Gun Control

University of Colorado To Create 'Gun Rights' Dorms

Special accommodation will be for those over twenty one who have a concealed weapons permit.


Neither firearms control advocates nor weapons enthusiasts are likely to be entirely happy with a decision of the University of Colorado, just reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education, creating "residential areas for students over the age of 21 who possess permits to carry concealed weapons." Rules will require storage of weapons in safes when not carried.

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  1. Guns don’t belong in the classroom.

    1. Seriously though, the knee-jerk reaction from every statist fuck is that suddenly the guns will be out for every classroom discussion. One poster sums it up nicely:

      “Does Colorado have a reciprocity agreement for concealed permits with Utah, provider of permits to the USA? If so the court has just approved almost anyone who wants one to go to class with a concealed weapon, regardless of mental state. (Background checks for the world being of necessity somewhat limited). An earlier article about signs of more mental health issues on campuses, combined with almost guaranteed access to weapons makes it dangerous for those of us in the wild, wild West to make any kind of comment which might be disagreed with. Say, evolution, the right to birth control, vaccinations, diversity–even health policy which I teach every semester. I feel marginally safer in Utah, and my campus doesn’t have on-campus housing. On the other hand, perhaps Colorado institutions could give lists of housing location for all students to faculty so they could check to see how many are carrying in their classes.”

      Just fucking wow.

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