Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson On His Time As Governor And The Joy Of The Veto


Gary Johnson speaking in San Antonio, Texas

San Anrtonio – Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson told attendees at a campaign dinner here that as governor he took the art of vetoing bills to another level.

"I think I may have vetoed more legilslation than the other 49 governors in the country combined. I vetoed 750 bills, I had thousands of line-item vetos," he said. 

Johnson noted that his favorite veto was reserved for a bill that would have required pet store owners to exercise dogs and cats.

Watch as the Libertarian Party presidential nominee talks about vetoing the "dog and cat exercise bill" and the joy of the veto. 


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  1. Why does Gary Johnson hate animals?

    1. He doesn’t hate animals, he just prefers them nicely marbled.

  2. Driving home the other day, I actually saw a GJ lawn sign.

    1. Do you live in Flower Mound? I’ve got 2 of ’em in my front yard right now!

      1. Clearwater, Fl. I’ve never even been to Dallas. It was pretty unexpected, especially since there really aren’t that many lawn signs up right now.

  3. Did he discuss the profound benefits of Vitamin D?

  4. That’s a fine speech – he’s no Demosthenes, but I don’t see how he’s boring or off-putting, as some claim.

    1. but I don’t see how he’s boring or off-putting, as some claim

      Well, when one can’t come up with valid arguments against his positions, time to break-out the name-calling. SOP.

  5. I originally said this in reference to a mythical President Paul, but I would be delighted to see a newly inaugurated Vetoer-in-Chief spend his first year in office stamping tl;dr on every piece of legislation to hit his desk.

    1. Thus ensues the scandal of the president spending too much money on rubber stamps and ink pads.

  6. I was thinking about the exercising issue. On the one hand, I hate the idea of more regulations on an already profit-marginal business*, and my initial concept of “exercise” was pretty comical (like a puppy gym.)

    Then again, I don’t like the idea of animals trapped in cages for days or weeks on-end. Of course, I would hope that sensible pet-shoppers would notice such mistreatment and not patronize such an establishment until it went out of business. Self-solving problem?

    *tangent: how much more regulation (in page/years, ie: the number of years it would take to read every page) before the restaurant industry goes tits-up?

  7. Gary Johnson makes so much sense. I went to and found out I’m Libertarian but I didn’t know it! I’m voting for Gary Johnson.

  8. Gov Johnson is all about common sense. That’s why he’s got my vote.

  9. I accompanied Governor Johnson throughout his “Texas Swing”, and have spent roughly 100 hours with him over the past four months or so. (Including hosting him in my home.)

    This guy is the real deal. There is no quit in him. If/When elected he WILL make a huge difference.

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