure as hell be a boon to escort services and cocaine dealers however.

    1. And rent boys. Don’t forget rent boys.

    2. I wonder…are more hookers and blow consumed surrounding the Libertarian National Convention than the DNC and RNC? I would predict that on an absolute basis, the GOP and Dems have us beat. But I would hope that per capita our consumption is higher.

      1. I dunno, hookers and blow are expensive. I imagine LNCs operate on something of a shoestring.

        1. Streetwalkers and crushed up Adderall?

          1. More like Tylenol PM and really really dark hotel rooms.

            1. “We’ve got free Cinemax! Break out the Nyquil and the Robitussin and let’s get this coma started!”

              1. The secret is to scrub vigorously to get rid of the smell, and then avoid eye contact in the convention hall the next day.

        2. Sure the conventions themselves are thrifty affairs. But can’t a population fully comprised of monocle-wearing captains of industry afford a few days of full-out hedonism?

  9. Perhaps we ought to, er, poll a few strippers to see if this is true our not.

    1. I volunteer. But, uh, I’ll need a little spending cash to, uh, spread around. Just think of it as buying the poll.

  10. Also, Tampa was just ranked the most vain city in America, so it’s got that going for it.

  11. In the last century I worked for a firm in Tampa that would from time to time require me to take my survey crew over from Taintsville to work there.

    One time we got booked into the Orleans Motel (across from Mons Venus) because the bosses administrative assistant thought it was the cheapest and best accommodation available for us.

    When the CEO found out what she’d done he ordered her to move us right away. He was an architect and as far as he was concerned engineers were low class tradesmen and surveyors were just a bunch of jailbirds. He was a major supporter of local Catholic institutions and he wanted to make sure we weren’t led into perdition.

    For what it’s worth my favorite Left Coast watering holes/eateries are a spot by the marina in St Pete, another a few blocks from the beach in Clearwater and the Green Iguana in Ybor City. Except for the Green Iguana, I can’t for the life of me remember their names but I seem to find them every time I’m there.

    1. OK, I’ve got to ask.

      Is anyone else having a problem with the preview button her at Hit’n’Run?

      Every time I use it I lose my comment.

    2. Black Opal by the marina in St. Pete? Acquaintance of mine owns that. Or owned that. Haven’t been there in years.

      1. I don’t know. It’s at Bayshore and, I think, 2nd NE.

  12. Clearwater beach–The Original Frenchy’s?

    1. That’s the place. Is it still there, I haven’t been there for years.

      I’m afraid that Florida’s beach towns have lost that certain character that appealed to me. The one story frame houses are gone and replaced by high rise condos. Guess I’m just a dinosaur.

      1. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking progress, but I wonder how much of that development would be taking place without subsidized insurance, not to mention insanely low interest rates.

  13. So the GOP convention will not be as big a boon to the adult industry in Tampa as….the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl. Possibly the single largest event that could hit Tampa short of the Olympics. And the RNC won’t make it to Super Bowl levels.

    Note–there are other football games in Tampa–and other conventions–but the only event that’d be a bigger boon to the porn industry in Tampa than the GOP convention would be the Super Bowl.

    And people are trying to spin this as the GOP being prudish?

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